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What's The
Best Golf Driver For Mid Handicappers?
Reviews & Buyer's Guide

Welcome to our best golf driver for mid handicap golfers review.

We've all been told you "can't buy a better game". I rate this mostly true

What I know is 100% true...

You can buy a Better Driver. And, I'm here to help you pick the right one for you. 

I test 6-10 drivers a year, every year. This generally involves many buckets of balls and hours at the driving range, along with a couple rounds of golf. 

Included here are only the cream of the crop. And they're not always going to be the latest models.

What you'll learn...

  • The Absolute Best Driver on the market...according to me
  • The key benefits of each driver
  • Any drawbacks you should be aware of
  • Where to pick 'em up

***I am a small business and I support small business so, when possible, I link directly to the manufacturer to support them directly. In most cases it actually costs less then the big A and they also offer free shipping.

Recommended Products

Key Details


Our #1 Rated

Callaway Mavrik Driver

  • Best Sound & Feel in a driver...ever. Seriously
  • Easily dial in forgiveness with optifit hosel
  • Long as you'll ever want

New King of the Hill

Our #2 Rated

Taylormade M6 Driver

  • Very Forgiving and Long
  • Adjust easily for max forgiveness
  • Beautiful club

Our #3 Rated

Callaway Rogue Driver

  • Great sound and feel
  • No-fuss adjustments with optifit hosel
  • Excellent length and forgiveness
  • Now at bargain prices

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#1 Callaway Mavrik

To learn more about what the "Approved" symbol means, please click here. (It pretty much means this stuff is 100% LEGIT!)

Best driver for mid handicappers (or any handicap) I've tested... Not even close

Easy...easy...easy to keep in play and max out your length. 

If you're going to invest in a driver, this is the one. You can, Literally, stop looking. 

  • Looks: Black w/ orange accents and white writing. Callaway pulled it off nicely.
  • Feel/Sound: Succinct sound with zero reverberation. Extreme solid feel
    Not sure what I was expecting, but the ball stood no chance with the Mavrik. I mean, what a solid sound and what fun watching the ball disappear.
  • Shaping: Putting the Mavrik on "D" hosel setting turned my slices into fairways. Love it
  • Forgiveness: Maybe a game changer. Very easy to tune this one in with the intuitive optifit hosel...which is exactly what I did to start pureing drives dead center. I find it to be straiter than my current driver. 
  • Distance: Long and strong.
    Every bit as long as my Taylormade M1 and no-doubt longer. Hit it solid or close to solid and you Will be out there.

Haven't heard enough? Read my full Callaway Mavrik Driver review here.

An amazing 98% of people who bought the Mavrik recommend it. 


  • GREAT sound and feel
  • Very Forgiving: Dial in fairways easily with the optifit hosel
  • All day LONG
  • Callaway now offering financing
  • Free shipping and returns


  • Medium size car payment...but so is every other driver in this class

#2 Taylormade M6  

To learn more about what the "Approved" symbol means, please click here. (It pretty much means this stuff is 100% LEGIT!)

The Taylormade M6 driver is an excellent club packed with tons of forgiveness and distance that we mid handicaps need.

Adjusting it to fit your swing is easy peasy with patented Taylormade loft sleeve.

  • Looks: The red accents look great. The sole is growing on me...
  • Feel/Sound: Nice solid feel and sound at impact. The face feels spring-like as the ball launches. 
  • Forgiveness: You gotta swing pretty bad to send your ball into unplayable spots with the M6 
  • Shaping: You can do it all with the M6. I'm living off baby fades these days.
  • Distance: Just plane long. All you need and more


  • Very long and forgiving
  • Adjust to your swing easily with loft sleeve
  • More affordable than ever


  • Getting phased out by Taylormade

#3 Callaway Rogue 

To learn more about what the "Approved" symbol means, please click here. (It pretty much means this stuff is 100% LEGIT!)

The Rogue is a great choice for the mid handicap golfer. An absolute bomber that adjust easily to keep your drives in or closer to the fairway.

I'm a low mid handicapper and this thing kept me playable on my marginal swings and nicely down the fairway on my good swings.

If you like, here's a closer look by the numbers:

  • Looks: Beautiful black carbon crown with aqua accents. Very modern design with a classic feel.
  • Feel/Sound: Supremely solid sound and feel at impact as the ball rockets off the face. Not an ounce of harshness in site. 
  • Forgiveness: You don’t have to hit center mass to get good distance and find the short grass. Not a penalizing club.
  • Shaping: I detected no natural bias. I hit mostly fades, but I was able to hit draws on occasion. 
  • Distance: All the length you need without having to swing all-out. Very long club
  • Technology: The Callaway Rogue features jailbreak bars that offer rigidity for better power transfer. These bars give the driver body stiffness, preventing it from deforming at impact. Now, the jailbreak bars are lighter in weight than their predecessors, though. This allowed Callaway to move the weight to other areas of the head for better performance.


  • Great Distance
  • Very Forgiving. Likely more than whatever you are hitting now.
  • Great Trajectory
  • Now more affordable than ever


  • Wont' help with your worst swings (Nothing will)

How To Choose The Best Driver For Me

Just because a driver works well for a couple of your golf buddies doesn’t necessarily mean it will work the same way for you. (I know from Very personal experience)

Everyone has their favorite brands. I was a Callaway guy forever and a day. But the fact is, it’s the Taylormade 460 that allowed me to put a driver back in my bag about 12 years ago after being unable to hit a driver for about 5 years. 

All top manufacturers are producing better drivers than ever before. When you’re choosing your best golf driver, everyone knows about clubhead loft and shaft flex. What about kick point, or shaft length, or grip size, or…?

You get the picture. There’s a lot of variables. And, they aren’t exactly giving away drivers these days. You might also wonder whether a professional fitting is necessary. I’ll cover that in this section too. 

Maxed out or frustrated with your current driver can? Ready to explore the best of the driving world?

What Is The Best Shaft For Me?

The shaft is responsible for transferring the power from your swing through the clubhead and into your ball.

You will hit your drives powerfully and with better distance and trajectory when you marry up the proper shaft flex with your swing characteristics.

  • Generally speaking, softer flex shafts go with slower speed swings. Softer flex means more flex and gives you the “potential” for more distance.
  • Generally speaking, stiffer flex shafts go with faster speed swings. Stiffer flex means less flex and gives you the “potential” for more control at the cost of “some” distance.

Mid handicappers often have a wide range of swing speeds. The faster you swing, the stiffer your shaft may need to be. But not in all cases. That will depend on the fitter and their theory of club fitting.

I think golfers in this category should probably stick to cavity back irons, forged or not.

General Guidelines: That are in no way set in stone

  • Swing your driver over 105 mph? You can probably start thinking about an X-stiff shaft.

  • Swing your driver in the 90 – 100 mph range? A stock stiff shaft will likely work fine for you.
  • Swing your driver 80 – 90 mph? A regular shaft is likely your best bet.
  • Swing your driver < 80 mph? A Senior flex shaft should do the trick. 

When it comes to shaft flex, there is no industry standard and manufacturers can label their shafts whatever flex they want.

What Is The Best Loft For Me?

More Loft = More Forgiveness

Even the best players in the world are using higher lofts these days. 7-degree and 8-degree drivers were the norms on tour not too long ago.

Your swing speed partially determines the loft you need. Faster swings generally get the ball airborne easier, so “may” require less loft than those of us with slower swing speeds. Also, more loft equals more forgiveness because sidespin is reduced and backspin is enhanced.  

For example, a reasonably skilled driver with fast clubhead speed may choose a driver with a loft of 9 to 10.5 degrees to add in the forgiveness factor. Those of us with swing speeds under the century mark may look into the higher loft ranges. 

Luckily for us, most drivers today have adjustable lofts. 

Should I Get A Professional Fitting?

Is a fitting by a professional fitter absolutely necessary? No.
Will getting fit for your driver help you play better? Yes.

So, the choice is ultimately up to you. What’s your priority?

The average new driver costs > $400. Getting fit by a qualified fitter will cost in the neighborhood of $100.

I tend to keep my driver for a long time, so I figure I may as well get fitted for it. Not a very hard call for me.

Our favorite Mid Handicap driver is...

The Callaway Mavrik is the best driver for mid handicap golfers and is our #1 Pic for a couple reasons

  1. Best Sound and Feel I can ever recall in a driver
  2. Easily dial on Forgiveness with the optifit hosel
  3. Superior length and an all around outstanding peformer

The Mavrik has me smitten. If you're in the market, give it a try. I bet you will be impressed. 


Our #1 Recommendation

Callaway Mavrik Driver

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