By Jamie Boudreaux
Last Update May 16, 2022

Cobra LTDx Driver Review

New Cobra LTDx Driver & Headcover

This is Golfer Geeks' review of the Cobra LTDx driver.

I'm an avid golfer, a 9.2 handicap on my way to a 2 (been a 5.6) and frequent tester of golf clubs and equipment since 2015.

I played two rounds of golf and spent two range sessions with the Cobra LTDx driver. I tested it along side the Radspeed for a driver comparison.  

Summary: The Cobra LTDx driver best serves golfers the mediocre drivers among us (like me), but will work more than well for most golfers. It's long, hot, and forgiving. It had great trajectory with center impact and kept my off-center hits playable without losing a lot of distance. 

In this Cobra LTDx driver review, I discuss my experience with the clubs, unique features and benefits, as well as customer reviews and potential alternatives. 

Cobra LTDx Driver and LTDx Headcover

Cobra LTDx Driver Overview

LTD stands for "Longest Total Distance". Cobra first introduced the LTD line of drivers in 2016. (They weren't exactly a hit, apparently). They achieve the LTD status by having low spin and high MOI. The so-called Holy Grail of driving technology. The head is especially stable on off-center hits, which keeps your ball in play more often. 

They have three LTDx models: LTDx , LTDx Max, LTDx LS

1) LTDx (the one in this test)

  • Low spin
  • Medium launch
  • High Forgiveness
  • Slight draw bias

The best combo of Distance & Forgiveness

2) LTDx LS

  • Low spin
  • Low launch
  • Medium forgiveness
  • Neutral to fade bias

Best for high swing speed & more accomplished golfers

3) LTDx Max

  • Low-medium spin
  • High launch
  • Extreme forgiveness
  • Draw bias

Best for beginners and/or slow swing speed.

Cobra LTDx Driver Toe View

Why Consider the LTDx driver

The LTDx driver kept all but my worst swings playable and helped me score better than I deserved over the course of two rounds.

I drive well in streaks, which means I don't drive well in streaks. These streaks can be within a round or over the course of a couple weeks. I was never "on" during testing or playing with the Cobra LTDx. Still, I consistently found a way to the green during my rounds... with good distance too. This is invaluable when you're trying to score. (or not lose balls)

So, worth a test if you're a mediocre driver like me. 

Features & Benefits

1) PWR-COR Technology

  • Consist of 3 weights. A 14g steel internal weight and 5g external aluminum weight are placed behind the hitting zone to reduce spin and transfer max speed to the golf ball. And, a 15g rear weight helps with high launch and exceptional forgiveness for added distance

2)  H.O.T Face Technology

  • Stands for Highly Optimized Topology. They use machine learning (A.I.) and CNC milling to optimize face thickness in specific areas to maximize ball speed across a larger area. There are 15 specific zones of varying thickness on the face. 

3) Multi-material Construction

  • The titanium t-bar chassis is 8.3g lighter and allows them to use 30% more lightweight carbon in the crown and sole plate. This save discretionary weight which they've moved low and forward in the head for increased ball speed.

4)  CNC Milled Infinity Face

  • The face wraps around the leading edge and increases the effective hitting area for more ball speed while still provide a traditional topline. 
Cobra LTDx Driver Face

Testing the LTDx Driver

2 Range Sessions: I hit 12-15 drives with the LTDx (and Radspeed) per session. I hit irons between each drive as I was testing Ping irons too. I make every effort not to tee up one driver after another because I get out of sync and lose my technique (which ain't great to begin with)

I used my Swing Caddie SC300 and SC200 to get the numbers you'll se below. I only used both because I let a friend borrow the SC300 and I didn't have it for one of the sessions.

2 Rounds on the course: I played two 18-hole rounds, spaced a day apart. I used the Radspeed on the front nine and the LTDx on the back nine. This may have been unfair to the Radspeed. It generally takes about 9 holes to get my driver swing in sync. 

My Experience with the Cobra LTDx Driver

On the course, the LTDx consistently kept me in play without a huge drop in distance with marginal swings. I got great distance with my preferred high soft draw the very few times I hit it on the button. All I can ask of a driver.

It's one of the easier drivers to hit that I've tested in 2022. 

The numbers from the launch monitor were MORE than acceptable to me. (see below)

Cobra LTDx

Carry Yards

Ball Speed

Swing Speed

Smash Factor

Day 1





Total Yards

Bal Speed

Swing Speed

Smash Factor

Day 2





Review of the Cobra LTDx Driver

Looks: (B+)

Love the head shape. Love the way it frames the ball and the look at address. Love the Peacote colorway. Love the face. The graphics on the sole are... not good. (But, certainly no deal breaker)

Sound/ Feel: (A+)

It sounds the way I love a driver to sound. Muted. And, feels the way I like a driver to feel - Solid all over the face, especially with center contact. But, you can still tell exactly where on the face you hit the ball. 

Distance: (A+) 

This is a long driver and you don't need center-contact to get your distance. The numbers you see above are my best in driver testing this year. (I still do not have my driver swing together, either)

Forgiveness: (A+)

This is why you buy this driver. You get good results with off-center contact as long as your swing path is decent. 

Flight / Playability: (A+)

I hit medium high to high soft draws all day. I never had to struggle to get my preferred trajectory.  My preferred shot shape is a draw and I almost never try anything else. A few of my mishits were fades in the center of the fairway. Go figure.   

Customer Reviews

Still not a ton of feedback from customers yet. The LTDx gets a solid 5 stars from those that have at left a review

Who's the LTDx driver for?

Low Handicaps - Yes this is a great driver for you unless you are an elite driver with elite swing speed and/or fight too much spin. The LTDx LS may be a better choice in this case. 
Mid Handicaps: Yes. 100% you should give this club a look. Consider the LTDx Max if you REALLY fight a slice. 
High Handicaps: Yes. You can certainly play this driver. But, the LTDx Max may be more suited to your game. 

Potential Alternatives

Best Driver of 2021
TaylorMade SIM2 Driver

Outstanding Driver: Deals to be had

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  • Long & Forgiving
  • Great Sound & Feel
  • Cheaper than last year, but still not cheap
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The SIM2 is the closest driver to the LTDx I've tried this year. And, at bargain prices since the Stealth drivers have been released. I love the SIM2 (I picked it over the Stealth in my comparison)

Golfer Geeks Approved
TaylorMade Stealth Driver

Amazing: Distance - Feel - Forgiveness

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No doubt about it, the Stealth is pricey. But, it has outstanding forgiveness and distance. It's worth a test if you've got the dough. 

The Verdict

The Cobra LTDx kept this 9.2 handicap mediocre driver of the golf ball in play and helped give me good looks at greens during my two rounds. The raw stats from my launch monitors were my best of the year too. 

It's easy to hit. I never had to force or work overly hard to get decent distance or my preferred trajectory and ball flight.  

Thanks for checking out our Cobra LTDx driver review and let us know how they work for you

The Good:
  • Long and forgiving
  • Great sound and feel
  • Looks good behind the ball
The Bad:
  • Sole graphics look cheap
  • Pricey, but less then the competition

About the author 

Jamie Boudreaux

Okayist golfer I know. On a quest to get down to a 2 and take you along for the ride.