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Best Golf Training Aids For Swing Plane,Tempo, & Speed

Our Winner for 2021: Tour Striker PlaneMate

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Hey fellow Golfer Geeks! Welcome to my best golf training aids for swing plane, tempo, and swing speed review for 2020

Got some bad news...A LOT of training aids for golf are garbage…ask me how I know.
Got some good news too--> This guide has none of those. 

I've tested all the best training aids for your swing you've heard of and a few you haven't.

A training aid has to do a couple things to get in this guide:

  1. It MUST do what they say they will do (Will it help my game or your game or not)
  2. It must be built well. No rinky dink crap allowed. 
  3. Gotta be repped by a company and people you can trust 
  4. That's it

#1 Does it all (not to mention over 30 great training videos from THE Martin Chuck )... and for under $200. #3 is my new favorite lag & tempo training club. 

Best Golf Training Aids for 2021

  1. Tour Striker PlaneMate (Best Swing Trainer & for under $200)
  2. PlaneSwing (Best Weighted Swing Trainer) 
  3. Lagshot (Best Lag & Tempo training club) 
  4. Orange Whip (Most Popular Tempo trainer)
  5. SKLZ Gold Flex (Best Bargain tempo trainer)
  6. SuperSpeed Golf (Best speed trainer).
  7. Tour Striker Smart Ball (Best bargain arm-body connection trainer) 

Best Golf Training Aids For Swing Plane

1. Tour Striker PlaneMate(Editors Choice)

To learn more about what the "Approved" symbol
means, please click here. (It pretty much means this stuff is 100% LEGIT!)

Tour Striker PlaneMate

The best training aid for your full swing and your golf game is the PlaneMate from Tour Striker.

Once you Understand what you are supposed to do and feel in your swing...The game changes

The PlaneMate is the best swing training aid and for less than $200...It's just not close.
ESPECIALLY, especially with all the training from Martin Chuck that comes with it. 

It's well worth a try if you are in the market for a swing training aid and here's why

  1. You're basically getting golf lessons from Martin Chuck. The PlaneMate helps you FEEL exactly what he want's you to feel.
  2. And it teaches you to use your body the way he wants you to use your body. From chipping, to pitching, to full swings. PowerfullyEfficientlyCorrectlyEffortlessly.
  3. The training videos you get after you buy the PlaneMate ALONE are worth more than the price. The free ones on the site are damn good too
  4. It can be used anywhere. With practice balls. With real golf balls. Without either.

The PlaneMate has become my favorite swing trainer (after first hearing of it in Golf Digest) for a couple few reasons:

  • I now understand exactly what I want my body to do in my swing. And I get instant feedback when I do it wrong.
  • It can be used inside, outside, with a ball, without a ball
  • Nearly 30 instructional videos from one of the top teachers in the world (Worth way more than the price of the PlaneMate)
  • It does what Martin Chuck says it will do. He may be the most prolific golf instructor in the U.S. He creates training aids to help his students.

I doubted the PlaneMate for a loooong time. That changed when I found the 7-day protocol videos. I was sold.

A little word of caution: This thing will work some muscles you probably didn't know you had. Specifically in your lead arm. I'm right-handed, so the muscles in my left forearm were feeling mighty picked on. 

Don't let embarrassment keep you from taking it to the driving range. Get out there. Go through the routines. Put in the work. Get the reward. 

Bottom Line: It does what it says it does and more. Your golf ball won't know what hit it. Use it and get better...The END. 

P.S. Do NOT sleep on the PlaneMate for your short game.

  • Get on a mat at your house or head to the practice green at your course and hit a few chip shots and pitch shots. The pivot you learn with the full swing is FULLY applicable here...Trust me. 


  • Teaches power, correct form, and consistency
  •  Perfect swing path
  • Easily fits in your golf bag. Super convenient. Can be used anywhere
  • Increases Strength & Flexibility
  • Learn proper impact position
  • Awesome instructional video series
  • Finally understand how to use your body in your swing
  • Will transform your short game too


  • None. Does what is says and more

No Brainer Option

Tour Striker Price: $162.99

  • Free Shipping

Why Would You?

Amazon Price: $179.00

2. PlaneSwing

To learn more about what the "Approved" symbol
means, please click here. (It pretty much means this stuff is 100% LEGIT!)

Now this is one I wish I had when I first started playing golf 27 years ago. Why?

  • Would have been nice to have training wheels for my swing
  • Imagine learning golf from day 1 by swinging on your exact correct plane.
  • Not only that, you use a weighted club to build strength, flexibility, and ingrain your proper swing even faster
  • It is adjustable and can put you in the proper position and teach you the proper motion for putting, chipping, and pitching.

I put the PlaneSwing among the best when it comes to plane trainers. It’s built from the ground up to maximize your swing by ingraining your perfect swing into your muscle memory.

In fact…

  • PlaneSwing starts working from the get-go.
  • You are swinging on plane immediately when in the PlaneSwing
  • The movements are intuitive and easily repeatable.

Main features of the PlaneSwing:

  • Constructed from heavy gauge stainless steel for the ultimate in durability and overall value. 
  • Easy to set up, adjust, take down, and store.
  • Simple concept. Simple to use. Uses what works and everything else is discarded

The basic mechanics of this training tool involve the metal hoop and a weighted “power slider.” The goal is to keep the power slider in contact with the hoop throughout your swing. This is the exact same movement it takes to keep your club head on plane.

Benefits you can expect from your PlaneSwing

  • All the right muscles (your golf muscles) are engaged and trained for max performance and efficiency from the start.
  • Immediately know Your correct plane
  • Train on your correct plane from the comfort of your home whenever you like.

You can read my extended review here Plane Swing


  • Increases Power & Distance
  • Ingrains your proper Swing Plane
  • Perfect swing path
  • Teaches better ball striking with less effort
  • Expert service after the sale with coaching from Tony Clark (40-yr Golf Pro)
  • Easily adjustable and portable


  • LARGE delay in Shipping
  • It's a steep investment.
  • Constructed of heavy gauge durable steel so it's slightly heavy at 75 lbs. 

>>>Limited Time PlaneSwing Special Offer<<<

  • Two 30-minute face-to-face lessons from 40-year teaching pro Tony Clark
  • $200 Discount off 2-Day PlaneSwing Academy Course in Orlando, Florida

Best Golf Training Aids for Tempo

3. Lag Shot 

To learn more about what the "Approved" symbol
means, please click here. (It pretty much means this stuff is 100% LEGIT!)

Lag Shot Golf Swing Trainer

The Lag Shot is my new favorite golf tempo & lag trainer, bar none

Why? It does everything the best tempo trainers on the market do plus:

  1. Realism...It's 7-iron length, so I can get into my actual golf stance and swing on my correct plane. 
  2. It comes with a ton of training from Adam Bazalgette (3-time PGA teacher of the year)
  3. You can hit balls with it. Is my feel real?

But, you can Not hit balls well with the Lag Shot if you jerk the club from the top or are otherwise, not in the slot. At least I can't.

The Lag Shot will expose you quickly if you are sloppy or incorrect. It is a Training Club for your golf swing.

I am a tempo player obsessed with good tempo. I'm obsessed with good tempo because I'm obsessed with effortless power and playing without excess effort in my golf swing. 

I also like writing "tempo" and "good tempo"

Bad things happen for me on the golf course when I "try" too hard. Proper swing sequence goes out the window and my shots can and do end up anywhere. Goodbye handicap.

I also believe having good tempo and proper swing sequence gives you much sought-after lag (Picture Sergio)

Enter the Lag Shot...

I've had the mine for several months now and it is my go-to golf training club for putting me in the slot and forcing me into my optimum tempo and sequence

How I use it:

  • Before range practice: hit it well with the Lag Shot and you will hit it well
  • Before a round: see above
  • At home every single day: ingrain good tempo and lag

Bottom Line: It does what it says it does and will be your most used training aid by far


  • Creates a smooth swing transition  
  • Effortlessly increase lag in your swing
  • Great for improving Tempo & Swing sequence
  • Greater Distance & More Accuracy 
  • In-depth training from 3-time PGA teacher of the year
  • Superior materials & construction


  • None. Good product at a reasonable price. 

4. Orange Whip 

To learn more about what the "Approved" symbol
means, please click here. (It pretty much means this stuff is 100% LEGIT!)

Orange Whip

The most popular tempo trainer in golf is the Orange Whip.

It leads the pack for swing training aids helping with your tempo and lag creation.

Quick Take:

  • Excellent for pre round or pre practice warm up
  • Improves strength and flexibility
  • Improves tempo
  • Smooths transition from backswing to downswing
  • Tons of training on their website
  • Very solid reputation

Simple and straightforward in design, it provides a wide range of feedback about your swing.

In addition to tempo, this tool also helps you perfect your swing balance as well as your plane. Its is created to mimic the feel and motion of a driver. It’s weighted so that you can actually feel the swing and make the necessary adjustments from this information.

Most notably, this tool helps with the transition between your backswing and downswing. It’s perfectly designed and weighted so that you don’t rush or stall this important transition moment. Because its is weighted, it’s actually a strength-building workout too.

It takes a little time to get used to this extra weight, but the results will speak for themselves.

Bottom Line: It does what it says it does and will be your most used training aid by far


  • Creates a smooth swing transition  
  • Increases Strength & Flexibility
  • Great for improving Tempo
  • Teaches proper swing sequence
  • Teaches use of correct muscles for max power and efficiency
  • Good training videos on website and YouTube
  • 2-Year Warranty


  • Can't hit balls
  • Can't swing on your correct plane

 5. SKLZ Gold Flex

To learn more about what the "Approved" symbol
means, please click here. (It pretty much means this stuff is 100% LEGIT!)

SKLZ Gold Flex - Golf Training Aid for Strength and Tempo Training / Golf Swing Trainer

Quick Take:

  • Excellent for pre round or pre practice warm up
  • Improves strength and flexibility
  • Improves tempo
  • Smooths transition from backswing to downswing

Like the Orange Whip, the SKLZ Gold Flex Trainer utilizes a weighted shaft design to improve your tempo. It’s comfortable, flexible, and just about the perfect weight.

Practice your swing for a few minutes per day with this training aid and you’re sure to experience serious results on the course in short order. Like other weighted swing training tools, the SKLZ Gold Flex Golf Trainer does take some getting used to.

It’s probably quite a bit heavier than you think (at least it was for me). That said, it’s easy to get used to after fifteen minutes of swinging. And from there, using the golf trainer is all gravy. The key feature of this trainer is the exaggerated flex. The shaft has some serious flex to help lengthen your swing and create the perfect transition between backswing and downswing.

The flex also takes the SKLZ Gold Flex Golf Trainer to the next level by enabling it to actually increase your flexibility and extend your backswing in addition to creating the perfect rhythm, tempo, and weight transfer.

I consider the SKLZ Gold Flex one of the few No-Brainer purchases for swing improvement.

  • It doesn’t cost much
  • It will last Forever
  • Practice with this thing on a semi-regular basis and you virtually Can’t have a herky-jerky inefficient swing.

Bottom Line: Does what it says it does and will be your most used training aid


  • Best bargain swing trainer
  • Creates a smooth swing transition
  • Increases Strength & Flexibility
  • Great for improving Tempo
  • Teaches proper swing sequence
  • Teaches use of correct muscles for max power and efficiency


  • I've read some complaints of the handle braking after a couple months of use. Not my experience. If that changes, I will report here.
  • Can't hit balls with it
  • Can't swing it on your correct swing plane

Best Golf Swing Trainers For Speed

6. SuperSpeed Swing Speed Training System

To learn more about what the "Approved" symbol
means, please click here. (It pretty much means this stuff is 100% LEGIT!)

SuperSpeed Golf Training Club

#1 choice in golf training aids for faster swing speed and more distance. 

Hard to argue with the most popular speed trainer on pro golf far. The SuperSpeed is used by over 600 tour professionals the world over. 

You need more speed through the bag? This is a no brainer...Seriously.

Here's what it can do for you...pretty simple

  • It teaches you how to get used to swinging faster by using progressive training with the light, medium, and heavy training clubs using a very specific protocol located on the SuperSpeed website. 
    • This is a PGA tour and user proven product.

Bottom Line: This is the #1 golf speed training aid and system for your swing...and there is NO #2. 

In the market for a training aid PROVEN to increase the speed of your swing and distance? SuperSpeed is it.
Pull The Trigger.


  • Tour-Proven to increase clubhead speed and distance with every club
  • Faster ball speed
  • Very detailed training to get the must out of your SuperSpeed clubs


  • None. It's the real deal

7.Tour Striker Smart Ball

To learn more about what the "Approved" symbol
means, please click here. (It pretty much means this stuff is 100% LEGIT!)

The Tour Striker Smart Ball is used by some of the best ball strikers and golf teachers in the world, most notably- Players Justin Rose and Darren Clarke and teachers Sean Foley and Martin Hall

What does the Smart Ball do for your swing:

  1. Teaches you how to use your body and body pivot to generate effortless power, distance and consistency.


  • Forces your arms into their proper position eliminating the power-leaking chicken wing
  • Teaches a one-piece takeaway from the putter to the driver by connecting & syncing your arms and your body
  • Forces or promotes the proper swing sequence for tour-level rhythm and timing

The Smart Ball was created by another of the top 100 PGA professional teachers in the world, Martin Chuck. 

The Tour Striker Smart Ball operates on a very simple concept of sequencing and connecting your swing, will need a bit of patience because you are learning to putt, chip, pitch, swing with a whole new level of connection between your arms and body.

It's not easy to swing while keeping the ball between your arms, at first. Even though I don't have a chicken wing in my swing, this took some fairly serious getting used to. That's the point of it all. You are learning a better way to move your body and swing much more efficiently


  • Teaches consistency by forcing arms and body to stay connected
  • Teaches proper swing sequence
  • Promotes and inside to out swing
  • Eliminates dreaded Chicken Wing
  • Promotes a fuller backswing and downswing.
  • Can use anywhere


  • Will take some getting used to and effort on your part to see max results

Tour Striker Price: $42.99-->
Free Shipping

Amazon Price: $47.58-->

Why? Just...Why?

Types of Golf Swing Trainers

Golf Swing Plane Trainers

"Swing Plane" is a VERY popular topic in golf these days...and with good reason. You are compensating the second your are over or under your ideal plane. 

The more compensations, the more chances for mistakes. Mishits. Errant shots. Lost balls. High scores. Etc. 

So what is swing plane?

  • It is simply the vertical angle between the ground and the circular angle that the club head follows during the backswing, downswing, and follow through.

The correct plane will differ for each golfer (mostly related to your height and body posture as well as the club you’re using) and the best swing trainers for plane can help you find your perfect  plane.

Not only do these tools help you discover the optimum plane, but they also allow you to practice your swing on plane time after time after time.

The goal is to teach your body and mind that this is your new normal swing. In other words, the movements become muscle memory and the swing becomes second nature.

Though there are dozens of tools created to improve your plane, not all of them are created equal and, of course, some are better than others.

I’ve taken the time to test and review a few of the top swing plane trainers.

Golf Tempo Trainers

Consistent tempo is the glue that holds my swing together. It's the strongest part of my swing and game and I play my best when I nail my tempo. 

My fundamentals have never been the best, so I go to tempo to solve most swing issues during a round or practice session. That's why I'm especially attracted to any aid or training that enforces good tempo.

My tempo does get out of wack from time to time...especially with a driver or any longer club. That's when I start making "lazy" swings and let the weight of the club, my arms, and my upper body create speed and power by turning my hips and letting everything fall.

Having a good golf swing tempo trainer reinforces this...and I'm all for that.

Tempo training tools enable you to slow down your swing use less effort to generate MORE speed and consistency for greater distance and accuracy...Who doesn't want that?

The best golf swing training aid for 2020 is the PlaneMate from Tour Striker and Martin Chuck. 

We included a swing training aid for every part of your game. 

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Our #1 Recommendation

Tour Striker PlaneMate