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Best Golf Training Aids for Putting to Full Swing

Welcome to our best golf training aids review for 2020...and beyond

I've tested beaucoup training aids over the years and regularly try the latest and greatest. Most don't hit the mark.

Either the concept is faulty or construction quality leaves a LOT to be desired.

You will see none of those here. Only the cream of the crop.

I've sourced the best practice equipment on the planet along with the best deals I could find. 

What you will find here are far and away to top golf aids in the game. Here's what we cover:

  • The best golf aids for your full swing, putting, chipping, pitching, tempo, and golf speed training...plus more
  • The good stuff and bad stuff (if any) about each one
  • Our preferred vendors with the best deals if you decide you want to get your own
    • We support the little guys where we can. In many cases, you'll end up paying less or the same. Sometimes a little more. We give options so you can make your best choice.
  • We also emphasize multitaskers to make your dollar go even farther.


Best Golf Training Aid for Putting

Perfect Practice

To learn more about what the "Approved" symbol means, please click here. (It pretty much means this stuff is 100% LEGIT!)

Perfect Practice Putting Mat

Tiger Woods learned the game from the green back and that's where starting

Our first choice is: Perfect Practice putting mat

The Perfect Practice has a few advantages

  • You can putt on it every day at home
  • It putts pure like a fast green with a Stimp of 10-14
  • It has straight lines to the hole for great visual feedback
  • It has a ball return so you get more practice in less time
  • Super high-quality construction
  • Great service after the sale

This is a tour-proven putter training aid you use at home and is very well reviewed everywhere you look. It's not exactly cheap, but you get what you pay for.

It comes in 3 lengths

  1. 8ft 
  2. 9ft 6 in
  3. 15ft 6in


  • Improve putting fast with authentic rolling putting surface 
  • Master quick puts with stimp of 10-14
  • Start your puts perfectly on line using lines on mat
  • Great lifetime value due to superior construction
  • FREE shipping 


  • They are having trouble keeping up with demand

Best Training Aid for Chipping & Pitching

Tour Striker PlaneMate

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Tour Striker PlaneMate

There aren't many quality chipping or pitching aids on the market. Most of this is taken care of with drills and practice. However, this is where the multitaskers come into play.

One such piece of golf practice equipment is the PlaneMate from Tour Striker golf and Martin Chuck.

What does it do for you:

  • The PlaneMate teaches you how to maintain perfect arm structure for your chipping and putting through the entire motion
  • It forces you to use your body correctly to control the clubface for better and more consistent contact
  • It stops you from flipping your wrist during your chipping or pitching motion.

Martin Chuck also provides excellent instruction videos teaching how best to use the Plane Mate to build your motion. 


  • Teaches Ultra-Consistent chipping & pitching motion
  • Lite and portable. Can be used anywhere


  • On the expensive side

Best Golf Training Aids for Full Swing


To learn more about what the "Approved" symbol means, please click here. (It pretty much means this stuff is 100% LEGIT!)


We are starting on the expensive side with the PlaneSwing. 

It will do a few things for you

  • It builds a powerful and repeatable swing
  • It forces you to swing on your correct plane
  • It forces you to use the correct muscles to power your swing
  • You will develop effortless power and accuracy thanks to the weighted PowerSlider, swinging on your correct plane, and using the correct muscles in the correct sequence

It has been rated by us as the best all-around swing trainer for a couple yeas now. But, it can also solidify your pitching and chipping stroke by setting the hoop in it's highest position.

It's got near universal glowing reviews. The designer and owner is a 40-year teaching pro and is personally involved with every sale.

He'll also help you with your swing if you'll shoot a couple videos for him...Hard to beat that.


  • Teaches effortless distance and accuracy
  • Can work on short game too
  • High-quality construction
  • Excellent service after the sale


  • On the expensive side

Best Golf Training Aids for Swing Tempo

Orange Whip

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Orange Whip

The Orange Whip is the most popular tempo trainer on the market. I see it in more golf bags than any other training aid...by far.

The Orange Whip does a few things for you

  • Help you develop a smooth swing tempo (obviously)
  • Teaches you how to swing athletically and without tension
  • Smooothes out your transition for proper sequencing
  • Great training videos to help you get the most out of your purchase

The orange whip is reasonably priced and does what it says it will do. Not more you can ask


  • Develop an athletic powerful golf swing
  • Loosens and stretches golf muscles
  • Get Freddy Couples Tempo
  • Great training videos
  • Great 2-year Warranty


  • Not so much

Best Golf Training Aids for Swing Speed

SuperSpeed Golf

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SuperSpeed Golf Training Club

Hard to argue with the most popular swing speed trainer on the market and on the pro tours...by far

The SuperSpeed is used by over 600 tour professionals the world over. 

Here's what it can do for you...pretty simple

  • It teaches you how to get used to swinging faster by using progressive training with the light, medium, and heavy training clubs using a very specific protocol located on the SuperSpeed website. 
    • This is a pro tour and user proven product.


  • Increase clubhead speed and distance with every club
  • Very detailed training to get the most out of your SuperSpeed clubs


  • A little on the expensive side. 

We hope you liked our best golf training aid guide. Please leave us feedback or any questions you may have. 

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