About Golfer Geeks

About Golfer Geeks


Welcome to Golfer Geeks, your reliable hub for golf product testing, reviews, and game-improving instruction. Our website offers first-hand experiences, advice, and tips for golfers from experienced golfers, PGA pros, and certified club fitters.

Mission Statement

At Golfer Geeks, we’re on a mission to help you make informed decisions about the golf equipment and accessories you purchase and to aid you in improving your game with proven golf instruction, tips, and drills.

Our Story

Founded in 2015, Golfer Geeks was born out of love for the game and the desire to share that passion with others. What began as a single-writer hobby has grown consistently over the years and now garners around 8000 visitors each day. Our growth led us to expand our team to include a PGA pro, a certified club fitter, and soon, another PGA teaching pro and club fitter.

Who We Are

With an experienced team of golf lovers including our founder, a PGA pro, and a certified club fitter, we provide hands-on experience and honest insights that help our readers make the best decisions about their golfing needs.

Our Responsibility

At Golfer Geeks, we believe in transparency, integrity, and impartiality. We test all of the equipment we review extensively, and then write honestly about our experience. Moreover, we research real users’ reviews and input this information in our articles. Meanwhile, our golf instruction articles are extensively researched and reviewed by PGA pros and experts.

Even though our operations are funded with help from affiliate marketing, this never influences our reviews. In fact, we uphold stringent rules on refusing sponsorships to prevent conflicts of interest.

What to do now?

We believe in the power of interaction and the value of feedback. Here are ways you can engage with Golfer Geeks:

  • Share our content with your friends and on social media.
  • Use the affiliate links on our site when making your purchase. We generally earn a small commission, but rest assured, you’ll pay the same price.
  • Give us feedback and suggestions at feedback@golfergeeks.com.
  • Like, share, and comment on our posts on social media.

Join us on this engaging and fulfilling journey to perfect your swing and love for golf. Every step and stroke counts, and so does every feedback. Thank you for being part of the Golfer Geek community. Let’s ace this game together!

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Our Golf Experts

Brittany Olizarowicz

Feel free to contact through social media:

Wesley Walker

Feel free to contact through social media:

Our Golf Experts

Brittany Olizarowicz

Class A PGA Professional with 10 years of teaching experience and 30 years of playing expertise.

Wesley Walker

Expert club fitter. Avid amateur competitor and scratch golfer.

Emily Kuhfeld

LPGA Class A T&CP Professional, specializing in full-swing, on-course, and short game lessons and clinics. 

Christopher Westerdahl Golfer Geeks Expert

Christopher Westerdahl

Class A PGA Member and a luminary in junior golf coaching, began his coaching journey in 2009.