By Jamie Boudreaux
Last Update February 19, 2022

My Favorite Training Aids

The golf training aids on this page have given me the biggest impact the fastest... and they'll do the same for you.

How do I know... I've got two closets full of golf training aids that do the job they say they will do and deliver good value.

But, there are only a few that make it to this page. The training aids included here are the ones I use at least a few times a week, if not every day. Thus "Favorites". 

Email me at [email protected] if you buy any or all of them and you don't find tremendous value in them. 

I'll start with putting since every stroke saved there comes right off your score.

My Favorite Putting Aids

Best Putting Stroke Trainer in Golf
Wellstroke Putting Motion Trainer + App with Instructions

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  • Dial in Distance Control & Touch
  • Builds consistent stroke
  • Use at home or at the course
  • Lifetime Guarantee (Refund or Exchange)
  • 30-Day Risk-Free Guarantee
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  • I now expect center-face contact
  • My ball rolls end-over-end on my line a LOT more often
  • My stroke is tight and disciplined
  • I make more putts


  • Nada

I expected the Wellstroke would help me make better contact more consistently. I did not expect it would improve my touch and my technique to the extent it has. 

  • The amplitude lines help you dial in distance control
  • The tee gates and graphics teach you to putt on a much tighter arc 
  • These two features will make you a ton more consistent

I use it every day. Buy it and use it and you will score better. I guarantee it. 

Best Family of Putting Mats in Golf
Wellputt 13ft Putting Mat - Classic

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  • Premium-quality mat
  • App with over 50 games included
  • Lifetime Guarantee (Refund or Exchange)
  • 30-Day Risk-Free Guarantee
  • No breaking putts
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  • Best quality surface in the indoor mat game
  • Includes an app with over 50 games to build your skills faster
  • Stows away easily in it's original box
  • Lifetime guarantee (refund or trade)


  • No breaking putts

The Wellputt mat is my workhorse. I putt on it every day. The surface is exceptional and the app games make practicing less boring. Use this mat with the games from the app and your putting & scoring will improve. Period.

For extra benefit, grab a Wellstroke. 

Favorite Golf Swing Aids

Best Swing Fundamentals Trainer in Golf
Tour Striker PlaneMate + Over 30 Video Lessons from Martin Chuck
  • Learn fundamentals of how to turn, pivot & balance correctly
  • Straighten Slices & Hooks with improved club path
  • Increase your power & distance with less effort
  • Improve your technique from short game to full swing
  • Physically demanding
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The Tour Strike PlaneMate is the best golf swing trainer for every part of your golf swing. If you're going to get one - and only one - training aid for your golf swing - This is the One. 

It's my #1 recommended golf swing training aid if you are a beginner or need help nailing the fundamentals of the golf swing.

You also get over 30 instruction videos from Martin Chuck - worth the price alone.

Do yourself a favor and get your hands on one. You won't regret it, unless you don't use it. But, beware, it's physically taxing and challenging. Worth it, though. 


Best Lag & Tempo Trainer
Lag Shot | Best Swing Tempo Trainer in Golf

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  • Teaches lag instinctively for effortless power
  • Forces you into correct positions to make solid contact
  • Excellent for Timing, Tempo & Swing Sequence
  • 10-Video Training Series by Adam Bazalgette
  • Requires patience & perserverance
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  • Improves your golf swing sequence (the lynch pin to an effective swing)
  • Improves swing plane and path
  • Improves tempo and timing
  • Beaucoup training


  • Can will be frustrating at first

I swing my Lag Shot 7-iron every single day at home and it goes with me to the range too. I'm obsessed with sequence and timing in my swing.

My driving improves every time I practice the Lag Shot driver. 

Your swing sequence, timing, and tempo can never be too good and it's great for those. But, it does a lot more once you step up to hit a ball. It forces you, if you want to hit the ball well, to take it back on plane, transition smoothly, and swing into impact on the correct swing path. 

So, it does a lot and most of it intuitively. There's also a 10-video training series included with your Lag Shot to make sure you make the most of it. 

Editor's Pick
Down Under Board 2.0 Tour Edition + Video Lessons by Bradley Hughes + Free U.S. Shipping

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  • Plugs power leaks 

  • Swing faster with less effort
  • Use ground forces better for added power
  • Solves a lot of problems without overloading you with swing thoughts


  • Feels awkward at first
  • Won't easily fit in smaller stand bags

I've used the DUB to make my swing much more efficient. My lower body is more stable, I sway less off the ball, and I get down and through impact faster with less effort. I think of it as "tightening" my swing.

I look at tour pros and wonder at how little, if any, wasted movement there is in their golf swing. I want that, or something close, and the DownUnder board helps me get just a little closer. (Emphasis on "little")

It may seem a little expensive for two pieces of plastic, but you're paying for the thought that went into it and, more importantly, for results. It's an absolute bargain when you think of it this way. 

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