The head Golfer Geek and all Golfer Geeks’ contributors are avid golfers and golf enthusiasts nuts.

We loooove testing and learning about the latest gear and equipment. We write reviews and recommend products as though we are talking to a close friend…because that’s how we think about our readers.

Golf is an expensive sport (for the most part), and we want our and your dollars to count. So, we only recommend products we’ve tested and believe in.

We get many products submitted to us from manufacturers to test, but we get many more by buying them.

  • We’d rather waste our money on a sub-standard product so you don’t have to.

As a result, you will only see products on these pages that deliver results.

We do:

Here is everything we look for before we feature products on our pages.

Only review non-gimmicky products

There’s no shortage of new, weird, and/or suspect golf training aids and clubs coming out all the time. You’ll never see them on this website.

Extensively scour through user reviews

After we test the product for ourselves.

We value our hands-on experience above all. But, we want to know if we missed anything or if there’s a common complaint; we want to address it in our review.

Analyze the brand’s marketing claims or promises

We’ve all been exposed to the hype around the next best training aid or club that’ll fix your golf game in just 3 swings or other such nonsense. We don’t buy it and we won’t sell it.

Look for the best places to buy

Remember: We are golfers and we buy this stuff for ourselves too.

  • We give multiple buying options when it makes sense for you.
  • We try to combine getting the best price from the best sellers with ethical consumerism (helping out the little guy).
    • Some products are easier to get from and are cheaper at the big “A”.
    • Some products – all clubs and many training aids – are better bought direct from the manufacturer or from a reputable online golf store.

We don’t:

Things you will NEVER find on Golfer Geeks.

Take sponsorship fees

We get many sponsorship offers from many brands to place their products higher on our lists or somehow make them more prominent.

  • We do not accept these offers.

We view our readers as clients. (Someone we take under our protection) Our rankings and reviews reflect our opinions from our testing and research.

Post anything without thorough research

All our articles went through a thorough research process, and we don’t make recommendations lightly. So if you read it on our site, you can be sure it’s gone through all the points above, and you can trust the advice.