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Best Putting Mats Review

Wellputt Mat Stars & Stripes Limited Editon

Editor's Choice for 2021: Wellputt Mat



Does What It Says


Ease of Use


Wellputt Price: $169

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Welcome fellow Golfer Geeks to my best putting mats review for 2021!

First, a few pointers on how to chose the your putting mat

  1. It needs to have quality construction. It doesn't have to be expensive, but it has to be quality...for obvious reasons
  2. It CAN NOT BE SLOW. Learning to putt well on slow surfaces will MURDER your score on decent courses

I tested a slew of the most popular indoor putting mats on the market over the last year right here in my office and I've come up with a few favorites I think you'll love. 

Below are the top 6 indoor putting greens for your hard-earned dollar (or other denomination), and it ain't close.

Trust me on this, you don't want to buy the wrong mat. You won't use it and your money will be wasted.

...And your putting will still suck.

  • Get it right the first time
  • Don't waste  your money
  • Let someone else do the hard work (Me)

Best Putting Practice Mats & Indoor Putting Greens of 2021

Editor's Choice: Wellputt Putting Mat  (A completely new putting Concept & System to make you an elite putter)

Also Recommended

  1. Perfect Practice (Best of the Rest)
  2. Roll the Rock Putting Challenge Mat (Most Fun & Challenging)
  3. Eyeline Special Edition  (Most Versatile)
  4. PuttOut  (Best Bargain & Portable)
  5. Putt-A-Bout (Best Inexpensive Mat)

***I am a small business and I support small business so, when possible, I link directly to the manufacturer or smaller retailer. 

In most cases, the cost difference will be non-existent or small.

1. Wellputt Mat (Editor's Choice)

To learn more about what the "Approved" symbol
means, please click here. (It pretty much means this stuff is 100% LEGIT!)

Wellputt Mat Black Edition

Our runaway best putting mat for 2021.

What sets Wellputt mats apart: You are getting a complete system guaranteed to transform your putting game thanks to Wellputt's groundbreaking new concept and practice method and the Wellputt app games and training. 

Nothing else will teach accuracy and speed control in your putting like the Wellputt...Nothing

  • You will lock in touch
  • You will lock in speed
  • You will lock in accuracy
  • You will lock in your setup
  • You will lock in the most important parts of putting with the Wellputt.  

The concept behind the Wellputt mat: "A good putt is the result of good aim with good speed."
It's a complete putting training system at a knock-out bargain price...see below

There's not a more addictive (thus effective) training aid of any kind on the market. It sits right outside my home office and I putt on it multiple times a day every day.

My kids love it too thanks to all the games we play together. You can check those images in my full Wellputt mat review.

Putt towards the Wellputt target for accuracy training: Stimp of 10 ft in this direction
Putt towards the opposite end for speed control: Stimp of 11.5 ft in this direction

Wellput Aim and Speed control

The Wellputt app has over 50 games( as I write this) to make you a lethal putter.

You can't not get better. No other company has put this much thought and effort into a training aid.

It's our #1 Recommendation ...a Game Changer

Wellputt mats come in 5 lengths

  • 10 ft
  • 13 ft
  • 16 ft
  • 18 ft
  • 26 ft

It rolls up and stores easily in it's box making for easy storage. (KEEP the box)

Good Stuff

  • Develop Elite touch and accuracy with OVER 50 GAMES on the Wellputt app  
  • Perfect speed control with 2 different stimps: 10 ft & 11.5 ft
  • Portability: Take this baby anywhere
  • Nail the basics of setup and alignment with lines for your putter, aim, and eyes
  • Love putting practice for the first time
  • Lifetime Guarantee
  • Free Shipping

Bad Stuff

  • Playing on slow greens may be a challenge for the first few holes of your round after using the Wellputt for a while.
  • Some complaints of one end not staying flat. (Read my full review for an easy fix)

2. Perfect Practice Putting Mat

To learn more about what the "Approved" symbol
means, please click here. (It pretty much means this stuff is 100% LEGIT!)

Perfect Practice Putting Mat Barstool Edition

Who's the Perfect Practice for...

  • You are Serious about improving your putting fast
  • You are or want to be a fundamentals freak
  • You love alignment aids
  • You demand the most realistic putting surface
  • You'll spend a little more for much higher quality

The Perfect Practice gives you straight lines right to the hole so you know immediately if you are rolling the ball on line and if your golf ball is wobbling or rolling end over end. It's also got a ball return to speed up your practice. 

Start getting good at this and you'll become a Deadly putter...and fast.

Comes in 3 lengths: All on Sale

  • 8ft
  • 9ft 6 in 
  • 15ft 6in

Barstool Sports version of Perfect Practice now available.

Good Stuff

  • Improve your putting fast with authentic putting surface  
  • Master quick puts with super-quick putting surface
  • Learn perfect roll with putting lines
  • Beautiful wood-constructed golf ball return and ramp
  • Interest free financing & Free Shipping

Bad Stuff

  • Can't practice breaking putts

Get 15% OFF Perfect Practice with Coupon Code: GOLFERGEEK15

  • Free Shipping

3. Roll The Rock Putting Challenge Mat

To learn more about what the "Approved" symbol
means, please click here. (It pretty much means this stuff is 100% LEGIT!)

Roll The Rock Challenge Putting Mat

Ok, this one is unconventional as putting mats go, but bare with me.

Who's the Roll the Rock Challenge Mat for...

  • You love variety in your practice
  • You enjoy challenging yourself and others with putting games
  • You want to get your kids into golf
  • You'll spend more for high quality product

Like crack for putting...this thing makes you want to putt for HOURS. Maybe the most addictive mat on the market.

Get lost in the games and improve unconsciously. You Can Not help becoming a better putter.

You can play games with your family, with your friends, or by yourself. Doesn't matter...

I suggest picking it up from Eyeline. It will cost the same and you'll be helping out the little guy. 

Good Stuff

  • Master Distance and Speed in no time flat
  • Practice More in Less time with the ball return ramp feature 
  • You will want to Practice ALL THE TIME- Tons of Games

Bad Stuff

  • I read one complaint of bunching. 

4. Eyeline Golf Special Edition Putting Green

To learn more about what the "Approved" symbol
means, please click here. (It pretty much means this stuff is 100% LEGIT!)

Eyeline Special Putting mat

Who's the Eyeline Special Edition mat for:

  • Any serious golfer looking for a top quality, clean and elegant putting green that can stand up to heavy use and stay top quality

This is a no-frills top quality indoor putting green that delivers on its promise. Get realistic putting practice with straight and breaking puttsfast on the stimp to master fast green speeds, and on a high-quality surface.

Really one of the best putting mats in terms of pure quality on the market. 

The Eyeline Golf Special Edition Putting Green Mat is 2 feet wide, 10 feet long and includes one cup. The long length allows you to practice putts from multiple distances. It offers plenty of versatility without taking up a lot of room.

The tour-grade turf feels like freshly cut grass. Your golf ball will roll perfectly whether you’re practicing chips or putts. Really all you can ask from an indoor golf putting green. 

One of the frustrating features of many golf putting mats is their tendency to bunch up while you play.

The Special Edition stays flat stroke after stroke. You can use the included break snake to create undulations that mimic the feel of a realistic golf course. This helps you practice speed, pressure and alignment on an unpredictable surface.

Good Stuff

  • Realistic putting w/ "tour-grade" turf for true roll
  • Quality Practice: Doesn’t wrinkle or bunch up with use
  • Perfect breaking putts: Slightly sloped surface and break snake creates realistic practice surface
  • Dial in even more putting accuracy with the hole reducer

Bad Stuff

  • A little pricey up front, but you are buying this thing for the long haul

5. PuttOut 

To learn more about what the "Approved" symbol
means, please click here. (It pretty much means this stuff is 100% LEGIT!)

Who's the PuttOut for...

  • Anyone needing alignment help for the body and the putter face
  • Anyone wanting to easily take their mat with them for easily accessible practice

You'll be able to grove your putting stroke, aim, and touch on a top-notch putting surface that you can literally take with you anywhere in the super cool carrying case included with your purchase. 

Set it up in seconds and you are good to go. Pair it with the PuttOut trainer to max out your time on the mat. 

Good Stuff

  • Great putting experience on the high-quality surface
  • Improve aim, alignment, touch, speed...everything
  • Take this putting green it with you anywhere

Bad Stuff

  • Some complaints of "grooving" in the putting surface

6. Putt-A-Bout 

To learn more about what the "Approved" symbol
means, please click here. (It pretty much means this stuff is 100% LEGIT!)

Putt a bout putting mat

An Amazon favorite and a fine basic putting mat for your home

Who's the Putt-A-Bout for...

  • You are Just dipping your toe into the indoor putting green game and...
    You are looking to spend the LEAST possible you can and still have a good experience 

The Putt-A-Bout has a good surface that rolls true. You can putt straight and breaking putts. You can put to three different holes, and it stores easily too.

Good Stuff

  • Great putting experience on the high-quality surface
  • Improve aim, alignment, touch, speed...everything
  • Super portable

Bad Stuff

  • Not some of the bells and whistles of the more expensive putting mats

Are putting practice mats worth it?

Yes...but only if you want to get better at putting.

Nothing murders my soul like a 3-putt or missing inside 5 feet.

We, handicappers, are NOTORIOUS for not practicing our putting. Yet...Yet, we moan about 3 putting or missing crucial putts to save par or get the elusive birdie. 

So, again, YES, whatever gets you to practice your putting more is WELL worth it.

  • Get a nice putting mat
  • Use it
  • Putt better
  • Score better
  • Have more fun

What is the best way to practice putting at home?

  1. Get a decent putting mat
  2. Set aside little chunks of time every day to practice your putting
    1. You don't need 30 minutes or an hour
    2. 5 minutes. 10 minutes. 15 minutes of mindful practice on a couple fundamentals is all that's needed
    3. Make sure your grip is good. Make sure your setup is good. Body alignment. Putter face alignment. Ball position.
    4. Put with a purpose. 
  3. Do this every day.
  4. Bonus: put with a wedge. You will expose flaws in anything mentioned above and soon, putting with your putter will feel like cheating. 

What is the Best Golf Putting Mat?

The best putting mat is the Wellputt Mat and is our #1 Recommendation.

  • Master accuracy
  • Master speed
  • Master distance control
  • Master your putting game
  • Built to last with Top-Quality construction

Thanks for checking out our best indoor putting green review and let us know what you think in the comments below.

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Get 10% off ALL Wellputt products with Coupon Code: AFF10_GOLFERGEEKS

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