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I’m an avid golfer, a 9.2 6.7 handicap on my way to a 2 (been a 5.6) and frequent tester of golf clubs and equipment since 2015.

I put in a ton of work here in the Texas heat with the Mavrik and came away fairly smitten. This was my first eye-opener driver since the Taylormade R7 13 years ago.

Summary: The Mavrik is one of the easiest-to-hit drivers in the game with best-in-class sound and feel. It’s a driver without a weakness.

In this review of the Callaway Mavrik Driver, I discuss my experience with it, unique features and benefits, and potential alternatives.

Testing Time with The Callaway Mavrik

4 Sessions on the Range…No game time, unfortunately.

After warming up with shorter clubs, I began hitting 3 drives a piece with my Taylormade M1 and then the Callaway Mavrik.

As noted above, this happened on 4 separate occasions so I could see how it performed from one day to the next because I know my swing changes from one day to the next.

I tested the optifit hosel in the “S” standard or neutral position and in the “D” draw position. I adjusted no hosel or weight settings for my M1, as it’s already set up for me.

What Surprised Me:

Sound & Feel: I’ve already given this away a little bit, but the sound immediately got my attention. I do not recall a driver sounding so good, so solid. My M1 sounds like you’re banging a metal trash can.

Forgiveness: I was not a big believer in changing hosel settings to promote one ball flight or another. I see this as “cheating” a little bit and an excuse to not fix your swing…Well, I’m over that thanks to the Mavrik.

No doubt about it, putting the hosel in the “D” setting had me hitting the ball much much straighter and with all the distance I could ask for.

What Didn’t Surprise Me:

Distance: I knew it would be long and the Mavrik didn’t disappoint. 

Full Callaway Mavrik Review 

mavrik driver face

Club Tested: 2020 Callaway Mavrik Driver – RH – 10.5* loft -Aldila ROGUE White 130 MSI 60g Graphite Stiff Flex 

I am thoroughly impressed with this club. It would serve any handicap golfer very well.

  • It corrected my slice instantly with one little adjustment
  • Possibly the most pleasing sound I’ve heard from a driver…ever
  • The orange color scheme and orange flecks of paint on the crown really work for me.

Looks: Black w/ orange accents and white writing
I really, really didn’t expect to like this color combo at all, but I gotta say…I do. Callaway pulled it off nicely.

Feel/Sound: Succinct sound with zero reverberation. Extreme solid feel
Not sure what I was expecting, but the ball stood no chance with the Mavrik. I mean, what a solid sound and what fun watching the ball disappear.

Shaping: I’m temporarily (hopefully) back to a slight out to in swing path and a slight left to right ball flight. What I was able to do with the Mavrik was put it on the “D” setting and keep that fade tight and even squeeze off a few draws.

Skilled shapers of the ball won’t have issues with this driver

Forgiveness: Maybe a game changer. Very easy to tune this one in with the intuitive hozel…which is exactly what I did to start purring drives dead center. I find it to be straiter than my current driver. 

To be clear, I was not swinging well and was still able to get good distance and hit the basically where I was aiming. 

Distance: Long and strong.
Every bit as long as my Taylormade M1 and no-doubt longer. Hit it solid or close to solid and you Will be out there.

Adjusting your Mavrik

The regular Mavrik does not have adjustable weights in the sole, so that’s the end of that.

The Opti-fit hosel is as simple and intuitive as can be and has not changed for a few years. There are still two cogs, one responsible for adjusting loft and the other responsible for lie. 


  • ” -1 ” Subtracts 1 degree from Stated Loft
  • ” S ” = Stated loft (Loft stamped on Clubhead)
  • ” +1 ” Adds 1 degree to Stated Loft
  • ” +2 ” Adds 2 degrees to Stated Loft


  • ” N ” Neutral Setting
  • ” D ” Draw Setting

Who’s The Mavrik For?

Low handicap: Yes, but give the Mavrik Sub Zero a try if your swing speed is north of 110mph.
Mid handicap: Yes
High handicap: Yes, but give the Mavrik Max a try if you want even more forgiveness.

Our Verdict on the Callaway Mavrik Driver

The Mavrik driver is as good a driver as Callaway has ever put out.

My #1 suggestion is to test before you buy. Either at your local golf store or take advantage of Global Golf’s Utry trial program. I use it and recommend it. 

Thanks for checking out our Callaway Mavrik driver review and let me know how you like yours.