Wedge Lofts Explained (What’s The Best Combination)

Ben Hogan Equalizer Wedge

I’ve always loved the standard 52. 56, 60 wedge combination, but loft jacking kind of ruined this for me, and I suspect I’m not alone.  As irons have gotten stronger, wedges have had no choice but to follow, and it can really create some confusion when it comes to the right golf clubs to put … Read more

How to Clean Golf Clubs At Home & On the Course

When the faces of golf clubs are dirty, you lose distance, accuracy, spin, and ball flight control.  You would think that’s enough to get golfers to clean their golf clubs at home and on the golf course. It’s not.  So many players have dirty golf clubs. As a golf pro, I see people throwing shots away … Read more

Driver swing vs Iron swing


The idea of having one swing for your driver and one for your irons can scare some golfers.  I can tell you as a golf professional and low handicapper that the driver swing and iron swing are different, but not in the way you think.  There are a few key adjustments you can make to … Read more

Hybrid vs. Iron – Distances And Lofts Compared

Hybrid vs Long Iron

Golfers have been taking their long irons out of the bag (with my advice) and switching to hybrids for quite some time.  Is it for consistency?  Distance?  Forgiveness?  The differences between the hybrid and the iron are significant. Not only will hybrid vs. iron impact your course management, but be prepared for it to change … Read more

How To Hit A Hybrid Golf Golf Club From Tee To Green

Ben Hogan VKTR+ Hybrid

Everybody loves their hybrid, right?  Not me…at least not right away. Even as a golf professional and scratch player, It took me a really long time to like the hybrid.  Once I learned how to hit a hybrid golf club, I started to realize what all the fuss was about. Hybrid golf clubs are a … Read more

How To Hit A Driver Straighter & Further Consistently

“Drive for show dough, putt for dough” is what I say. If you don’t know how to hit a driver, it’s costing you a lot of strokes…in bunches. Learning how to hit your driver more consistently is a major key to better golf. As a scratch golfer (that wants to stay a scratch golfer), my … Read more