This is Golfer Geeks’ ONE Club swing trainer review.

I’m a teaching pro & scratch golfer who has played golf for 30 years. I’m always looking to improve my game, even if it’s just a shot or two here and there. I love testing new strategies both on and off the course and studying golf swings to see what works.

I’ve had the ONE Club for about 2 months and have experimented with the best ways to use it for practice and to develop more power, consistency, and stability. 

Summary: The ONE Club is not your average swing speed trainer. In fact, the most impressive benefits of the ONE Club are more about the release, timing, and consistency that it can help provide. If you want a training aid that can grow with you and offer benefits for years to come, it’s worth checking out the ONE club. 

In this review of the ONE Club, I discuss my experience with the training aid, its unique features, and benefits, as well as my experience with using it and how it has directly helped me with my golf game

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ONE Club Golf Swing Trainer

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  • Improves Swing Sequence, Timing & Release, Speed
  • Helps you maximize ground forces
  • Provides audible and tactile feedback
  • Beaucoup Training videos (including from Martin Chuck)
  • Instructions could be better
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ONE Club Overview

The ONE Club looks like a swing speed training device, and it is. Kind of. 

ONE Club was built with inertia generation technology designed to improve golfers’ understanding of timing, release, and power. You don’t just work on growing muscle and increasing speed; you also work on applying that speed correctly. 

The device is 33 inches long and completely adjustable. Regardless of your current playing ability, height, weight, and handicap. You can jump right into ONE Club training. 

One of the many claims that ONE Club makes is that you can see real progress immediately. It’s intended to be a device that provides a quick fix AND long-term improvement at the same time. 

What does the ONE Club do? 

The ONE Club does these three things: 

  • It helps you gain clubhead speed to improve overall distance 
  • Increases awareness of release point and timing in the swing 
  • Improves core strength and maximizes the use of ground forces 

You can work with ONE Club in whatever way you choose. However, you’ll get the maximum benefit by using one of their training programs. They offer Martin Chuck training programs, drills, advice, and more on the website, and there is no extra charge. 

We like that. 

The bottom line: The ONE Club teaches things any golfer (professional to beginner) can benefit from. You just have to put in the work.  

Why Consider the ONE Club?

The main reason to get the ONE Club is to swing more efficiently and generate power more easily. So, More Distance with Less Effort. You can regain lost distance or get distance you’ve never had.

In addition, I recommend ONE Club for golfers who take physical fitness seriously. ONE Club will challenge you; it’s not all that easy to use when the weights and bands are attached. What does this mean? If you want to, you can level up. 

How to Use the ONE Club 

ONE Club w/ 3 weights and 1 resistance band

When I first took the ONE Club out of the box, I was all set to use it, and I didn’t take the time to look through the initial directions and the setup. That was a mistake. The initial setup and steps with ONE Club make all the difference.

Don’t be like me and jump right in (yes, I’m also trying to put things together without the directions). Follow these steps, the ones I followed a few minutes later when I realized there was more to ONE Club than just trying to swing it fast. 

Step 1: Set Up the ONE Club 

  • There are weights and bands included with ONE Club.
  • For the first use, it’s recommended to set it with three weights and one elastic. 

Step 2: Swing It 

  • Swing the ONE Club slowly in front of you, taking half-swings.
  • The weight will move down as you move toward impact.
  • You will hear a clicking noise as the weight hits the lower unit. 

Step 3: Work on The Release 

  • Start swinging the ONE with more speed and notice where it is making the sound.
  • When you hear the sound, this is your release point. 
  • Most coaches and professionals will recommend aiming to hear this sound when the ONE reaches the trail knee or just after (essentially right before the ball).
  • Experiment with what happens if you release late or early and how the position of the sound changes.

Step 4: Increase Resistance

  • The goal with ONE is to increase resistance to a maximum point where you can still release the club and hear that sound in the correct position. 
  • Add weights and bands over time to improve your speed and your ability to release the club with power and proper timing. 

What To Look For When Working With The ONE Club? 

ONE Club ready for work

The biggest thing for you to be aware of when working with ONE Club is the position of that release point. When I first started swinging it, I felt like I should be hearing that release right at the ball. 

This felt late to me, and it was. 

After learning more, I realized that hearing that release just behind the ball is actually the correct spot and gave me the proper feeling and results. Always swing the ONE when you have a solid and stable stance; think of this as a way to generate speed and improve your core simultaneously. 

My Experience with the ONE Club & How I’ve Been Using It 

I’ve had the ONE for about two months. I’ve worked with it consistently off and on during this time. Honestly, I didn’t want something that required daily use to make a difference in my golf game. I’m not saying I want a quick fix; I just wasn’t ready to sign up for a significant project. 

I was surprised by the difference in feeling the ONE provided after just a few swings. In fact, I thought back to when I was teaching golf, and this is a tool I would have loved to have used for students. 

The way the ONE is designed, it’s tough to make a lot of the “amateur” mistakes like swinging over the top, taking the club inside, losing balance, and forgetting to incorporate the lower body. Should I keep going?

Improving my use of ground forces is something that I’ve been working on in my game lately. I noticed instantly that ONE Club makes it easy to focus on utilizing the ground while also properly releasing the club. 

It’s a powerful move. 

Here’s the thing about ONE: I thought my swing was really efficient, powerful, and strong, but I still had room for improvement. I gained about 2-3 mph of swing speed while working with this training device. 

When I make this a daily routine, I expect to see more. 

However, more important than the increase in speed is the increase in confidence through the golf ball. I’ll stand up to a drive now and feel like I know exactly what to do in order to give it a little extra. The timing, tempo, release, and core strength are there to get it done. 

I don’t like training aids that are one-and-done, but the ONE isn’t like that; I’ll keep using it because of the opportunities to change weights and bands and continue to increase my strength and efficiency. 

I’ll warn you that if you have an injury of some kind, you may want to skip this trainer. You can feel the resistance as you increase the bands, and it could hurt you if you aren’t careful. 

In addition, it’s not the best short-game trainer. Martin Chuck did a few videos about short game, but I mostly find it beneficial for the full swing. 

My only other small quibble with the ONE is the fact that you can’t hit balls with it. You have to develop a feel and then put a club in your hand. This learning process takes just a little longer. You know how you learn, so be conscious of that as you purchase training aids. 

Who Do I Recommend the ONE Club For? 

The ONE Club and Box

The ONE Club can work for any handicap golfer. However, I like the ONE the most for mid-handicappers looking for more efficiency and that shot at seeing single digits. You have to work with this thing a little, so make sure you enjoy practice and improvement. 

Low handicap: (Yes) ONE Club works as a great warm-up tool and a device to help improve lag, increase consistency, and optimize that release point. Low handicappers will “get it” as soon as they swing this thing. 

Mid-handicap: (Absolutely) Mid-handicapper golfers are the best match for the ONE. This all-in-one training device helps you narrow down issues in the game and optimize overall performance. 

High handicap: (Yes) High handicappers and beginners can benefit from the ONE and its ability to improve timing and tempo in the golf swing. Release point is a major problem for high handicappers, and the feel developed here should help. 

Final Verdict on Our ONE Club Swing Trainer Review

The ONE Club is the best golf swing trainer for sequence, timing, power, and release we’ve tested.

The ability to customize to your specific needs is a huge plus. 

It’s the most complete swing trainer on the market. Well worth your consideration. 

Thanks for checking out our ONE Club swing trainer review, and let us know how the ONE Club works for you.

Editor's Pick
ONE Club Golf Swing Trainer

Save 10% w/ Code: GOLFERGEEK10

  • Improves Swing Sequence, Timing & Release, Speed
  • Helps you maximize ground forces
  • Provides audible and tactile feedback
  • Beaucoup Training videos (including from Martin Chuck)
  • Instructions could be better
Save 10% Today
We earn a commission if you make a purchase, at no additional cost to you.