This is Golfer Geeks’ HackMotion review.

I’m a teaching pro & scratch golfer who has played golf for 30 years. I’m always looking to improve my game, even if it’s just a shot or two here and there. I love testing new strategies both on and off the course and studying golf swings to see what works.

I’ve had the HackMotion for about 6 months and have experimented with the best ways to use it for practice and to develop proper wrist action in the golf swing. 

Summary: HackMotion teaches you how to get control of your clubface by controlling your wrist angles – likely something you’ve never properly done before. Be prepared to put a little time in to understand the data; however, once you know how to use HackMotion, you can quickly improve. 

In this review of the HackMotion golf swing analyzer, I discuss my experience with the training aid, its unique features, and benefits, as well as my experience with using it and how it has helped me understand more about my golf game. 

Golfer Geeks Approved
HackMotion Swing Analyzer & Trainer
  • Effective for fixing a slice
  • Improve contact, distance, accuracy & consistency
  • Lots of training and guides provided
  • Putting mode to help work on short game
  • A lot of data points & steep learning curve
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HackMotion Overview

HackMotion Golf Swing Analyser on Wrist

HackMotion started as a tool to measure your wrist position throughout your golf swing. However, as it’s developed, it’s become more of a full-swing analyzer.

In addition, when you purchase HackMotion, it comes with a tremendous amount of training and opportunities for learning. 

You wear the HackMotion on your lead wrist (left wrist for the right-handed player). HackMotion works in real-time, so you can look at key wrist measurements and movements as you swing. 

For the most part, the numbers you need will be wrist angles at the address, the top of the backswing, and impact. 

What does the HackMotion do? 

HackMotion records three key measurements for you: 

  • Lead wrist extension and flexion 
  • Lead wrist radial and ulnar deviation 
  • Lead wrist (or forearm) rotation 

Once you record these measurements with HackMotion, the device will tell you whether or not you are in range. 

  • The bottom line: if you are not in range, you are losing distance, consistency, and ball flight control.  

Why Consider the HackMotion?

The main reason you would purchase a HackMotion is inconsistency in your ball striking. 

It doesn’t matter if you are a 25 handicap or a 5 handicap; Hackmotion will help you become a more consistent ball striker.

In addition to consistency, improving your wrist angles will add more distance and more control of your golf shots. 

The main benefits of the HackMotion are:  

  • An understanding of what your wrists are doing in your golf swing 
  • Real-time feedback gives you valuable insight into the position of your clubface angle 
  • Learning a more efficient golf swing
  • Data you can work with regardless of your handicap 
  • The combination of data and feel coinciding leads to faster improvement 

How to Control Your Clubface With HackMotion 

The most important benefit of the HackMotion is that it can help you gain control of your clubface. We know enough about golf to know that the clubface angle at impact controls the ball’s direction. 

HackMotion Clubface Control mode makes it easy to understand the correlation between wrist angle and clubface angle. Here’s how to go about this. 

HackMotion App Dashboard

Step 1: Record Some Data

  • Make sure your HackMotion is calibrated and ready for use 
  • Wear it with a glove; it makes it easier to forget it’s even there
  • Don’t try and do anything different; take your regular swing 
  • Hit at least 10 shots 
HackMotion Golf Swing Tracking Data

Step 2: Review The Data 

  • HackMotion will record data for the entire swing, but the top of the backswing and impact numbers are the most important. 
  • Most commonly, amateur golfers have a lead wrist that is too extended at the top of their backswing. 
HackMotion App Shot Replay

Step 3: Set The Ranges 

  • Review the data and analysis that HackMotion gives you about your wrist position. 
  • Check the top of the backswing and impact. 
  • You will want to fix the top of the backswing first, as it will make fixing impact that much easier. 
  • Set the ranges for the audio feedback mode.
HackMotion App Session Overview

Step 4: Use Audio Feedback Mode To Improve 

  • Once you have the ranges set, take controlled practice swings, making sure your wrist angles do not go outside the recommended range. 
  • Try taking 10 to 15 swings with audio feedback to get the feeling down.
  • Now, hit one or two shots.
  • Repeat this process until you start to feel what the proper wrist positions are throughout your swing. 

What To Look For When Working With HackMotion? 

HackMotion has posted dozens of videos explaining how to work with their product. However, I thought I would give you a brief rundown of what you will notice when it comes to patterns and proper movements in the golf swing. 

First, make sure you realize there is no perfect wrist angle. HackMotion is not going to tell you an exact number. Instead, they give a range. Let’s face it: we are all humans, our bodies are all different, and the wrist angles can’t be exact. 

HackMotion App All Shots Summary Trend

Here are the key takeaways from HackMotion: 

  • Your grip position and grip consistency have an impact on the clubface angle. 
  • At the top of your backswing, the lead wrist should be flat, flexed, or just slightly extended; golfers who add extension in the lead wrist from setup to the top of the backswing are in a bad position. 
  • Great players start their downswing by immediately removing the extension from the lead wrist (aka squaring the clubface)
  • At impact, great players have their lead wrists slightly flexed; poor players have their lead wrists very extended. 

I can get into A LOT more detail about these numbers and patterns, but these are the most important aspects you will find when working with HackMotion.

  • Again, focus more on the patterns than on the exact amount of extension and flexion. 

My Experience with the HackMotion & How I’ve Been Using It 

HackMotion Wrist Sensor at Golf Course

I’ve had the HackMotion for about six months, and it has taught me things about wrist motion and action that I didn’t previously understand. 

I’ll have to be honest; I think you need a little (maybe a lot of) golf geek in you for this to be a good investment. (I’m also a math geek, so the combination of the two was perfect for what HackMotion offers)

I love using HackMotion as a tool for the full swing and making connections between certain feels and certain positions in my swing. Real-time feedback is hard to beat

I’m surprised by how lightweight and unobtrusive the HackMotion is. I find it works much better with a glove on than without. Either way, make sure you calibrate the device correctly and you’re good to go. 

In addition, I noticed very few irregularities in the results I got, making me feel a bit better about the overall accuracy of HackMotion. I’m a relatively consistent ball striker, but when I’m not consistent, it’s because I get a little too extended at the top of the swing. 

My favorite way to work with HackMotion is by recording data for a few minutes, analyzing it, and then taking it off and hitting some shots without getting too consumed with numbers.

Don’t get me wrong, the numbers are helpful and give me insights, but then I want to see what I’ll do on the course.

One word of caution here is that I even had to do a little studying on proper wrist angles and data to fully understand what the HackMotion can do. If you want to get the most out of this swing analyzer, you have to dive a little deeper and invest the time. (Lucky for us, HackMotion provides a lot of information on this)

HackMotion does offer a putting stability mode that is quite helpful if you are working on consistency in your putting stroke. But, you’ll find the most benefit in full-swing training

Who Do I Recommend HackMotion For? 

HackMotion can work for any handicap golfer. However, this is a tool that is going to appeal more to golfers who like data, stats, and analytics. Although HackMotion can teach you to “feel” what you must do with your wrists, it’s not a wrist brace or a swing jacket. It’s a measuring device. 

Low handicap: (Yes) The ability of the HackMotion to pick up minute differences from one swing to the next can help you fine-tune impact and see firsthand the importance of that flexed lead wrist. 

Mid-handicap: (Yes) Mid-handicapper golfers tend to lack knowledge about golf swing mechanics and theories; the HackMotion will have you casually talking about radial and ulnar deviation in no time. Use this tool to expand your knowledge and improve your game simultaneously. 

High handicap: (Maybe to No) HackMotion is one of the best golf slice fixing tools on the market, but you do have to invest some time into learning how to use it. If you are a higher handicapper on a mission, go for it. 

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Final Verdict on our HackMotion Review

I like HackMotion a lot. I’ve learned things about the golf swing that I had never known before. So many people like to say, “Leave the wrists out of it,” but the reality of this is just not true. 

Instead, HackMotion went all in on one of the most challenging concepts in the game to understand, and they created a way for all golfers to finally wrap their minds around what the wrist actually does in the golf swing. 

Take advantage of this opportunity and technology to take your game to the next level. 

Thanks for checking out our HackMotion review, and let us know how the HackMotion works for you.

Golfer Geeks Approved
HackMotion Swing Analyzer & Trainer
  • Effective for fixing a slice
  • Improve contact, distance, accuracy & consistency
  • Lots of training and guides provided
  • Putting mode to help work on short game
  • A lot of data points & steep learning curve
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We earn a commission if you make a purchase, at no additional cost to you.