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Wellputt Putting Mat Review

Wellputt Putting Mat and Cameron McCormick

Welcome golfer geeks to our Wellputt putting mat review for 2020

Wellputt is a category of ONE.  

  • It's an exceptionally well-constructed putting mat
  • It's a revolutionary concept for training better putters
  • It's an app with over 50 games (as of this writing) that keep you fully engaged in your practice, make you forget you are practicing, and advance your putting skills at break-neck speed.

They've clearly put a lot of thought and investment into making you an elite putter.

My results using the Wellputt mat...thus far

I'm about 3 weeks in and I've played 2 rounds since getting my Wellputt. 

  • My average putts per hole this year is 1.8
  • My average putts per hole for the last two rounds is 1.67

You might think that's not a big difference. And maybe not a trend. But that's 2 strokes per round... and I'll take it. 

Throw in a slightly injured lower back and a slightly vicious cold that kept me from practicing like I wanted and I'm even happier with that progress.

What's included with your Wellputt putting mat?

Your Wellputt mat will come rolled up (all 13ft or whatever length you choose) in this simple rectangular box-->

No instructions are included inside the box, on the box, or on the website. You will have to download the Wellputt app (free of charge and no in-app purchase) to access games and instructions.

Side Note: I never really thought about how long 13ft is. Well, if you are going to be putting in your's pretty long. Not Complaining though!

OH...Keep the box. The mat rolls up and fits in the box easily.

Wellputt box

Getting started with your Wellputt

First thing- Unroll the mat and put a couple books on the end that's curled up a bit. See below for easy fix I got from the manufacturer.
Second thing- Download the free "Wellputt" app. Yep, it's really free and there's no up-charge.
Third thing
- Open the app and start practicing playing

There are three levels or "courses" you can train on. I use the games in the Orange course and so do my kids. My daughter even likes putting using the games...and she doesn't like golf.

I can't overemphasize how the "game" aspect of the training makes you forget you are practicing.

Oh, the Orange Course may say "Beginner." DO NOT be fooled...

It is plenty hard and you will be a much better putter even if you NEVER touch the Blue or Black course... I'm not suggesting that.  

Key Features of the mat: Tools for alignment and length

Alignment Line For Putter face

Alignment line for accuracy

Putter Head Stroke Control

Ball position alignment

The Core Concept: The "Wellputt Zone"

Putt your ball over the hole and have it stop in the "Wellputt" or "Good" zone. There are 3 zones within the "good" zone.(1)

  1. Good putt zone
  2. Uphill putt zone
  3. Downhill putt zone

Good putt zone: Putting your golf ball hard enough to go 12 to 24 inches(Pelz says 18) past the hole if it misses is considered ideal to negate green imperfections and remove minor break in the putt

Uphill putt zone: Putting into this zone give you an "offensive" attitude while still having an easy comeback putt. 

Downhill putt zone: Putting into this zone is all about developing sensitivity and touch.

Let me tell you what's NOT easy: Putting your golf ball into the Uphill or Downhill zone.

Why? You are putting on a fast green. There's no other way to hit these precise targets without developing extraordinary touch and control. It's a thing of beauty.

The Wellputt has two different green speeds. One for accuracy and one for speed control.

1) Putt towards the "Wellputt" target end for accuracy training. 10ft on the stimp

2) Putt towards the other end for speed control. 11.5ft on the stimp

You are always working on one of two crucial aspects of putting with each game because the games alternate the skill you are working on. So its aim, speed, aim, speed, aim, speed, etc.

I told you these guys put a LOT of thought into making you a better putter. 

How to fix the rolled up end of your Wellputt mat

I reached out to Wellputt about this issue and they gave me an easy fix that works 100% of the time.

First- Don't waste time putting books or weights on the end that's rolled up
Second- Roll up your mat with the rubber bottom facing the outside of the roll. In other words, the opposite of the way you pull it out of the box.

Works like a charm.

Should I buy the Wellputt mat?

Let's go over some of the pros and cons first

Good Stuff

  • Best putting mat & training anywhere
  • Improve faster using the app with over 50 games
  • Specifically train accuracy, speed, & touch
  • Top quality mat with Stimp speeds of 10ft & 11.5 ft  
  • Priced equal to lesser competitors 

Not Good Stuff

  • Can't practice breaking putts
  • One end will curl slightly. Already have an easy fix for this. 

My answer to the big question above is an unqualified YES...

Buy the Wellputt mat if you are determined to shave strokes off your score by becoming a good to very good putter. 

Where should I buy my Wellputt mat?

Buy Directly From Wellputt.

Why wouldn't you go directly with the manufacturer when 

  • You'll Pay Less on ALL Wellputt Products with my discount code: See Below
  • You get all the guarantees.
    • Free shipping,
    • 30-Day return
    • Lifetime Guarantee with free replacement
    • You can communicate directly with people that know their product best

Look, I use Amazon (Not available at Amazon anyway) like everyone else. But, they are not always the best option...and this is one of those cases.

money back

30 day Guarantee

Risk free

Wellputt 30 Day Money Back Guarantee


Lifetime Guarantee

Refund or like-for-like exchange

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Thank you for checking out the Golfer Geeks Wellputt putting mat review. Please let us know if you have any questions and how it worked for you.

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