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Wellstroke Review

Welcome, Golfer Geeks to our Wellstroke review for 2021...our favorite putting stroke trainer on the market.

Wellstroke is 3 4 putting aids in 1:

  1. Putting arc trainer
  2. Putting speed trainer
  3. Putting aim trainer
  4. Putting feel trainer

Simply stated: Your putting stroke will get better, fast. And you will hole more putts.

I have to be honest...I thought the Wellstroke would be a good putting training aid and help improve my putting stroke before I ever got my hands on it.

  • The Wellputt website and, especially, the Wellputt app explain the concept and how it works very well.
  • Also, I have the Wellputt 13ft mat and love it. 

It does so much more than I was expecting...I'll explain in a bit.

The Biggest Difference, so far, from using the Wellstroke

My putting stroke has gotten soooo smoothe and consistent. I didn't even know that was missing!

I can tell you I felt it on the Very First putt during a round after practicing on the Wellstroke. Find out which part of the training did this for me a little later.

What's included with your Wellstroke motion putting guide mat?

Wellstroke Carrying Case
Wellstroke motion putting guide mat

Your Wellstroke will come in this little rectangular box right here-->

The well-constructed carrying case and the training mat you see above come in the box...and nothing else.

As with the Wellputt mat, there are no instructions. Download the Wellputt app (free of charge and no in-app purchase) to access the training.

Wellstroke Box
Wellputt Indoor Tees in box

I also got the Wellputt Indoor Tees (pictured above) because I knew the VAST majority of my practice time with the Wellstroke would be at home on my putting mat. NOT MANDATORY

Getting started with your Wellstroke motion putting guide

FIRST...make sure you have downloaded the app. This is easy and Completely free

SECOND...pull out your motion putting guide mat and set it up on your home putting mat or on the practice green at your course

THIRD...open the app and navigate the the Wellstroke instructions for practice

FOURTH...follow them because they work and will make you a better putter

3 4Ways the Wellstroke has helped my putting

  1. It has tightened up my stroke. You can't be sloppy with your stroke and stay in line with the putting arc and stay inside the putter gates. 
  2. It has taken my hands OUT of my putting stroke...almost completely. The ONLY way I've been able to putt the ball through the tee gates consistently is by removing my wrists and hands from my stroke. I move the putter with my upper body. 
  3. I now make contact with the sweet spot of my putter WAY more often. Quiet wrists and hands make this possible
  4. My putting stroke is SMOOTHE with excellent rhythm. I owe this to the "amplitude" training. Practicing the distance of my putting stroke back and through has been invaluable. I did not know this would happen. Yes, this is to dial in distance and speed, but the awesome byproduct has been much improved rhythm and tempo. 

Should you buy the Wellstroke?

First, a quick peak at pros and cons

Good Stuff

  • Superb putting stroke trainer. I've not seen anything better
  • Excellent instruction in the app
  • Can practice anywhere
  • Learn to Really control your putter
  • You will be much more consistent 
  • Won't break the bank 

Not Good Stuff

  • But not exactly cheap

My recommendation is...Yes. IF, you are in the market for a putting stroke trainer and will spend maybe a touch more for superior results. Then, yes. Wholeheartedly. 

Where should you get your Wellstroke?

Buy Directly From Wellputt. Why wouldn't you go directly with the manufacturer when 

  • You'll Pay Less on ALL Wellputt Products with my discount code: See Below
  • You get all the guarantees.
    • Free shipping on orders over $100
    • 30-Day return
    • Lifetime Guarantee with free replacement
    • You can communicate directly with people that know their product best

I'm WAAAAY on the side of small business...especially after this last year.


Thanks for checking our our Wellstroke review. Let us know how yours worked out for you!

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