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Lag Shot Golf Club Review

Lag Shot Golf Swing Trainer

Welcome, fellow Golfer Geeks, to our Lag Shot golf review for 2021

A quick rundown on the Lag Shot golf swing trainer

  • The Lag Shot helps you to swing with better tempo, better sequencing, correct swing path, and more lag with no thought of how you are doing it. The ability to hit golf balls and get instant feedback is the game changer and the real acid test.

How does it "force" you to swing better? We'll get to that a little later.

The Lagshot Promise

Let's address the elephant in the room...

What about the 12 Swings promise from Lag Shot?

Not so much for me. Not saying the 12 swings thing isn't real, but not my reality.

But, take heart...

A video training series is included with your Lag Shot and I HIGHLY encourage you to go through it and perform the drills laid out by Adam Bazalgette. He's a 3-time PGA teacher of the year so he may just know what he's talking about.

So, how does the Lag Shot feel and look?

The Lag Shot feels substantial. The grip is midsize and heavy gauge rubber. It has a thick blue shaft. The club head is oversize and black. It feels and looks like it's going to be around a while. So, quality materials and quality construction.

Getting started with your Lag Shot

First thing- Watch the videos (and refer back to them)
Second thing- Perform the drills as instructed
Third thing
- Persevere 

That's pretty much it. Start with small swings, as instructed in the videos, to get used to the Lag shot. Then, build up to full swings. You won't regret it.

Be patient and work the process. You will be rewarded for your persistence.

How do you use a Lag shot golf club?

Glad you asked because I've got some opinions on the use of this golf trainer and I'll discuss my experiences so far. 

Let's get into my experience first, then my suggestions for getting the most from your Lag Shot.

I did watch the training videos before I took it to the range.

Not all of them. There's quite a few (10) and there are different drills he want's you to do and things he wants you to feel. So, I didn't want to pile too much on at once. 

Of course, I started swinging it in my house just to get a feel. But feel ain't always real, so I had to get it to the range and hit golf balls. But swinging at my house gave me a glimpse into what the Lag Shot was all about.

Take a backswing and you can feel the shaft bending loading at the top. That's your lag being created.

On to the driving range...

The training videos say to start with smaller swings, so I started with smaller swings. Maybe 30 or 40 yard golf shots. And I concentrated on rotating with my body and actively closing the club face with my hands (something I normally try not to do)

I made solid contact from the start but I was slicing the ears off the golf ball (and still do sometimes if I get sloppy). Don't be sloppy. 

I can say the training videos are invaluable for this reason...

I've handed the Lag Shot to several people on the range and they strain to make ANY kind of solid contact. And these people are good ball strikers. 

Here's how I use it.

First, I use it at home most every day. I work from home and I get up once per hour to stretch out.

Guess what I do to stretch out?

Yep, I take long lazy(not sloppy) practice swings with my Lag shot. Not a whole bunch. 5-10 will do, but I'm mindful about it.

I'm meticulous about my posture. I make every effort to make a one-piece takeaway and get into the proper position at the top of my backswing. I then rotate into a full follow through. Going as smooth as I can the whole way. 

Second, I use it before all practice sessions at the driving range.  The Lag Shot club stays in my golf bag, so I'm never without it.

I'll generally hit a dozen shots or so. More importantly, I want to see a few nice high draws before I switch to my clubs and begin executing my plan for that session.

I keep two swing thoughts in my head when using the Lag Shot: 1) Smooth transition 2) Release your hands
I want my swing speed to build slowly and peak just past impact

Execution is a different matter, but those are my thoughts. 

Golfer Geek top of backswing with Lag Shot

This also applies to my range warmups before I play. 

Third. Got no time to hit the range? Shame on you...and me. But, it happens. Get out your Lag shot and take those long lazy swings I spoke of earlier.

Do not rush them. Begin with smaller pitching motions and build up to your full, flowing, smooth, unhurried, swings and go until you feel a little heat building up in your body and muscles.

This is your less-than-ideal-but-better-than-nothing prep for your opening tee shot.

Golfer Geek follow through with Lag Shot

Do I need the Lag shot to build a swing with effortless power and accuracy?

No, you do not. Like all other golf training aids, it's a tool that simplifies and shortens the process.

  • It addresses a few specific problems handicap golfers have and it does it well and without making things complicated. 

So, everything good training aids are supposed to do for a golfer of our skill level.

A few top PGA teaching professionals in the US also have opinions on the Lag Shot

Should I buy the Lag shot?

Depends. But, first, the good and the bad

Good Stuff

  • Great for building lag, timing, tempo and proper swing sequence in your golf swing
  • All of the above lead to effortless power and better accuracy
  • Can be used anywhere & with or without balls
  • Quality construction and durable 
  • In-depth video training included
  • Reasonable price

Not Good Stuff

  • Probably not an instant fix...sorry


your golf game could use a little help and you are in the market for a tempo trainer that allows you to hit balls for instant feedback, this is the swing tempo and lag training aid for you.

It will

  • Improve your tempo
  • Increase lag in your swing
  • Force you to swing better
  • Be frustrating

Where can I buy my Lag Shot?

ALagshot golf

There's nowhere else to get it. 

  • Free shipping
  • Money back guarantee
  • Excellent training
  • Good guys behind the product
money back

30 day Guarantee

Risk free

Lagshot 30 Day Money Back Guarantee

Thank you for checking out the Golfer Geeks Lag shot golf review. Please let us know if you have any questions and how it worked for you.

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