By Jamie Boudreaux
Last Update February 26, 2022

Lag Shot Driver Review

Lag Shot Driver at Address

Having trouble consistently hitting your driver solid? This  Lag Shot driver review explains why I think this is the tool to teach you how to start pounding drives down your favorite fairways.  

I'm an avid golfer, a 9.2 handicap on my way to a 2 (been a 5.6) and frequent tester of golf clubs and equipment since 2015.

I tested the driver for two weeks and now use it every time I hit the range. 

Summary: The Lag Shot driver forces me, if I wanted to do anything but slice the ears off the ball, to take the club back slow, in one piece and on plane. It helps me feel the clubhead at the top of my backswing, then slowly build momentum on the correct plane and path in my downswing, so I'm hitting the most solid drives I'd hit in over a year. 

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Lag Shot Driver | #1 Swing Trainers in Golf™

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In this review of the Lag Shot driver, I discuss my experience with the club, unique features and benefits, as well as customer reviews and potential alternatives. 

Lag Shot Driver P2

Lag Shot Driver Overview

This driver training aid is challenging to hit and requires patience from you. You'll likely have more success if you are already good with the Lag Shot 7-iron. Not mandatory, but its the fast path to success with the driver. 

Why Consider the Lag Shot Driver 

Having issues with tempo, timing, solid contact, etc. with your driver? Your real driver  won't know what got into you if you get good at hitting drives with this training driver.

Lag Shot Driver P4

Features & Benefits

1) Heavy whippy blue shaft 

  • Builds tempo, lag, and clubhead awareness intuitively to allow you to time your swing better, swing on your correct bath, and make solid impact for long accurate drives
2) High-Quality Mid Size Grip

  • Built to be long lasting and also to help you relax tension in your grip (a big tempo & speed killer)

3) Training Videos (One specifically for the Driver)

  • Lag Shot clubs are pretty intuitive, but the training videos will speed up the improvement process
Lag Shot Driver start of downswing & lagging

Testing the Lag Shot Driver

I've been swinging the Lag Shot driver for about a month at home to get the feel and on the range to see if it's real. All I'm looking for is to swing with good sequence, rhythm, tempo, and timing. And, I really try to stay in my posture until momentum takes me into my follow-through. 

Lag Shot Driver Just past P7

My Experience with the Lag Shot Driver

Going through all the training videos for the 7-iron and using it so much in my practice set me up for success with the driver. There's one training video from Adam Bazalgette on the driver where he demonstrates a couple nuances for getting best results. 

Onto using the driver. I made sure to warm up well and swing the Lag Shot 7-iron plenty before grabbing the driver.

I was careful to take the club back in one piece and keep the clubhead outside my hands as best I could in my backswing.  I waited until I felt the clubhead load at the top my backswing and I tried to swing smooth, but fast into the back of the ball and into my follow-through. A major swing fault of mine is coming out of my posture on my downswing, so I focused on that too. It seems to have worked... most of the time.

My first few drives weren't pretty, but I made solid contact. A few flairs to the right. A few smother-hooks. A lot of low ones down the middle, more or less. Every once in a while I'm able to hit a medium height draw. I call that a win. Eventually, most of my drives with the Lag Shot landed in an area I deemed would have been a fairway on the course. 

I then grabbed my driver (Ben Hogan GS53 Max) and hit a few drives. There was no magic on the first drive. But, I felt comfortable in my setup for the first time in a long time. I started hit very solid after very solid drive down the range. Not always exactly where I wanted them, but the contact was glorious. And, they all would have been playable on the course.

I played a round the next day. I took me a bit to get warm, but by the 4th or 5th hole I was feeling it. I started hitting long high draws. The type that was my stock shot before I forgot how to drive. I didn't catch every drive this way. But I've been unable to consistently hit a draw with a driver more than about once a round for years. I've been averaging around 250 to 260 yds on my drives for a while. Terrible numbers for me. 

Lag Shot Driver & The Statuesque Golfer Geek

Customer Reviews

Customer reviews are generally good, but there are some unhappy customers. The poorer reviews mainly say they couldn't hit the driver or it didn't work.

I agree its hard to hit and patience is needed. You should consider going back to the Lag Shot 7-iron and getting really good at hitting it, then moving into the driver.

As for not working - not my experience. It is working for me and I've only just begun. 

Who is the Lag Shot driver For?

Any golfer looking to improve their golf swing. Specifically with their driver. And especially if you have issues generating power and consistently driving it in play.  

I've always had better tempo, rhythm and lag than most and I find Lag Shot beneficial.

Unless your name is Ernie, Freddie, or Louis, it will help you too. 

Lag Shot Driver Alternatives

Most Popular Tempo Trainer
Orange Whip Trainer

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There's no hitting balls for instant feedback with the Orange Whip, but it's superb for helping build tempo, flexibility, and rhythm in your golf swing. 

We earn a commission if you make a purchase, at no additional cost to you.

Same as the Orange Whip. You won't be hitting balls with the SKLZ Gold Flex, but it's great for everything else - tempo, timing, rhythm, flexibility.

I've had one for years. It's now parked in my closet because I use Lag Shot. 

Our Verdict: Final Review of the Lag Shot Driver

I recommend the Lag Shot driver help build a powerful, repeatable, and effortless driver swing and golf swing.

Thanks for checking out my review and let us know how they work for you

Best Swing Trainer for Driver
Lag Shot Driver | #1 Swing Trainers in Golf™

Get 15% OFF with Code: GolferGeeks15

We earn a commission if you make a purchase, at no additional cost to you.
The Good:
  • Promotes lag, tempo, timing, and rhythm in your golf swing
  • Promotes a one-piece takeaway to keep you on plane during backswing
  • Teaches you to build speed gradually and at the right time
  • Does all of the above with minimal thought and effort
The Bad:
  • Possibly a lot of up-front frustration until you get the hang

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