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By Jamie Boudreaux
Last Update: May 13, 2022  
Cobra RadSpeed Driver vs Cobra LTDx Driver

Thanks for checking out my Cobra Radspeed driver vs LTDx driver comparison

I'm an avid golfer, a 9.2 handicap on my way to a 2 (been a 5.6) and frequent tester of golf clubs and equipment since 2015.  

I played two rounds of golf and and spent two range sessions with the RadSpeed and LTDx. I recorded stats with my Swing Caddie SC 300 & SC200 launch monitors. (I was also testing Ping G410 and Ping G425 irons) My driver swing is a little wild these days, but one of these drivers tamed it better than the other.  

In this comparison of the Cobra Radspeed and LTDx drivers, I discuss my experience with each driver, unique features and benefits, and my pick for which driver I'd buy.

Driver Specs

Cobra RadSpeed Driver

Radspeed Driver:

  • Loft - 10.5 degree 
  • Shaft - Project X HZRDUS Smoke Blue RDX 60 Graphite Stiff Flex
The Cobra LTDx Driver

LTDx Driver:

  • Loft - 10.5 degree 
  • Shaft - Project X HZRDUS Smoke Blue RDX 60 Graphite Stiff Flex

Cobra LTDx Driver

Cobra LTDx Drive & Headcover

LTDx (Longest Total Distance) drivers are new for 2022. Cobra calls them "The Ultimate Distance Machine" and says they deliver "longest total distance". But, they're not finished. They also use words like "extreme forgiveness" in describing this driver. Basically, there's nothing it can't do. They're not exactly underpromising here. 

They offer three models:

1) LTDx (the one in this test)

  • Low spin
  • Medium launch
  • High Forgiveness

2) LTDx LS

  • Low spin
  • Low launch
  • Medium forgiveness

3) LTDx Max

  • Low-medium spin
  • High launch
  • Extreme forgiveness

LTDx Features and Benefits

1) PWR-COR Technology

  • Consist of 3 weights. A 14g steel internal weight and 5g external aluminum weight are placed behind the hitting zone to reduce spin and transfer max speed to the golf ball. And, a 15g rear weight to help with high launch and exceptional forgiveness for added distance

2)  H.O.T Face Technology

  • Stands for Highly Optimized Topology. They use machine learning (A.I.) and CNC milling to optimize face thickness in specific areas to maximize ball speed across a larger area. 

3) Multi-material Construction

  • The titanium chassis is 8.3g lighter and allows them to use 30% more lightweight carbon in the crown and sole plate. This save discretionary weight which they've moved low and forward in the head for increased ball speed.

4)  CNC Milled Infinity Face

  • The face wraps around the leading edge and is supposed to increase the effective hitting area for more ball speed and still provide a traditional topline. 

Cobra Radspeed Driver

Cobra RadSpeed Driver & Headcover

RadSpeed drivers were released in 2021. They were Cobra's lowest spinning and most forgiving driver line at that point. They are supposed to deliver "radical" ball speed. Thus, the name "RadSpeed". 

They offer 3 RadSpeed models:

1) RadSpeed (the one in this test)

  • Ultra-low spin
  • Lowest launch
  • Fastest ball speed and most workable

2) Radspeed XD (Extreme Draw)

  • Mid spin
  • Mid to high launch
  • Draw bias for straightest drives

3) Radspeed XB (Extreme Back Weight)

  • Low spin
  • Highest launch
  • Longest and most forgiving

Radspeed Features and Benefits

1) Radial Weighting

  • They've placed 8g of weight either side of the center of the sole right behind the leading edge. The also have 12g and 2g adjustable weights that can be moved to the front or back of the sole. Another 10g of weight is fixed in the rear of the sole. This is supposed to increase speed and forgiveness

2)  Thin-Ply Carbon Wrap Crown

  • The carbon wrap crown is 30% thinner and lets them reposition another 6g of weight to optimize performance

3) T-Bar Speed Chassis

  • They've save 7g of weight which they've moved forward in the clubhead to decrease spin and increase ball speed

4)  CNC Milled Infinity Face

  • They've increased the milled area by 95% by using an infinity edge design. (also helps with sky marks)  

Testing the RadSpeed & LTDx Drivers

2 Range Sessions: About 12 drives with each driver after a good warm up and hitting short irons in between. Too many driver swings in a row and I get ALL out of sync.  

Drives were measured with my Swing Caddie SC300 and SC200. I only used both because I let a friend borrow the SC300 and I didn't have it for one of the sessions.

2 Rounds on the course: I played two 18-hole rounds at my course (Longwood) spaced a day apart. (Shot 81 and 82). I played 1 driver per 9 both times and I started with the RadSpeed on the front. Part of the difference in how they performed may be that my driver swing doesn't get going well until the back 9. This may warrant a 3rd round. 

My impressions of the LTDx and RadSpeed

Cobra LTDx & Golfer Geek at the Range


Head shape: Similar, but the LTDx has a deeper crown (front to back). They both frame the ball well at address. I was comfortable and confident looking down at both. 


  • Radspeed - I ordered the Peacote, which is red, white, and blue. All colors have a mat finish, of which I'm a fan. The crown is the mat blue and minimal graphics and looks amazing. The sole has all three colors and decent graphics. 
  • LTDx - It has the same colors as the Radspeed, but with a shiny finish and carbon fiber weave showing on the crown. Graphics on the sole are no bueno. 


Identical. Solid and muted. Impact feels great most anywhere on the face you make contact. They both feel and sound the way I like for a driver.

Playability/Ball Flight

I give the edge to the LTDx. 

My well-struck shots were a tight draw with both drivers and slight misses ended up as playable pushes or push-fades. I easily hit my normal medium-high ball flight with the LTDx, but not so much with the Radspeed. 

I had to swing better and work harder to get my normal trajectory with the Radspeed. Possibly, the Radspeed XB would be a better fit for me. And, a different shaft may have made a difference too. (This is why you test before you buy) 


First, these are both forgiving drivers.

I'm a streaky driver and I didn't have my best stuff. I found the LTDx more forgiving and left me in better position for my second shots with my good swings and my marginal swings.

I may have skewed the testing by always playing the Radspeed on the front nine, which I usually spend finding my driver swing. 


Equal on carry distance, but the Radspeed did to roll out a fraction more according to my launch monitor. 


Carry Yards

Ball Speed

Swing Speed

Smash Factor












Total Yards

Ball Speed

Swing Speed

Smash Factor











Conclusion of Cobra Radspeed driver vs LTDx 

The LTDx was a better driver for me and for all mediocre drivers, I suspect. It was more forgiving, got the ball up easier, and just kept me in good position on the course. 

My #1 suggestion is to test both clubs before you buy. Either at your local golf store or take advantage of Global Golf's Utry trial program. I use it and recommend it. 

Remember, each driver has 3 head variations. This test involved 1.

The LTDx was easier to hit higher and kept me in better position for my second shots. Does this sound like something you might want? Give the LTDx a try. 

Have no trouble elevating the ball and are a little more competent with the driver? I think the Radspeed may be a better choice... to test first. 

Golfer Geeks Approved
Cobra King RADSPEED Driver

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We earn a commission if you make a purchase, at no additional cost to you.

Thanks for checking out my comparison of the Cobra Radspeed driver vs LTDx driver. Let me know in the comments if I'm leaving out anything you think is important or tell me about your experience with either club.

 Again, I suggest you test before you buy. 

About the author 


I'm an avid golfer, a 9.2 handicap on my way to a 2 (been a 5.6) and frequent tester of golf clubs and equipment since 2015.

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