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What's Are The
Best Putting Training Aids?
Reviews & Buyer's Guide

So what is the best golf putting training aid? Well, depends on what part of putting you are training.

  • Putting alignment
  • Aiming your putter
  • Putting stroke

Every golfer knows the quickest way to drop strokes off your game is around and, especially, on the green...

We believe these are where training aids for putting can have the greatest benefit so we've reviewed a number of products in these categories.

There’s just more mileage to be gained from improving your putting than improving your anything else and practice on this part of your game yields the quickest results. 

However, there are a number of putting aids out there. You could experiment with different options, but I’ve invested in doing that hard work for you. In this article, I review the best putting training aids and give my recommendations on which ones you should give a try. 

Recommended Products

Key Details


Eye Line Putting Alignment Mirror

Eye Line Putting Mirror

Best Alignment Aid

  • #1 Putting Aid On PGA Tour
  • Work on speed and alignment
  • Simple concept. Simple to use

Eye Line 360 Swinging & Putting Mirror

Best Posture & Alignment Aid

  • Fix your stroke AS your are putting
  • Real-time Feedback
  • Perfect your Posture & Alignment

Puttout Pressure Put Trainer

Puttout Putting Trainer

Best Feedback Aid

  • Makes practicing fun
  • #1 Feedback putting Trainer
  • Returns properly hit balls to you
  • Use indoors or out

SKLZ Gold Flex

Best Putting Ark Trainer 

  • Ingrains proper putter stroke path
  • Makes putting stroke repeatable
  • Can be used at home or on the putting green

Groove & Putting Laser w/ Green Beam

Best Putter Face Aid

  • Lets you visualize correct putter face path 
  • Creates a consistent stroke

Special Edition Putting Green Mat

Best High-quality Putting Green Mat

  • Tour quality surface
  • Sets up easily
  • Can have breaking puts

1. Eyeline Putting Alignment Mirror

      Jason Day showing Adam Scott how to use   the Eyeline putting mirror. 


  • Great for building proper putting set up and alignment
  • Fits easily in your golf bag. Can be used indoors or out.
  • Teaches better center-face contact for greater consistency & more holed puts


  • None

A putting alignment mirror helps you check your setup and alignment every time you hit the green. Over time, using it can help you develop a consistent stroke.

Look, it's not the #1 putting aid on tour for no reason.

This 12 x 6-inch mirror has sight lines on it so that you can set up your putt perfectly. Use the mirror to make sure that your eyes are directly over the ball and check your body alignment. Use the painted lines on the mirror to line up the face of your putter. You can create a tee gate on the mirror to optimize the position of your putter as you swing.

2. Puttout Pressure Put Trainer

Puttout Putting Trainer


  • Can be used indoors or out
  • Small, collapsible and portable
  • Great for improving Tempo
  • Provides feedback
  • Helps you develop the right pace and aim
  • Inexpensive


  • Works better with straight putts than with breaks

Although alignment is important when it comes to putting, so is speed. There’s a certain amount of push that you need to deliver to the ball to make it hit its mark without flying over it or falling short. The pace of putting is difficult to practice when you’re not on the green.

That’s where the Puttout Pressure Putt Trainer comes in. This golf putting aid recreates the pressure of a putting drill while giving you feedback about your stroke.

The Puttout Pressure Putt Trainer features a white circle that’s the same size as a golf hole. That gives you a realistic target to aim for. Behind the “hole” is a sloped ramp that’s designed to either capture the ball if you’ve hit it with the perfect line and pressure or return the ball to you.

If the ball comes back, you get good feedback about your putt. This putting aid will return the ball to the same distance by which it would have missed the hole. It holds the ball if you’ve made a perfect putt.

3. Edge Putting Rail 70*


  • Perfect your putting arc  
  • Provides visual, tactile and auditory feedback
  • Aids in alignment


  • A little bulky

The standard lie angle of a putter is about 70°. Therefore, it’s not designed to swing straight back and through.

The Edge Putting Rail is designed to help you perfect your putting arc. At first glance, you might wonder how a straight putting rail allows you to develop an arced stroke. It’s all in the angle of the rail.

The putting trainer is bent at 70 degrees. When you maintain contact between the heel of your putter and the surface of the rail, the putter will arc inward as it rises up the rail’s slope at the beginning and end of your stroke. You’ll hear and feel the geometry as you guide your putter.

The Edge Putting Rail allows you to align your shot and ensure a consistent stroke path and length. For right-handed golfers, you should set up the line of the putting rail with the left side of the hole.

Stand behind it and practice some putting strokes. The heel of your putter should make contact with the rail throughout the stroke. You will get auditory feedback from the sound that the putter makes as it glides along the rail. The black lines on the rail will also let you see the length of your backstroke and follow-through.

4. Groove & Putting Laser With Green Beam


  • Helps you keep the putter face square
  • Allows you to hit straight putts even with a pendulum stroke
  • 10 to 12-hour battery life


  • May not fit every shaft
  • Just a tad on the expensive side

This putting laser ensures a smooth, straight stroke with instant visual cues. Attach the laser to the shaft of your putter, lining it up so that it bisects the head. If your hands are quiet while you putt, the ball will follow the straight line created by the laser. If you rotate your hands or body, you’ll see the ball veer from the line.

This works best when you are working with a guideline that’s already on the floor. Line the laser up with the existing guide, and you’ll notice instantly when you’ve moved off the path. Tracking the laser on your guide before trying to hit the ball can help you create a consistently straight stroke.

5. Eyeline Golf Special Edition Putting Green Matt 


  • Tour-grade turf  
  • Doesn’t wrinkle or bunch up with use
  • Slightly sloped surface and break snake creates realistic practice surface


  • A little pricey

The Eyeline Golf Special Edition Putting Green Mat is 2 feet wide, 10 feet long and includes one cup. The long length allows you to practice putts from multiple distances. It offers plenty of versatility without taking up a lot of room.

The tour-grade turf feels like freshly cut grass. Your ball will roll perfectly whether you’re practicing chips or putts.

One of the frustrating features of many golf putting mats is their tendency to bunch up while you play. This one stays flat stroke after stroke. You can use the included break snake to create undulations that mimic the feel of a realistic golf course. This helps you practice speed, pressure and alignment on an unpredictable surface.

Types of Putting Training Aids

Putting Alignment Aids

Why invest in a putting alignment aid?

You can’t putt accurately if you don’t have meticulous aim. Part of this skill involves creating a sightline from the ball to the hole. However, that doesn’t tell the whole story. The way that you connect with the ball also guides its path. 

Alignment putting aids can help you make contact at the center of the putter face, create a line in your mind’s eye to direct your ball and ultimately improve your short game.

This is one of the best ways to improve your handicap. You won’t improve your putts if you don’t practice. Alignment putting aids are a great way to practice with intention and get feedback every time you putt.

Best Putting Arc Training Aid

You might imagine that you’re supposed to swing your putter in a completely straight line. That would be true if you were straddling the ball and hitting it with a croquet mallet. However, because your feet are both planted on one side of the ball in golf, physics require you to swing with a slight arc.

If you try to swing straight back and through, you’ll probably close the putter face on the backswing and open it as you connect with the ball and follow through. Developing the perfect arc will help you keep the clubface square on impact.

Developing the muscle memory for this type of stroke can be difficult without a training aid. Putting arc trainers help your putter travel properly so that you deliver solid putts every time.

Best Golf Putting Mat

Practicing your putting is important, especially when you don’t have a chance to get on the green. Unfortunately, the texture of the grass in your backyard or the carpet in your living room isn’t totally authentic. A putting mat can replicate the smooth feel of a green for realistic practice sessions that easily transition to the golf course.

Using a putting mat can help you build confidence. It also gives you a chance to practice using your other putting aids. You can focus on feel, setup and stroke without leaving the comfort of your own home.

You may get really good at putting the length of your mat. The downside is that you might not get practice making longer putts.

We've featured the best golf putting aids in all the categories we feel are important. Give them a try and let us know how they work for you. 

Our #1 Recommendation

Eye Line Putting Alignment Mirror

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