This one was given to me by a teaching pro friend from the UK who has a PhD in biomechanics.

I mentioned to him that I had recently gotten an impact bag and asked if he could suggest a drill or two.

First thing he said was, “Don’t hit it, do this instead.” He then proceeded to give me the drill below.

Impact Bag Drill

  1. Set up to the impact bag like you would in your normal address position with a mid iron.
  2. Place the impact bag so that the back of the bag is about even with your trail foot. (see below)
  3. Place your club behind the bag and grip it tight.
  4. Pivot and turn through like you’re coming into the ball. Push the impact bag toward your target without flipping it over. (It should slide along the floor – not lift up)
  5. You should finish with the club and your arms about waist height in your follow-through.
  6. Repeat 10 times.

This is the bag I use and recommend. I think they’re basically all the same, though.

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It looks like this:

Address Position

Address position impact bag drill
Impact bag drill - address position down the line face on

I usually use my 7-iron for this drill. I like the iron in line with my back foot, or even a little further so I can increase the rep’s range of motion.

My grip and core are tight. I’ll need that to move the bag correctly.

Starting the rep

impact bag drill - starting the turn down the line face on

I’ve initiated the move in this image.

I’ve gripped the club tight, I’m in a good address position, and I’ve tightened my core.

You can see in both images that I’ve turned in one piece, I’m pivoting around my lead leg, and my weight is transferring to me lead side.

I have to execute everything correctly to move the bag and not flip it over.

Best part, it’s intuitive. I’m forced to move my body correctly.

I’m seriously strengthening my “golf” muscles and sequencing my swing correctly.

Finish Position

Impact bag drill - fully extended
Impact bag drill - fully extended down the line and face on view

I’m fully extended in my follow-through. I’ve maintained a good side bend and turned through in one piece.

I love this look and feel and I wish I did this in real life. This feels so powerful.

I love it because it knocks out a few birds with one stone.

  1. It forces me to use my body the right way (in the right sequence) to move through the ball.
  2. The bag’s weight keeps my wrist in a powerful position at impact and prevents me from flipping at the ball.
  3. I’m forced to turn through with the entire right side of my body and creates a much stronger pivot.
  4. It also makes me go into side bend at impact. This helps me with impact and keeps me from standing up in the downswing.
  5. Probably more.

It’s got only one flaw – I get lazy and don’t do it often enough.

Don’t be like me. Do it and keep doing it.

Your ball striking, balance, and power will improve.

Do not be afraid to add weight if the bag is too light or remove if you can’t complete a rep as prescribed.