By Jamie Boudreaux
Last Update May 18, 2022

Ping G410 Irons Review

Ping G410 Irons at the range

This is Golfer Geeks' review of the Ping G410 Irons driver.

I'm an avid golfer, a 9.2 handicap on my way to a 2 (been a 5.6) and frequent tester of golf clubs and equipment since 2015.

I tested the G410 irons during 4 range sessions along side the G425 irons 

Summary: Some of the best hitting and feeling game improvement irons I've ever hit. You really can't ask for more in this category. 

In this Ping G410 irons review, I discuss my experience with the clubs, unique features and benefits, as well as customer reviews and potential alternatives. 

Ping G410 Iron Set

G410 Irons Overview

Ping G410 irons are mid handicap irons and were released 2 years ago. Ping says they "took game improvement technology and reshaped it" with the 410s. They reduced offset and blade length (8% less than G400s) yet maintained MOI (think forgiveness and distance) They are made to launch high, carry far, and hold greens. 

The heads are smaller, but remain plenty generous. Forgiveness is what comes to mind when looking down at them. But, they are performers too.

Why consider G410 irons

The G410s are forgiving with a generous sweet spot. They get the ball up quickly and carry forever without ballooning. The heads are generous, as you would expect with game improvement irons. But, not awkwardly so. You can also work and flight them if you've got the game.

Ping G410 Iron

Features & Benefits

1) Larger Flexing Zone

  • Ping says the face freely moves which increases ball speed but are still precise

2) Clean Look, High MOI

  • Ping reduced blade length and offset, but maintained high MOI for forgiveness and more speed on more of the face

3) Toe/Hosel Weighting

  • Weight saved from reducing clubhead size was moved to the toe and hosel to increase MOI by 8% over the G400s for greater forgiveness and consistency

4) Co-molded Cavity Badge

  • An aluminum and elastomer badge in the cavity dampens vibration for better feel and sound (I can attest to this)
Ping G410 Gap Wedge

Testing the G410 irons

2 Range Sessions: I tested the G410s along side the G425s AND two Cobra drivers.  

My Experience with the Ping G410 irons

I thoroughly enjoyed hitting the G410s, and that comes from someone that plays pretty serious player irons. 

They felt rock solid on contact, but felt soft enough and had muted sound. All qualities I like in an iron. They got the ball up quickly and went high and far with my normal tiny draw ball flight. They were easy to flight down too. Even the wedge. 

Review of the Ping G410 irons

Looks (B)

I prefer a much cleaner and elegant look in my clubs. But, the G410s are par for the course for game improvement irons. They frame the ball beautifully at address and should inspire confidence in the mid handicap or higher handicap golfer playing them.  

Sound/ Feel (A) 

Solid at impact with muted sound. I found it easy to feel on the clubface I was making contact. 

Distance (A)

These are long clubs. No doubt. The lofts are jacked once you hit the 8-iron on down. 

Forgiveness (A+)

Excellent forgiveness. You will get better results than you deserve with your mishits. 

Flight / Playability (A+)

High ball launch without ballooning and great carry and green holding. I hit my draw at will and I flighted shots down easily.    

Customer Reviews

95% of buyers would recommend the G410s and they have an average rating of 4.7 out of 221 reviews.

Who are the Ping G410 irons for? 

Low Handicaps - Maybe. G410s weren't made with you in mind, but I read a number of reviews from low handicaps loving them some G410 irons.  
Mid Handicaps: Yes. 100% you should give this club a look if you're in the market. 
High Handicaps: Yes. I'm betting you'll love the G410s too. (test test test if in doubt) 

Potential Alternatives

Editor's Pick
Ping G425 Irons

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  • So... so easy to hit
  • High trajectory
  • Great distance & forgiveness
  • Nothing - you need to try them
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These are the updated versions of the G410 irons. The head is a touch smaller and there are cosmetic and tech differences. Specs are the same and I find they perform remarkably similar. 

Golfer Geeks Approved
Ben Hogan EDGE EX Irons

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Not a better looking set of irons in the game improvement category. Clubheads are generous and so is the forgiveness. They're long and easy to elevate too. Worth a look. Especially if you are into bargains. 

Our Verdict

The Ping G410 irons are excellent game improvement clubs. Worth a look if you are in the market.  

Thanks for checking out our Ping G410 irons review and let us know how they work for you

The Good:
  • Long and forgiving
  • Great sound and feel
  • Get the ball up easily
The Bad:
  • Not the best cosmetics in my opinion. 

About the author 

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