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Best Wedges for Mid Handicappers

Welcome to my best wedges for mid handicappers review and guide for 2020

In my opinion...and experience, wedge play is where Mids become Lows. How do I know?

I did it myself. I left the driving range alone...pretty much. Spent 95% of my practice time 40 yards and in with my wedges and putter...Mostly wedges.

I went from an 11ish to a 5.6 handicap quick-like. So, I know wedges can make a difference.

Top 3 Best Wedges For Mid Handicappers 2020

  1. Cleveland CBX 2 Wedges (Most Forgiving) Read more
  2. Cleveland CBX Full Face (Most Versatile Around the Green) 
  3. Callaway Mac Daddy CB Wedge (Best Bargain)

Cleveland CBX 2 Wedges

Cleveland CBX 2 Cavity Back Mid handicap wedge
Cleveland CBX 2 Profile
Cleveland CBX 2 Clubface

Who are the Cleveland CBX 2 Wedges for...

  • Any golfer wanting tour-level performance from their wedges, but need a touch of forgiveness for less than great contact.

The CBX 2 wedges from Cleveland are true mid handicapper wedges and one of the very few cavity back wedges produced by a top manufacturer. 

They provide tour-level spin and performance while still offering game improvement features such as

  • Hollow-Cavity with a hollow chamber near the heal and added weight in the toe for increased MOI for max forgiveness across the face
  • Dynamic Sole with three different sole grinds optimized by loft for ultimate versatility 
  • Rotex Face with extra-sharp grooves and aggressive milling for max spin and control

Do NOT think the added forgiveness takes away from performance. These are still made by Cleveland...who has been at or near the top of the list for wedge manufacturers for decades.

I've played Cleveland wedges since 1995 and have never been disappointed. They are renowned for their quality and performance

You simply can't go wrong by choosing these. 


  • Most forgiving non-specialty wedges
  • Tour-level spin and performance
  • Priced below top competitors


  • Not a lot of hype around these

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Who are the Cleveland CBX Full-Face wedges for for

  • Golfers looking for a touch of forgiveness on full and partial shots and...
  • Tend to play open-face shots around the green looking but want a help generating more spin and height. 

Technology behind their performance 

  • Half-cavity near the heal w/ muscle back behind the toe
  • High toe profile with extended groove section for extreme open face shots
  • Rotex and laser milling with super-sharp grooves for elite performance
  • Low c-shaped sole to allow for easily manipulating the face wide open for higher shots

Anyone looking for more help with finesse shots should definitely give these a look. 

As I said above, Cleveland Golf is known for their wedges and the CBX Full-Face wedges deserve your attention.


  • Best finesse wedge around the green
  • Great full-swing wedges too
  • Tour-level spin and control around the green


  • None...Great wedges

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Callaway Mac Daddy CB Wedge

Callaway Mac Daddy CB Wedge Cavity Back
Callaway Mac Daddy CB Wedge Toe
Callaway Mac Daddy CB Wedge Face

Who are the Callaway Mac Daddy CB wedges for

  • Any mid handicap or even high handicap golfer looking for a little more forgiveness in their wedges but are not willing to sacrifice performance

These wedges sure look like gamers for wedges that are built with forgiveness in mind. 

Features adding up to extra forgiveness

  • Deep cavity back
  • Thicker topline
  • Larger head
  • Modified W-grind in higher lofted wedges ads more forgiveness and better turf interaction (think, will dig less easily)
  • Full sole design in lower lofted wedges to help with turf interaction on full shots
  • Aggressive JAWS groove design for max spin with imperfect contact
  • Full face grooves allows you to open the face up for more variety around the greens

Callaway has also priced these on the low end for new wedges.


  • Most confidence inspiring due to larger clubhead and thicker topline
  • Great on full swing due to full sole design. Won't dig as easily (just like your irons)
  • JAWS groove design for extra spin.


  • Head may seem a little too big for better players.

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How to pick the Best Wedges for the Mid Handicapper

As a mid handicap golfer, (golfers with high single digit to mid teens handicaps...I think) you have a wide array of wedges available to you. And...

The wedges you'll want as a 15 handicap may differ than what you want as a 9 handicap.

For Instance...

Better players tend to have a shallower angle of attack so may prefer less bounce and vice versa for higher handicaps.

As soon as I started breaking 90 pretty regularly I jumped into the Cleveland 588s. Not exactly forgiving wedges, but they worked great for me and I loved them. 

These days, one the best wedge manufacturers in the game, Cleveland, actually makes performance wedges with added forgiveness...which I think is fairly awesome. 

When is the best time to replace my wedges?

You May Not Need New Wedges...

Here's what Titleist says about when to get new wedges.

  • Consider replacing your wedges at around 60-70 rounds. (The amount you practice will also have and effect on this decision...not to mention if you practice with hard-ass range balls instead of your own good golf balls)

Here's my view on replacing wedges...

  • You've never bought performance wedges and are ready for the next level in wedge play
  • You are having to bump and run more and more because you can't get spin around the green...even with crisp contact
  • You hate your wedges and there's no making up.

If none of these describe you, hit your short game practice hard and come back here when the time is right.

What are the best wedges for a mid handicapper to carry?

You're big boys and girls now and you need grown up tools for the job.

I think this wedge configuration will do you until the end of your playing days:

  • Pitching wedge
  • Gap wedge
  • Sand wedge
  • Lob wedge

**Remember...we can only have 14 clubs in our bag may need to get take out one of your long irons, a hybrid, or a fairway wood.

How to choose the best loft for a mid handicappers wedges

Everything starts with your gap wedge and you should be playing the one that comes with your set at this stage.

The loft of your gap wedge will... 

  • determine the loft of your sand wedge which will... 
  • determine the loft of your lob wedge 

**Note: Just make sure to check the loft gap between your pitching wedge and gap wedge isn't more than 6 degrees at most, preferably 4-5 degrees. ALSO, don't forget you can get your wedges bent 1-2 degrees to your proper loft gap no problemo. 

Pitching wedge lofts have changed quite a bit in recent years...

Old Wedge Loft Gaps

  • Pitching wedge: 46-48 degrees
  • Gap wedge: 50-52 degrees
  • Sand Wedge: 54-56 degrees
  • Lob Wedge: 58-60 degrees

New Wedge Loft Gaps

  • Pitching wedge: 41-45 degrees
  • Gap wedge: 48-52 degrees
  • Sand Wedge: 54-56 degrees
  • Lob Wedge: 58-64 degrees

How to choose the best bounce for the mid handicappers wedges

The bounce on a wedge is your friend. And, as non-scratch golfers, we need all the friends we can get in our short game. 

What is the bounce on a wedge? 

The bounce on a wedge is the angle from the leading edge of your wedge and the lowest part of the sole as it sits on the ground square. 

  • You can see from the image below that the higher the bounce the higher the leading edge of your wedge will sit off the ground when it is soled.
Wedge Bounce

What is the bounce on a wedge for?

The bounce on your sand wedge and lob wedge is for added forgiveness so you can produce good results from not-so-good contact. 

The bounce of a wedge is designed to stop it from digging into the sand on bunker shots and from digging into the turf on shots off the grass. 

You will need to match the bounce on your wedges with your normal playing conditions and the way you play your wedges

  • Higher bounce wedges (10* plus) are better for softer conditions & a steep angle of attack
  • Lower bounce wedges (4*- 6*) are better for harder conditions & a shallow angle of attack
  • Mid bounce wedges (7*- 10*) are best for normal turf and are more versatile

I know I tend to take deeper divots, though I'm trying to get shallower, and the conditions here in Houston are generally normal to soft. My sand wedge has 10 degrees of bounce and my lob wedge has 9 degrees of bounce.

Most experts agree that handicap golfers need a minimum of 10 degrees of bounce for their wedges. I agree with this.  

How to Buy Your Wedges

Thanks for checking out Golfer Geeks best wedges for mid handicappers.  Let us know which ones you chose and how they are working for you.