This is Golfer Geeks’ review of the Ben Hogan BHB03 putter.

SORRY – Ben Hogan Golf has gone out of business as of 7/20/22. They may, at some point, reopen. But, they are closed now and you can NOT order merchandise from them. 

I’m an avid golfer, a 9.2 handicap on my way to a 2 (been a 5.6) and frequent tester of golf clubs and equipment since 2015.

I’ve been putting with the BHB03 putter for nearly a month now. I putt with it every day at home. 

SummaryA sleek and elegant putter. Soft feel with a pleasing click at impact. It requires precision contact, but I got away with slight mishits. It’s lighter than my BHM01. I recommend it for better putters that make center contact more often.  

In this Ben Hogan BHB03 putter review, I discuss my experience with the putter, unique features and benefits, as well as customer reviews. 

BHB03 & Golf Balls

Ben Hogan BHB03 Putter Overview

The BHB03 precision-milled blade putter is forged from 1020C carbon steel and precision-milled for a soft pure feel. The multi-step forging process eliminates hot spots and dead spots to ensure consistent roll and distance. This is the smallest of the precision-milled Ben Hogan putters. Hogan recommends the BHB03 for players that putt on more of an arc (open to closed)

Why Consider the BHB03 Putter

The BHB03 is a high-end precision-milled putter at a bargain price. You get all the performance attributes you expect from the big boys without emptying your wallet.

Ben Hogan BHB03 Putter & Head Cover

Features & Benefits

1) Multi-step Forging

  • The BHB03 forged from soft 1020C carbon steel using a multi-step process that tightens their grain structure makes the steel heads stronger and extremely consistent. You’ll get consistent distance and feel across the face. 

2) Precision Milled

  • The head is CNC milled for perfect flatness and a uniform mill pattern from heel to toe for a true roll even when you miss the sweet spot.
BHB03 Putter at Address

Testing the BHB03 Putter

I’ve been putting with the  BHB03 putter for just under a month. I probably put about 30-40 balls a day with it. 

Specs: Right hand –  2 degrees loft – 68-degree lie (2* flat) – 50-degree toe hang – Platinum Nickel finish – Blade head

My Experience with the Ben Hogan BHB02 Putter

The BHB03, though beautiful, was plenty intimidating to me the first few days I putted with it. My everyday putter is the BHM01, which is a mallet and fit my eyes the day I got it. And, I’ve used mallet putters for probably 20 years. Not only is the BHB03 a blade putter, it’s a small blade putter – at least to my eyes. 

I got it 2 degrees flat and had it cut 1.2 inches, so it sits well for me. I immediately put it on my Wellstroke putting trainer with the indoor tees to set up tee gates. I figured my stroke would have to be tight to have any chance with this thing.

It took a bit for me to get the ball through the gates, but I’m extremely consistent now. I also switch out putting with the BHB03 and my mallet from Hogan. Forcing myself to get good with the BHB03 has made me better with my BHM01 too. 

I prefer my BHM01, but I could easily see myself putting with this one well too. 

Review of the Ben Hogan BHB03 Putter

  • Looks: Thin, clean, compact, uncluttered. Single scoring line. Platinum nickel finish. Sits square and frames the ball nicely
  • Sound/ Feel: Muted sound and feel at impact. A simple click. 
  • Consistency: Dial in distance and direction easily.
  • Forgiveness: Minor mishits aren’t noticeably punished.

Customer Reviews

There are 6 reviews (as I’m writing this) on the Hogan website and the average customer review is 5.0.  

Ben Hogan BHB03 Customer Review

Who is the BHB03 Putter For?

Low handicaps – 
This putter is for you. Go for it.  

Mid Handicaps – better mid handicaps with a solid putting stroke can play this one.

High handicaps – go for the BHB02, BHB01, or BHM01 

Our Verdict

I recommend the Ben Hogan BHB03 putter for better putters that appreciate precision milled performance putters and saving $100, $200, or more in the process.

I put it up against any similar putters on the market from the big boys. 

Thanks for checking out our Ben Hogan BHB03 putter review and let us know how it works for you.