Liveview Pro 

 January 25, 2021

By  Jamie

I caught wind of the Liveview Pro while watching Eric Cogorno YouTube. He's a popular golf pro online.

Checking into it a little more, I saw that it was the top rated video camera by the editors at Golf Digest for 4-years running...Not to shabby

I always thought it was a neat training aid, but priced a bit out of my range. 

I got in touch with Liveview Sports and was able to get a hold of a unit to test.

I love the concept of a "digital mirror." You can set it up face-on or down the line and check your posture, alignment and swing without ever coming out of your stance.

It works with your iPad or similar device through the "Live View Golf" app.

Pretty helpful, if you ask me.

First impressions:

  1. Lite and compact
  2. Syncs with app easily
  3. Tripod connects to Liveview Pro camera and sets up easily
  4. Can be used home or on the range
  5. Transports easily
  6. Potential game-changer for real-time adjustment of golf swing

I plan on putting in a LOT of time with the Liveview Pro. I'll have a full review in the next 2-4 weeks.

Keep checking back, or shoot me a question below.

Proud husband and father of 3. Okayist golfer I know. 

jamie boudreaux

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