Lag Shot 

 November 5, 2020

By  Jamie

I thought the Lag Shot was just a little too gimmicky when I first started seeing the ads...everywhere.

But then I noticed the guy out front promoting it- Adam Bazalgette. This guy has been a top PGA teacher of the year 3 times. You don't throw away that rep on a gimmick. No way.

Adam is also co-creator of Scratch Golf Academy. An insanely successful online golf coaching subscription course.

So, I decided to try to get in touch with the inventor. I did and he explained the development of the Lag Shot and the success of his customers so far.

Impressions so far:

Impression #1: It's heavy and also heavy duty. Seems this thing is built to last. We'll see
Impression #2: The grip is mid-size and good quality
Impression #3: It's easy to see how this thing will build lag and tempo into your golf swing. It's similar in that way to the Orange Whip in that way.
Impression #4: Being able to hit balls with this thing may be the game changer
Impression #5: The training videos featuring Adam Bazalgette should really accelerate progress

That's it. I've swung it a few times in the house and outside, but I haven't dug into the drills just yet. I'll report back when I have more. 

You can check out the Lag Shot 7-iron yourself by Clicking Here 

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