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Last Update May 2, 2018

Best Driver For High Handicap & Beginner Golfers

Drivers for high handicap golfers and beginners: Callaway Epic Max & Callaway Rogue ST Max

This is our review of the best driver for high handicap golfers and beginners in 2022.

I am Constantly testing the best  golf drivers for Golfer Geeks and I've come up with the my current top 5 for the Beginner or High handicap golfer.

The best drivers for beginners and high handicap golfers need to do 2 things:

  1. Get the golf ball in the air easily 
  2. TONS of forgiveness 

No more...No less 

And as a long-suffering golfer, I know how sucky it is to be a poor driver of the golf ball. I went on about a 5-year (probably longer) run where I did not hit the driver even once! It was no use. I just settled for using a 3-wood off the tee.

Then…The saints at Taylormade came out with the R7 460 driver…My life changed…at least on the tee box.

Not all of these are the latest model because that doesn't guarantee you a spot on my list.

taylormade r7 460 bottom of club head



taylormade r7 460 front view


Best Drivers for High Handicappers & Beginners in 2022

  1. Callaway Mavrik Max (Best Anti-Slice) (On SALE)
  2. Callaway Mavrik (Best All-Around) (On SALE)
  3. Taylormade SIM Max D (Best for Draw)
  4. Taylormade M6 (Gold Medal 2019)
  5. Callaway Rogue (Former Best All-Around)

Best Drivers for High Handicappers Reviewed

Editor's Pick
Callaway Mavrik Max Driver

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Recommended For: 

Any golfer(especially beginner golfers) looking for Max Forgiveness while still wanting to max out performance. 

The Mavrik Max is built as a slice-buster...but you lose none of the other awesome qualities of the Mavrik line of woods

  • Flash Face technology designed by A.I.
  • FS2S Titanium face for consistent ball speed across the club face
  • Jailbreak technology
  • Interchangeable weights for increasing or decreasing center of gravity and draw spin 
  • Adjustable loft with the Optifit hosel

It's my favorite golf driver for the beginner golfer or high handicapper on the market... Not even close

It's: Long, forgiving, looks great, sounds even better, and adjusts easily. 

Loft options for the Mavrik Max Driver:

  • 9*
  • 10.5*
  • 12*

Looking to pick up a new driver? I suggest you pick it up direct from Callaway or Callaway Golf Preowned (where they run sales multiple times a week).  


  • The price for brand new golf clubs is the same everywhere
  • At Callaway you have WAY MORE customization options

Callaway offers FREE fitting from a Certified Master well as online options to custom fit your clubs.


  • Maximum Forgiveness. Easy to hit the ball straight
  • Super long. The whole face is a sweet spot yielding better ball speed and distance
  • Best sound you will ever hear as a golfer
  • Very easy to adjust this golf club to fit you
  • Great beginner driver


  • They're not giving these away

The Callaway Mavrik driver is for any golfer looking for the perfect blend of forgiveness and performance

I haven't fallen for a driver like this since the Taylormade R7 almost 15 years ago. It does everything.

Easy...easy...easy to keep in play and max out your length without elite swing speed. 

  • Looks: MUCH better looking in person. Black w/ orange accents and white writing.
    I really, really didn't expect to like this color combo at all, but I gotta say...I do. Callaway pulled it off nicely.
  • Feel/Sound: Best I've tested...period. Succinct sound with zero reverberation. Extreme solid feel
    Not sure what I was expecting, but the ball stood no chance with the Mavrik. I mean, what a solid sound and what fun watching the ball disappear.
  • Shaping: This club can do it. But, you should NOT be worrying about this at this stage.
  • Forgiveness: Game changer. Very easy to tune this one in with the intuitive optifit adjustable hosel...which is exactly what I did to start pureing drives dead center. I find it to be straiter than my current golf driver. 
    • To be clear, I was not swinging well and was still able to get good distance and hit the basically where I was aiming. 
  • Distance: Long and strong with a high flat launch angle
    Every bit as long as my Taylormade M1 and no-doubt longer. Hit it solid or close to solid and you Will be out there.

Loft options for the Mavrik Driver:

  • 9*
  • 10.5*
  • 12*

Still not convinced? Read my full Callaway Mavrik Driver review. It's one of the best golf drivers for beginners or any handicap level Callaway has made since I've been playing golf. Super easy to hit and super forgiving. 

An amazing 98% of people who bought the Mavrik recommend it. 

If you're interested, I suggest you pick it up direct from Callaway or Callaway Golf Preowned for Like new to Used models

  • The price for brand new clubs is the same everywhere
  • At Callaway you have WAY MORE customization options

Callaway offers FREE fitting from a Certified Master well as online options to custom fit your clubs.


  • Great sound and feel
  • Very Forgiving Driver: Dial in fairways easily with Optifit adjustable hosel
  • Large sweet spot -->Increased ball speed -->All Day Long without 110 mph swing speed
  • Callaway now offering 0% financing
  • Free shipping and returns


  • Medium size car payment...but so is every other driver in this class

3. Taylormade SIM Max D Driver

Best For A Draw
Taylormade SIM Max D Driver

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The Taylormade SIM Max D Driver is for any golfer needing max help preventing a severe left to right shot shape and avoiding the junk on the right.

It is Taylormade's most anti-slice driver to date. It has...

  • More weight strategically placed in the heel to help the face close easier during the swing
  • The face is made to look more open with "divergent topline masking" making you want to close the face even more
  • The largest face of the SIM series of drivers for an even more forgiving look at address.

You can adjust ball flight and loft easily with Taylormade's loft sleeve.

  • Looks: The Inertia Generator takes some getting used to, but its a sweet looking driver .
  • Feel/Sound: Very muted at impact and very little feed back on even solid hits. 
  • Forgiveness: This is why you get this driver. Won't forgive the worst swings but helps with them all 
  • Shaping: All we're doing is trying to avoid the right junk and hit it long.
  • Distance: All the distance you need. 

Loft options for the SIM Max Driver:

  • 9*
  • 10.5*
  • 12*


  • Most forgiving and best anti-slice
  • Hot all over the clubface for big distance
  • Largest clubface of the Taylormade bunch
  • Simple adjustability 


  • Not Inexpensive. 
Sim Max D Driver Customer Review

4. Taylormade M6 Driver

Golfer Geeks Approved
Taylormade M6 Driver

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The Taylormade M6 driver is an excellent club packed with tons of forgiveness and distance the beginner or high handicap golfer needs. (Also a great option for mid handicap drivers)

You can adjust the loft and ball flight with the loft sleeve to fit your swing to a T.

  • Looks: The red accents look great. The sole is growing on me...
  • Feel/Sound: Nice solid feel and sound at impact. The face feels spring-like as the ball launches. 
  • Forgiveness: You gotta swing pretty bad to send your ball into unplayable spots with the M6 
  • Shaping: You can do it all with the M6. I'm living off baby fades these days.
  • Distance: Mauler. Center hits never come down. Just plane long with higher ball speeds across the face. All you need and more

New Tech: A.K.A. Why its such a good driver

  • Speed Injected: A tuning resin is injected in the club head to maximize COR (big sweet spot) across the entire face to maximize Speed and maximum Distance
  • Inertia Generator: 46 grams of weight are positioned low and to the rear of the club head for lower center of gravity and max forgiveness. Club head size is 460 cc. 
  • Hammerhead 2.0: the hammerhead slot is more flexible to work better with speed injection technology
  • Adjustable with loft sleeve

Loft options for the M6 Driver:

  • 9*
  • 10.5*
  • 12*


  • TONS of forgiveness for the higher handicapper or any handicap
  • Maximum distance for those of us without great swing speed
  • Larger profile for added confidence
  • Adjustable loft


  • Nothing. Taylormade did it again
  • Getting a bit harder to find

5. Callaway Rogue Driver

Golfer Geeks Approved
Callaway Rogue Driver

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Great bargain driver for high handicappers that does a little bit of everything

I'm a low mid handicapper and this thing kept me playable on my marginal swings and nicely down the fairway on my good swings.

If you like, here's a closer look by the numbers:

  • Looks: Beautiful black carbon crown with aqua accents. Very modern design with a classic feel.
  • Feel/Sound: Supremely solid sound and feel at impact as the ball rockets off the face. Not an ounce of harshness in site. 
  • Forgiveness: You don’t have to hit center mass to get good distance and find the short grass. Not a penalizing club.
  • Shaping: I detected no natural bias. I hit mostly fades, but I was able to hit draws on occasion. 
  • Distance: All the length you need without having to swing all-out. Very long club
  • Technology: The Callaway Rogue features jailbreak bars that offer rigidity for better power transfer. These bars give the driver body stiffness, preventing it from deforming at impact. Now, the jailbreak bars are lighter in weight than their predecessors, though. This allowed Callaway to move the weight to other areas of the head for better performance.


  • Great all-around driver
  • Very forgiving and long
  • Simple to adjust to dial in your drives
  • Cheaper than ever


  • Getting a little harder to find

How To Choose The Best Driver for high handicap & beginner golfers

There’s one performance characteristic beginners and high handicaps should place as their top priority when choosing their best driver…Forgiveness

  • Not distance
  • Not shaping shots
  • Not trajectory (though this plays a part in forgiveness)

Golf is a miserable game if you are constantly hitting from the junk or re-teeing because of lost golf balls. Even the best drivers for high handicappers won’t prevent this for you 100%, but there is help out there. Why not take advantage of it?

I’m more of a low-handicap and I still play plenty from the junk and lose more golf balls from the tee than I’d like to admit. Forgiveness is definitely a factor when I’m selecting a driver. 

Which Brand of Golf Driver Should I Choose?

All the major brands produce excellent drivers for beginners and every handicap level. Titleist used to be the exception but they’ve been producing drivers for beginners and handicap golfers for a few years now.

I personally trust the major brands such as Taylormade, Callaway, Titleist, Ping, etc. They all have a long-established track record of quality clubs.

Callaway produced the best drivers for beginners and all handicaps for a long time, then Taylormade came along around 2006-2007 and started producing the best drivers in the game. I think it's a real competition again with Callaway coming on strong

I played Callaway for years and I’m now playing Taylormade. I wager I could easily choose another brand that fits my eye and be fine. All comes down to preference in the end.

What degree driver should beginners use?

Higher loft = more forgiveness. The best drivers for beginners will have lofts of 11,12, or 13 degrees for higher launch. Especially since many beginners or handicap golfers hit down on their drivers creating extra spin and inconsistent launch angle.

With modern driver design, it also equals more distance- up to a point.

Higher loft = increased backspin and decreased sidespin. This makes it a touch harder to slice your drives out of play.

Of course, increased loft also means getting the golf ball airborne easier. Which job one for a beginner or high handicap golfers driver.

How To Pick The Best Shaft For Your Driver

In general…

Most beginners and high-handicappers have slower swing speeds, so should be looking for a little more flex.

There’s no governing body that monitors the accuracy of the stated flex on a given shaft, so here’s where a little testing will help.

With time and testing, you’ll learn the equipment of the different manufacturers and you will get a sense of what works for you.

In times past you also had to choose between a metal and a graphite shaft. Metal shafted drivers are pretty much gone forever and you'd be hard-pressed to find a driver without a graphite shaft. 

**In my review of mid-handicap drivers I give a little better treatment of swing-speed and shaft options.

  • A weaker flex shaft will favor slower swing speed 
  • A stiffer flex shaft will favor faster swing speed

Here's my brief guide on swing speed and shaft flex. The last two will apply to the beginner or high handicapper...usually. 

  • Swing your driver over 105 mph? You can probably start thinking about an X-stiff shaft.
  • Swing your driver in the 95 – 105 mph range? A stock stiff shaft will likely work fine for you.
  • Swing your driver 80 – 90ish mph? A regular shaft is likely your best bet.
  • Swing your driver < 80 mph? A Senior flex shaft should do the trick.

Clubhead speed is only one of the factors used to decide which shaft you should be using. This is a very basic and general guide to shaft selection, but I think this is more than adequate for the beginner or high handicap golfer. 

When it comes to shaft flex, there is no industry standard and manufacturers can label their shafts whatever flex they want.

Should a Beginner get a Professional Fitting for their driver?

The vast, vast, vast majority of recreational golfers do NOT get a professional fitting…and enjoy the game just fine.

Here are my thoughts: Not gospel, by any means and feel free to disagree.

  • TRUE BEGINNER: DO NOT get fit for clubs. DO get lessons–>Buy something with a regular shaft off the rack. You have no idea what you are doing in your golf swing and the swing you have now is not the swing you need to get fit for.
  • HIGH HANDICAPPER (Been playing for a couple or few years and want to get a lot better): Get Lessons 1st!
  • HIGH HANDICAPPER (Been playing for a while and just looking for a little help and more enjoyment from playing): Don't get fit.

I’m competitive and always looking to improve, so I got fit for my driver and my irons years ago. 

Bottom Line: What are your goals and how serious are you about playing better golf? Let that be your guide.

The Best Driver for High Handicap Golfers & Beginners is... 

The Callaway Mavrik Max is the best driver for high handicap golfers and beginners, a great driver for any handicap...really, and is our #1 Choice.

The longest and straightest driver Golfer Geeks has tested...Period.  

Editor's Pick
Callaway Mavrik Max Driver

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