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Oakley Sunglass Company

Whether you’re a sportsperson or just a fashion aware consumer, you’ll have heard of the Oakley Sunglass Company. We here at Golfer Geeks are extremely happy and proud to feature Oakley Golf Sunglasses as part of our efforts to bring you the best in the world of golf. The folks at Oakley have been at the cutting edge of sunglass style for decades – and they are still designing some of the best sunglasses in the world.

Oakley had its beginnings in 1975 when the company founder began producing motorcycling grips in his garage. Strangely enough, the California company still uses that material for the nose pieces and wrist watch straps – it seems that some things simply cannot be improved.

It seems that Oakley sunglasses have been with us forever – however it was only in 1980 that Oakley got into the sunglass game when the company produced its first pair of goggles. Not long after that, Oakley rose to prominence with its range of ski goggles.

In 1984 the company released its now iconic ‘Factory Pilot Eyeshades’ and only a year later the legendary ‘Oakley Frogskin’ glasses hit the market.

In 1995 the company went public and raised $230 million and the Oakley brand was set for global success.

After a pricing dispute with the largest eyeglass manufacturer in the world – Luxottica, owners of retail establishments like Sunglass Hut Oakley stock declined in value – however, this proved to be only a small hurdle on the company’s road to success.

In one of the greatest turnarounds in corporate history the same company – Luxottica bought Oakley for $2.1b in 2007, adding that company to its existing global sunglass powerhouse Ray-Ban as part of its portfolio.

Today the company is well known for its consumer brands of sporting orientated sunglasses. It remains a firm consumer favorite and its specialty sporting, and mass market sunglasses can be purchased at eyeglass retailers all over the world. Do yourself a favor and check out our reviews and deals on Oakley Golf Sunglasses in the pages of Golfer Geeks.