Chill Pal Color Changing Mesh Cool Towel Review

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It was as hot as can be this summer and I wish like no one's business I had thought to buy the Chill Pal Color Changing Mesh Cool Towel.

My main golfing buddy had a similar product and looked like he was suffering much less than me...all the time.

My main way of staying less hot- staying cool isn’t an option in the Texas Summer heat- is to drink plenty of cool water, and take off my hat whenever I was in the shade or we were driving between shots.

That works up to a point. Then, there's nowhere left to put all the sweat.

That seems to work ok, but I’m up for better than that when it turns hot again. I’ve seen these things used on construction sites, and by people doing any type of vigorous outdoor activity in the heat of our summers.

Here are the main benefits 

  • The Chill Pal gets and stays cooler than any other cool towel on the market
  • Because of the Chill Pal’s color-changing technology, you will know exactly how much “cool” you have left in your towel by the color
  • All you have to do is wet it, wring it out, and snap the towel and you’re good to go
  • It’s  bigger than most standard towels, giving you more surface area to help you stay cool
  • LIFETIME GUARANTEE – Either refund or replacement – No Risks
  • Tons of 5-star reviews. (Check some of them out below)
  • Now with new colors
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