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Ben Hogan Edge Irons Review

Review Summary

Product Name:

Ben Hogan EDGE Irons

Iron Type:

Mid Handicap Irons


$575 to $735


Good Mid-Handicap irons....

Better Choice: Taylormade M5 Irons

Solid Mid Handicap Irons 

The quick Ben Hogan Edge Irons Review: These are good mid-handicap irons that a low handicapper could also likely play.

These clubs pack all the punch you’ll ever need and look great while doing it. They are forgiving, accurate, powerful, sleek, and good looking.

Quick Takeaways from 2 Rounds of testing:

  • Good distance… As long as any iron I’ve hit without having to go after it. 
  • Good Trajectory…On the higher side and lands softly. Holding greens is not a problem.
  • You can curve them any way your talent will allow
  • Soft-solid feel at impact…Zero harshness and great feedback

They are a little shorter from heel to toe than game-improvement irons, so may come off looking a little more like a players iron but DO NOT be scared away. You will have no fear of hitting them when you see them behind the ball. The slightly thicker top line gives you all the confidence you need to swing away.

Testing Time

On The Range: 5 9 Sessions and counting

On The Course: 2 4 Rounds and counting

My method of testing: My range sessions consist of repeatedly hitting my 6 and 9 iron (now my pitching wedge and 7-iron), then hitting the Edge 6 and 9 iron (now Edge and Ft. Worth Black pitching wedge and 7-iron). I go through 2 buckets or about 100 balls per session. On one or two occasions, I may have grabbed a third bucket. I was having that much fun. 

I wanted to get an immediate sense of how they performed against my clubs, which were specifically fit for me and that I love.

What Surprised Me: The ball jumped off the face and matched my trajectory and distance with my Callaways from the very first swing.

Why Was I Surprised: They have a “player” look and I was expecting an intimidation factor. They come in a sleeker and more compact package. They are about 1/4 to 1/2 inch shorter from heel-to-toe compared to my Callaway Fusions.

You can dial up any shot you want or need. Straight…Draws… and fades are hit easily.

My basic shot is a slight draw, but I’ve been working on hitting a fade for a couple months now and have intermittent success with it. I’m about 60% confident trying fades during a round.

I hadn’t hit any other iron, either in testing or just trying out a friend’s or a demo from the pro shop, that performed as well for me as my irons. So, they immediately had my attention

Full Irons Review

Looks: These clubs are elegant and compact. They frame the ball nicely and gave me the confidence I could swing away at the ball even though they are just a bit smaller than my current set. I attribute this to the slightly thicker top-line.

Distance: This is one of the things that got my attention immediately. Easy distance. The ball jumps off the face of my irons when I hit them solidly, but I also maintain control. I didn’t have to “go after” them.

Trajectory: The Edges mirrored the trajectory of my clubs from the first solid strike. I hit my irons medium-high to high, and I hit these the same. 

Shape: I was able to hit draws and fades just fine with these.

Forgiveness: Decent forgiveness. I hit the majority of my irons shots toward the toe and probably got 85% or more of my normal distance- it seemed.


Mid – Low Handicap: I think this club will work fine for you. It did for me at least, and I’m no ball-striking genie. I’ve been thinking about moving to a smaller clubhead for a while and these clubs would be an easy transition for me.

The thicker topline helps mitigate any loss of confidence you may feel from looking down at the slightly smaller clubhead. There’s just a crap-ton of tech and forgiveness hidden inside that beautiful chassis.

The low single digit handicap guy will have no problem showing these off to other single digit handicap guys.

High-Handicap: You're going to want a more forgiving iron...Sorry...I can recommend the Taylormade M6 irons without reservation for you

Technical Stuff About EDGE Irons

ben hogan edge irons 2018

Courtesy Ben Hogan Golf

As with all clubs from Hogan Golf, these are forged. But, these clubs offer something thought nearly impossible for a forged iron, perimeter weighting.

They achieve this by taking two forged pieces- the hydraulic-hammered face and the back frame and hosel- and laser-welding them together.

Because of the hollow head construction, they are able to vary the club face thickness for better performance in the long and short irons. Specifically, the long irons have a thinner face for better distance and forgiveness for heeled and toed shots. Mid and short irons have a thicker face for improved feel.

The clubheads are filled with polycarbonate foam to promote an exceptionally solid feel through impact.

forged edge irons

Courtesy Of Ben Hogan Golf

Compared to the PTx Pro irons, the Edges are slightly more “enhanced" for added forgiveness. The key differences are:

An average of 12% larger for a larger and more effective hitting area.

  • More offset which allows for more times for your hands to square the clubface – leads to a higher trajectory for your shots – and a steeper angle of descent for greater ability to hold greens.
  • Thicker topline to inspire more confidence as you look down at address, thus freeing you up to swing away with more confidence
  • Still look awesome- So, not a key difference
enhanced V-sole technology

Courtesy Of Ben Hogan Golf

Edge Iron V-sole Technology

Courtesy of Hogan Golf

If you’ve read my Fort Worth review, you are well acquainted with V-sole technology. If not, I’ll briefly explain it here and how it has been enhanced.

In a nutshell- the leading edge of the prior Hogan irons released between 2015 and 2018 had a high-bounce leading edge and a low-bounce trailing edge to better accommodate different turf conditions for better club-ball contact.

What the designers have done to enhance V-sole technology is to “soften” the leading edge bounce (so, there’s less bounce) for those of us with more “controlled” (read- slower) swings to be able to take advantage of the technology.

Thanks for checking out our Ben Hogan Edge Irons Review. ​

These are fine clubs...BUT I have to recommend the Taylormade M5s for better pure value and performance.


The Good Stuff:
  • Good Distance & Playability
  • Gets the ball up in a hurry without ballooning
  • Bigger club head size inspires confidence
  • Bargain price
  • Custom made to order
The Bad Stuff:
  • Not a lot of buzz about the brand.
  • Semi-frequent delays in production since Covid

best offer

Start Playing Golf The Way It Should Be Played

Taylormade M5 Irons

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