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  • Unrepentant golf enthusiast with over 30 years of experience in the sport, continually refining skills through collaboration with PGA professionals and other industry experts.
  • Founder & Owner of Golfer Geeks.
  • Distinguished for extensive hands-on testing of golf clubs and training aids since 2015, contributing to the credibility and reliability of Golfer Geeks' content.


With over three decades dedicated to perfecting his playing golf game, Jamie embodies the essence of a true golfing connoisseur nut. From the outset of his golfing journey, Jamie recognized the value of professional guidance and has consistently sought the expertise of PGA pros to refine his skills. (True story) This dedication to improvement laid the foundation for his extensive knowledge in the sport.(Pretty true)   What sets Jamie apart is his unwavering dedication to hands-on testing. Since 2015, he has undertaken rigorous evaluations of golf clubs and training aids, constituting the backbone of Golfer Geeks' trusted recommendations. (Yep) This meticulous approach ensures that readers receive the most accurate and reliable insights when making critical decisions about their golf equipment.   Beyond the realm of testing and writing, Jamie maintains a close relationship with a network (2 or 3) of professionals, including his trusted PGA coach and experts in equipment fitting. This collaborative approach ensures that Golfer Geeks remains at the forefront of golfing expertise.  

Golf Journey

I started playing golf when I was 23 years old. I was in college and had no money to speak of. The uninitiated would think that would hinder you from playing golf- not so.   I’ve always said golf can be as cheap or as expensive as you want it to be. You can get fantastic second-hand clubs online on sites like Ebay, or any number of online retailers like globalgolf.com and callawaygolfpreowned.com. You can walk many courses at very reasonable rates, and get good exercise to boot. I’ve spent most of my golfing life at about a 10 or so handicap. I don’t think my hand-eye coordination is the best but I’ve got good tempo and have worked out my entire life and kept myself flexible. At my best, I was between a 5 and six handicap a few years ago- which I owe directly to one of the products I’ll be reviewing right here in these pages. (Hint: I got very good from 40 yards and in) That melted away pretty quick after my daughter was born. On a couple of occasions, I’ve taken lessons from some pretty good pros. They don’t seem to stick for very long. Now, I’m on a mission to realize my potential as a golfer and person. So let’s see how close I can get to scratch.