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Interview With PlaneSwing Owner & CEO Tony Clark

Tony Clark- CEO of PlaneSwing

Exclusive Interview With Tony Clark

Creator of the PlaneSwing

Tony Clark is the inventor, CEO, and owner of  PlaneSwing.

If you’ve read my blog, you know I talk about how the Plane Swing has been a game changer for me. It’s a product I believe in and it’s something that I believe could help you too.

In an effort to further my knowledge about the product and the company behind it, and to provide my readers with truly unique insights and content, I managed to get the CEO and owner of PlaneSwing to agree to answer a few questions, Q&A- style.  Here’s how it went. Enjoy!

Golfer GeeksHow long has PlaneSwing been in business?

Tony Clark: We launched in 2010 simultaneously in the UK and USA

Golfer GeeksWho owns PlaneSwing? What is the background of the owner? Where is it based?

Tony Clark: I’m the owner and CEO. We’re a niche global business, a family business, based in Florida, USA with offices in the UK and Australia.

I turned Pro in 1976. I played a little and though I really enjoyed and excelled in the coaching side of the business I soon realized that I wasn’t going to win The Open Championship so looked at other options.

I went into retail management and then the drinks industry and the UK National Lottery occupying senior positions with some of the world’s biggest companies.

Golfer Geeks: What made you decide to start the PlaneSwing company? Why not the usual style of swing plane trainer like seemingly hundreds of others sell?

Tony Clark: I had invested and been the CEO in a similar product some years previously. With a small team, we successfully expanded but there were shortcomings and these were exposed at shows and by PGA Pros and amateurs.

These centred around the excessively heavy roller, the confusing mat and the extension at the top of the hoop. When that profitable business collapsed due to shenanigans I set about addressing those shortcomings and developing my own swing plane trainer, PlaneSWING and in doing so created a product that delivered better results because it more closely replicates how the golf swing should be and feel.

Golfer Geeks: How is the PlaneSwing different from other swing plane products on the market? What makes you better/more preferable?

Tony Clark: It’s the FIVE key components that set PlaneSWING apart.

a) The multi-adjustable hoop means PlaneSWING is suitable for all golfers 4ft 5in to 6ft 9in.
b) The PowerSLIDERS do not roll. Because of this, through a natural resistance, they engage & strengthen the core and larger muscles, prevent excessive forearm rotation, create LAG in the downswing, deliver a dynamic position at impact and a powerful release.
c) The PlaneCHECKER which fits into the butt of the PowerSLIDER is a reference point throughout the swing and ensures that the golfer can maintain his/her spine angle.
d) The Stance Alignment Mat has straight lines for a consistently square set up. No confusion
e) PlaneSWING has numbers, 1 to 12, which are placed in a clock formation, helping the student build their swing through drills

Add to this the best after-sales service of any golf training aid available and testimonials and reviews that are the envy of the industry.

Golfer Geeks: How many products do you sell? I noticed the Power Stance and Xtensor hand exerciser, as well as a cover for the PlaneSwing.

Tony Clark: We sell PlaneSWING accessories and other kinesthetic products including T-Stroke and PutterWheel. We only create, stock or recommend products that work. Every month we reject products that are presented to us to invest in and or re-sell. We will not offer anything that compromises our philosophy of delivering game-changing products.

Golfer Geeks: How are your prices in comparison to other similar products?

Tony Clark: There are other cheaper products that make similar claims but our unique selling proposition is our performance. PlaneSWING delivers on its promise. PlaneSWING is an investment in your golfing life. We are priced very competitively versus other swing hoops but it’s the amazing results and service our customers receive that sets us apart.

Golfer Geeks: Where is the PlaneSwing manufactured?

Tony Clark: Asia

Golfer Geeks: Who came up with the name Plane Swing, and why? (Seems obvious, I know)

Tony Clark: I did. Swing plane was too generic. PlaneSWING® just sounded great and I’m grateful that it wasn’t already taken. We also have the straplines It’s Golf. Plane & Simple™” and “No Plane, No Gain each describing perfect what PlaneSWING is and does

Golfer Geeks: What are you most proud of?

Tony Clark: My family. After creating a brand from zero and then losing my life savings due to rogue partners it was my family that said, “do it again”! With a vision of creating a better product I put everything into PlaneSWING development and production and here we are today with PlaneSWING used by golfers in almost 70 countries including leading instructors and Major winners Shaun MicheelDarren Clarke, and Dustin Johnson.

Golfer Geeks: What’s the best part of owning PlaneSwing?

Tony Clark: It sounds corny, but it’s our customers. The positive game-changing and in some cases life-changing effect we have on people gives me and the Team a level of satisfaction.

The fact that we can prove that we are improving the standard of golf worldwide, albeit one golfer at a time is about as exciting as it gets; plus I am blessed to be in a position where I am able, through PlaneSWING, to participate in the rehabilitation of injured veterans through working with small veterans’ charities like “Fairways for Warriors” with Kenny Nairn, “Salute Military Golf Association” with Jim Estes and the amazing Brian and Nancy Coleman at “Golf Supports Our Troops”.

Golfer Geeks: Any fun and/or meaningful anecdotes you’d like to share? Maybe the “best thing a customer ever said/shared…” etc.

Tony Clark: You can view our unrivaled testimonials from people that are now single digit golfers thanks to PlaneSWING and hear from PGA instructors that share their successes with students because of PlaneSWING’s ability to help them communicate more rapidly and effectively... 

B one story that sticks in my mind is the call I received from an 81-year-old in Australia enquiring about investing in a PlaneSWING.

This gentleman believed, quite rightly, that he could improve and felt that PlaneSWING was the answer. 

We spent about an hour talking about his game and how and why PlaneSWING works and when he’d decided he wanted to purchase I helpfully suggested that at 81 he may wish for us to swap out the standard PowerSLIDER for the lighter PowerSLIDER.

The octogenarian gentleman’s response was “Listen mate; I’ve been wrestling hogs for almost 60 years, send me the heavy one!”

>>>Click here to check out review of the awesome PlaneSwing<<<

I find his story and the story of the PlaneSwing company fascinating.

Check out my PlaneSwing page for my full review and you can also check out my blog post where I describe my first phone call with Tony earlier this week @ I Had A Nice Little Phone Conversation With Tony Clark of PlaneSwing

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Ben Hogan

Ben Hogan PTx Irons Unboxing Video

Ben Hogan PTx Irons

Ben Hogan PTx Irons Unboxing Video

Continuing my review of the entire Ben Hogan Line, I ordered the Ben Hogan PTx Irons demo clubs last week and got them in lickity-split! Not unlike the Ben Hogan Ft. Worth Irons, they are very attractive and feel ever so solid in the hands. These particular demo clubs appear to be very lightly used, with minimal face marks and a clean, tacky grip. The lofts this time around are 41* and 29*.

I took them to the golf course a day or so after I got them, without ever practicing, but I didn’t have the courage to pull them out during the round. I did hit the 41* on the driving range a couple times prior to the round. Again, I noticed the distinct heavy fell and strong ball flight. These are cavity backed and forged, and are billed as the most technologically advanced irons around. I’m not sure about that, but I plan to give them a nice workout in the next 18 days or  so.

And, if you want to know how to best swing these bad boys, head on over to my PlaneSwing page and check out the #1 swing plane trainer in the world.

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Ben Hogan

Hogan Ft. Worth Iron Demo Complete

Ben Hogan Ft. Worth Iron

Hogan Ft. Worth Iron Demo Complete

So yesterday was my last day with the Ben Hogan Ft. Worth irons. I took them to the range for a little over an hour to get some last minute impressions and thoughts.

First thought– I’m not good enough to play these irons. I’m a 10-15 handicap right now. I’ve played Very sporadically for the last three years, and my swing and game are inconsistent in the extreme. Blades, even blades touted as being very forgiving, can’t make up for my swing faults.

Second thought– Those times over the last 21 days when I Did catch the ball solid, resulted in beautiful, mid-trajectory green-grabbing shots. The ball jumps off the face with a powerful flight and a satisfying non-feeling in the hands. Ft. Worth irons are heavy, even heavier than my set, which is on the heavy side, so you have some pretty solid mass behind your shots.

The rest of my thoughts will be given in my full review here : Ben Hogan Ft. Worth Irons Review

Also, if you want a little help on learning how to hit an iron of this caliber, I sincerely think you should check out this golf swing plane trainer I reviewed a while back. I truly believe in this product and the company that produces it.

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Ben Hogan Ft. Worth Irons- First Test Drive

27* & 35* Ben Hogan Ft. Worth Irons on rack at Houston Nationsl
My Callaways and Ben Hogan ft. Worth demos

I hit my favorite driving range yesterday to give my Ben Hogan Ft. Worth demo irons a try. The irons in question are the 27* and 35*. I think this equates to an 8 or 7 iron, and a 5 iron. I also brought out my current wedge, 7 iron, 8 iron, and 5 iron. I wanted to get a feel for the difference in feel and performance by doing as close to a apples to apples comparison as possible

I warmed up with about 10 wedge shots and hit those pretty solid. I know, I know, you’re supposed to hit wedges solid. But that’s how I warm up, and I’m no stranger to hitting fat wedges to start out. I then moved on to my 8 iron and hit about 20 balls or so. I was catching them pretty solid, but I ended up hooking most of my shots. The right to left crosswind didn’t help matters.

Next, it was time for the 35*- which I figured is comparable to my 8. My hooking intensified. Now I know this is me hooking the ball. Forged clubs aren’t supposed to cover up your mistakes. They did feel really solid, and the slightly smaller clubhead didn’t throw me off from a visual standpoint.  You just have to know you can’t be as sloppy with your swing when using this caliber of club.

I eventually hit a few less hooky shots, but never really buttered it. I went straight to the 27*, or 5 iron equivalent, without hitting my 5 iron. The truth is, I was almost finished with my bucket, and I didn’t feel like getting another one. I did take the extra precaution of teeing the ball up to make sure I got solid contact. The club felt fine, and I hit quite a few solid shots. My severe hooks turned into slight over-draws- but would have been playable on the course. Within a couple shots, I stopped using a tee and started hitting off of the deck. A little to my surprise, I continued hitting solid shots, if slightly over drawn. I even hit one or two fades, which is not an easy task for me.

I’m going to chalk up my success with the 5 iron to being thoroughly warm and learning from my earlier sloppy swings.

All in all, not a bad first outing with these players clubs.

Hey! If you like this page and you’re a golfer, like me, check out my Adidas coupon code page! It’s saved me a lot of money on gear and can do the same for you. Cheers!

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Ben Hogan Swing Sequence
Golf Instruction

Ben Hogan’s Five Lessons The Modern Fundamentals of Golf Unboxing Video

Ben Hogan Swing Sequence

I ordered Ben Hogans’ Five Lessons The Modern Fundamentals ofGolf on Thursday, August 25’th and got this in morning August 28’th at about 10 am. I shot the unboxing video immediately before I opened it and forgot.

What struck me initially is that the book is relatively short. But from what little I know about Ben Hogan, it seems he was a very matter-of-fact kind of man. So it wouldn’t make sense for him to write an over-complicated instruction book for what looks like a pretty uncomplicated- though extremely effective golf swing? As an avid golfer, I’m hoping to get some solid takeaways from this book. I haven’t played much the last three years since my twins were born. I’m started playing again about a month or so, ago. My golf-juices are flowing, and I can’t wait to hit the range and the course with some of these lessons under my belt.

What I think I’ll do now, and I’m not at all sure how I’ll do this, is combine my reviews of the demo clubs and Ben Hogan’s Five Lessons. I’m just starting to get back into golf again, after a major slow down over the last three years (Jesus Christ, time flies), and I can’t think of a better way to start off on the right foot.

I’ve now gone through the first lesson, and it’s exclusively on the grip. The process of physically executing the grip is explained very well, as well as the reasoning behind the way he teaches us to grip the club. The illustrations complement the written instructions perfectly. Thought the image below isn’t focused on the grip, you can get an idea of the effect it could have on helping someone get into the correct position to swing the golf club. It looks simple and powerful to me.

Be sure to click through to my full review and read it once it’s complete. In the meantime, stand by for updates in posts just like this one.

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Ben Hogan

Fresh Ben Hogan Ft. Worth Irons Unboxing Video

My #1 Unboxing Video W/ Ben Hogan Ft. Worth Irons.

Welcome to my maiden voyage in unboxing videos, with the Ben Hogan Ft. Worth Irons.

As I posted yesterday, they have a 21-day demo program, where they will send you two clubs according to your specs and let you kick them around for a bit. I put the order in yesterday afternoon and got them in this morning. Crazy fast. I certainly wasn’t expecting that.I’m a long-time avid golfer, but new to writing reviews and shooting videos on them.

I’m a long-time avid golfer, but new to writing reviews and shooting videos on them. My initial impressions are that they are as pretty in person as they are on their website. The 35* club (7 or 8 iron I think) doesn’t look all that intimidating for a blade- I should mention at this point that I do Not play blades. I like a little forgiveness in my clubs. However, the  27* (5 iron I think) is a different story. I can almost feel the mishit coming. We’ll see. I plan on at least hitting the driving range tomorrow.

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