Super Speed Golf 

 November 6, 2020

By  Jamie

Thanks for checking out my brief overview of Super Speed Golf training clubs.

I've never worked on increasing my swing speed or thought much about it. 

I know Super Speed Golf training clubs are legit because EVERY tour pro seems to have a picture of themselves swinging or holding one. Pro's don't tend to fart around when there's so much money at stake. 

I can certainly stand to swing faster but I have decent swing speed and I focus a lot more on tempo. 

Also, I don't play long courses. 6,800 to 7,000 is about as long as it gets. And I get around them just fine.

My issues are related to wildly inconsistent driving(much better these days) and losing focus. And other things. Not swing speed or distance. 

My First Impressions 

Impression #1: I was expecting heavy clubs. I was really wrong. They feel lite and that's by design...of course
Impression #2: There's serious value in the video training included on the site. Of which there is much.

They use something they call "Overspeed" training.

It's a progressive training regimen that trains your nervousmuscular system to be able to handle greater and greater speed over time. It basically resets your baseline speed and allows you to reach for more when needed. And your body can handle it. 

Proud husband and father of 3. Okayist golfer I know. 

jamie boudreaux

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