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Taylormade M4 Driver Review

Taylormade M4 Driver

Taylormade M4 Driver Review: Quick Version 

  • Long off the tee- Near identical if not identical performance to the M3’s for me, thanks to the new Hammerhead Technology
  • Plenty forgiveness. No surprise here. It has the new Twist Face
  • Minimum adjustability. This one will work fine for you if you don’t live to tinker (I don’t) No Y-track
  • Geoacoustic technology allows for better sound, feel and a 67% larger sweet spot (according to Taylormade)

The Taylormade M4 Driver Is A Powerful & Forgiving Club. I Predict

You’ll Be Plenty Satisfied With Your Purchase

My Full M4 Driver Review

Distance: The M4 has a very hot face. I’ve got it neck and neck with the M3 and M3 440 I tested. 

The ball seems to hang in the air for a fortnight. 

Feel/Sound: Great sound and feel for me. Again, it’s on par with the M3’s as far as I could tell
I never get tired of the feeling of the ball jumping or springing off the face like with these new drivers from Taylormade. I get a real sense of power without herculean effort. 

Shaping: I sensed nor saw any shaping bias from this club. My standard slight fade was the order of the day and I hit it fairly easily.

Forgiveness: The M4 won’t cover up your worst swings, but your “Ok” swings still get out there and in a place, you can play your next shot from.

Looks: Gray on black = Blah in my book. It’s not ugly, but a step down from the black and white. 


All Handicaps– The M4 can be played well by any level of golfer.
Golf Magazine has it listed as a “game-improvement” club. I know for a fact it’s played by Jon Rahm and Dustin Johnson.

If you can’t hit this club, you can’t hit driver. (Caveat: it has to be a club that’s a fit for your swing)
If you make decent swings you’ll get better results than you deserve.

Buying Your M4 Direct From Taylormade

The M4 and the M3’s are still at premium pricing. From a customization standpoint and because you won’t find better pricing, you may as well buy it straight from Taylormade Golf

Trial The M4 From Global Golf

If you want to test the M4 with a little customization ability, you can go to Global Golf and pick your club along with the shaft you want. Options are somewhat limited and are subject to availability.

How I Tested The New Taylormade M4 

Specs: TaylorMade M4 Driver Men Right Hand
Loft: 10.5 degrees
Shaft: Fujikura Atmos Red 5 Graphite Stiff Flex

I had the M4 and the M3 440 for 14 days.

On The Range: 5 or 6 sessions

  • I hit 2 or 3 buckets per session (100 to 150 balls)
  • Tried to hit 3 shots with the M3 440, M4, and my R9 so I could immediately sense any differences
  • I would switch in a short iron every so often to regain tempo

On The Course: 2 rounds

  • I played one driver per 9 for each round

For my range sessions: I switched between my current driver (Taylormade R9) and each driver for about 3 swings each at a time. I would switch in a short iron every few swings to regain some tempo.

For my rounds on the course: I used one driver for 9 holes then switched to the other for the next 9 holes.

For perspective on my experience, I’m just north of a 10-handicap but don’t play to it often enough. I’m more of a streaky driver, even within a round.

Buy Your New M4 Direct From Taylormade

Trial The M4 From Global Golf

Thanks for taking the time to read my Taylormade M4 driver review. A great addition to the M-series of drivers. 

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