Taylormade M3 440 Driver Review

Taylormade M3 440 Driver Review (quick version): For those in a hurry

  • Long off the tee. Doesn’t require your best swing
  • All the forgiveness you’d expect or deserve. Marginal swings aren’t punished
  • Like the M3 460, adjustability is easy and intuitive.
  • I could not tell the clubhead was 20 cc’s smaller
Review Summary

Product Name: Taylormade M3 440 Driver Review

Iron Type: Game Improvement - Mid handicap - Low-handicap

Price: $699 to $799 On Slae Now! 

Summary:  Game improvement leaning towards low handicap irons. These irons perform magnificently out of the box.

taylormade M3 440 driver

The Taylormade M3 440 Is As Long And Straight As The M3 (So Any Club On The Market)

Full Review Of The M3 440 Driver From Taylormade

Distance: The M3 is flat out hotter than my current driver. I could feel the ball springing off the face.

The ball carries forever when you catch it and with less effort, it seems.

Feel/Sound: Great sounding driver…
I really liked the feel and the sound of the ball coming off the face. It felt a lot more lively than my driver and had a pleasant hollow sound when hit solidly. I think it’s basically the same sound most of the newer drivers make and I like it. The club just felt more powerful than mine.

Shaping: My standard tee shot these days is a little fade and I hit quite a few long fades down the middle during my last round.
The draw used to be my standard shot with my irons and my driver and I never really had to try to hit it. Now it’s not quite as natural off the tee so I don’t worry about it. I go with my prevailing shot shape. 

Forgiveness: With my better or average swings, I found myself in the fairway or just in the right rough. Truly bad swings just couldn’t be helped and were lost well right.

Looks: Gray on black is not my favorite, but it isn’t ugly by any stretch. I strongly prefer the white-on-black of the M1 and M2. Just a personal preference thing.

How I Tested The New Taylormade M3 440 Driver

Specs: TaylorMade M3 440 Driver Men Right Hand
Loft: 10 degrees
Shaft: Mitsubishi Chemical Tensei White 60 Graphite Stiff Flex

I had the M3 440 and the M4 for 14 days. I went to the range for 5 or 6 sessions and hit a little over 100 balls each time. I also took them out on the course twice during a regular round.

For my range sessions: I switched between my current driver (Taylormade R9) and each driver for about 3 swings each at a time. I would switch in a short iron every few swings to regain some tempo.

For my rounds on the course: I used one driver for 9 holes then switched to the other for the next 9 holes.

I’m just north of a 10-handicap and generate a decent amount of clubhead speed, somewhere around 105 mph. I’m not the straightest nor the wildest driver. I imagine I’m somewhere around typical.

I should be the ideal candidate to benefit from this club. Basically, the whole face is supposed to be a sweet spot (more or less) and it is easily adjustable to pretty much any trajectory or shot shape you desire.


The M3 440 is a great driver that packs all the distance and forgiveness most any golfer needs…No one is going to be bombing their drives by you because they have a better club.

Loft Options: 9 or 10 degrees
Shaft Customization Options:

  • Multiple manufacturers & multiple models from each(Aldila, UST, Project X, Mitsubishi, etc.)
  • Multiple flex options (Jr, S, R, A, 6.0, 6.5, etc.)

Hope you enjoyed my Taylormade M3 440 driver review.Another great driver from Taylormade.

Who’d a thunk it?
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