Wellputt History & What’s Next 

 March 30, 2021

By  Jamie

Boris Pansart...Creator / Owner of Wellputt

Boris Pansart

I like to connect with the creators or owners of the companies that make the products I feature here at Golfer Geeks whenever I can. It's not easy for a variety of reasons, but I'm thankful when I can make the connection.

Below is a brief Q & A with the fine people of Wellputt- makers of the awesome Wellputt mat and Wellstroke motion putting guide mat. 

They have a nice story. I hope you enjoy it. 

Golfer Geeks: How long has Wellputt been in business?
Wellputt: Wellputt was founded in 2010. Our original designs are created in order to enhance the golfer’s performance with innovative putting aids and is now becoming the leading brand in the Golf Putting Training Aids worldwide.

Golfer Geeks: General Wellputt company info: Who owns Wellputt? What is the background of the owner? Where is it based?
Wellputt: Wellputt was founded by Boris Pansart. Born in France, he began golf at the age of 7. He went on to win the French National Cup with his team “Racing Club of France” in 1997.

His playing qualities combined with his designer skills and his creative sense, naturally lead him to the creation of his first putting mat. His reading of Alain Berthoz’s book “Le sens du mouvement” gave him a new dimension to his projects.

By gathering all the necessary elements for the “perfect” putt (this includes muscle memory, speed and precision) he conceived an innovative Putting Training Concept.

But let’s not forget, most of the time behind every successful project, there is an ambitious wife to help blossom the company.

It is the case with Wellputt. Heike Lück, Boris’s wife has guided him to make Wellputt the reference brand it is today regarding Training Putting Mats. 

Golfer Geeks: What made you decide to start a golf training aid company, and why these particular putting mats and putting aids? Why not the usual style of putting mat others sell?
Wellputt: It all started in 2010, when he invited some PGA Tour players to his home, in France. He had organized some fun putting games to play on his living room carpet.

While playing, his 2 year old daughter came into the room and started drawing circles and lines on the carpet with her chalk pastels. That’s when it all clicked...

Golfer Geeks: How is the Wellputt mat different from other putting mats on the market? What makes you better/more preferable? Can you discuss a little bit of the R&D behind your mat?
Wellputt: Boris Pansart, being in high level games, was often confronted with the problems of putting practice, a decisive element in golf.

He saw an opportunity to create a tool that would help amateurs but also professional Golf players to perfect their swing, by being more in control of your accuracy and speed control.

But Boris has a young at heart spirit and enjoys creating fun atmospheres which is why he decided to combine effective training methods with a playful concept while keeping in mind the idea of being able to upgrade your training game on each Wellputt Training Mat that offers a high quality surface.

Golfer Geeks: How many products do you sell?
Wellputt: Wellputt’s main focus and success is on its Putting Training Mats. 

There are 5 main Training Mats with different lengths and exercises and we launch Special Edition Training Mats that have Wellputt’s DNA (Good and Bad zone, exercises to perfect a player’s accuracy and speed control).

During special occasions, Wellputt creates Packs where players can optimize their training with several tools at an attractive price!

Next to these Training Mats, Wellputt also sells training additional tools such as the Wellstroke and the Wellstance. The Wellstroke is a motion putting guide mat that will enable you to reproduce the ideal gesture in putting.

There are several Wellstroke degrees of arc. We advise players to see with their coaches to know which degree of arc would best suit them. 

Wellputt is always on the lookout in creating new products. We recently launched out our new product : The Big Tilt Pro Max. 

The Big Tilt is a tilting platform that allows you to reproduce real game situations in order to train effectively. The Big Tilt Pro Max is a package that includes a laser aiming system called Well-Line and an automated vacuum cleaner.

Golfer Geeks: How are your prices in comparison to other similar products?
Wellputt: Despite Wellputt’s high Training Mat quality, we have decided to keep the prices affordable to the big public. 

Golfer Geeks: Where are Wellputt mats manufactured?
Wellputt: Wellputt believes in contributing to the European labour and that our clients can benefit from their craftsmanship. 

Golfer Geeks: What are you or Wellputt most proud of?
Wellputt: There are two things that we are most proud of.

  1. The first is that our concept has worked tremendously well worldwide which has allowed customers to up their game. We receive many positive returns from clients telling us that our products help them improve rapidly and that they simply enjoy training with them
  2. The second is that starting a business selling Putting Training Mats, where the market is yet to be explored, it can be extremely unpredictable on how clients will react even though we bet on the quality of our products. We are ecstatic that the Wellputt Concept has been recognised and that it has been adopted by our Worldwide clients.

Golfer Geeks: What’s the best part of owning Wellputt? 
Wellputt: Seeing the notoriety Wellputt is having on a Worldwide scale.

Golfer Geeks: Are people likely to be repeat customers? Anything else?  
Wellputt: We have two types of clients.

  1. Individual clients ordering for themselves or relatives and 
  2. College/Academy teachers who order for their students.

Our Putting Training Mats present different games and graphical designs.

Which is why on the one hand we have real fans that have no less than 2 Putting Training Mats at home and are eager on seeing new products being launched and on the other we have those who order once for themselves but order once again for a Christmas Gift to give to a family member.

Concerning the Colleges and Academies, they mostly order once for the current year and come back to us the next year for a fresh Putting Training Mat.

Golfer Geeks: What’s next for Wellputt?
Wellputt: Wellputt's goals are to:

  1. Offer a great quality for a good market price, affordable for professionals but also for households
  2. Keep the Wellputt DNA in every Putting Training Mats (essential training aid + fun to practice on)
  3. Keep innovating

Wellputt’s next project is to be even more present in each country and of course seeking to expand our new product The Big Tilt Pro Max across the globe.

Golfer Geeks: Anything you are willing to share just with Golfer Geeks' readers?
Wellputt: Wellputt is working on creating a range of products for children and teens. Gathering all the knowledge we currently have and adding fun exercises to it!

Thank you for taking the time to read about one of my favorite golf training aid companies. They've been great to deal with and I L.O.V.E love their products.

Proud husband and father of 3. Okayist golfer I know. 

jamie boudreaux

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