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Welcome, Golfer Geeks, to our PlaneSwing review for 2020.

I've had mine for a couple years or more now and I use it more than ever. I'm 51 years old now and I have more flexibility, width, and speed in my swing than I've ever had.

I explain ALL my experiences with the PlaneSwing in this review.

Here's a quick overview of my thoughts and experience:

  • Increased Distance & Accuracy
  • Greater Power & Speed Through the Ball
  • Consistently better Results with Less Effort
  • Better Strength & Flexibility in your Golf Muscles
  • Better Swing Tempo
  • Swing Trainer for Life

Used By Golf's Best Coaches The World Over

Dusting Johnson

2020 Travelers, Northern Trust, Tour Championship, & Master's Winner Dustin Johnson...PlaneSwing User

The PlanSwing has worked for me and lived up to my expectations, and I only expect to see greater improvement the more I use it and refine my training in it.

  • I’m driving the ball long again
  • I’ve regained my preferred trajectory- a high tight draw
  • My irons fly high and with power, again
  • I’m doing all this with less effort.
  • Golf is fun again

It was so bad for me that I wouldn’t even pull out my driver on the range or the course. I had no idea where the ball would go and my confidence was shot.

I spent a ton of time on the range over the last year and a half without one iota of improvement.

My driver is now a weapon again, as are my fairway woods. 300-yard drives are now not a surprise and I nailed a 280-yard 3 wood not a week ago.

These are dramatic changes from the week cheese I’ve been living with for the last few years.

Warning/ Disclaimer: This thing will only work if you work it.

My results were not immediate, much to my disappointment….but, I didn’t give up. I kept working and got help from Tony. 

Stating the obvious, it takes considerable effort to change a golf swing I’ve been using for over 2 decades- 25 years to be more precise.

Conversely, if you’ve only just taken up the game or don’t have tens of thousands of bad-to-mediocre swings under your belt, you will see Much quicker results.

PlaneSwing in Yard

Should I buy It?

I highly recommend the PlaneSwing...ONLY...ONLY if you can honestly commit to using it

Why? It ain't cheap

I’ve got my power and flexibility back and don’t plan on losing them again. It’s helping my game and playing good golf beats playing bad golf any day.

My tips on getting the most out of your PlaneSwing

  • Pay close attention to setting up to your height and build
  • Watch and re-watch the video instructions on how to “build your swing” and practice
  • Send images and/or videos to Tony (owner & golf pro)  to get help and accelerate your progress

How Martin Chuck Uses The PlaneSwing

PlaneSwing Customer Review

First Impressions Of the PlaneSwing and the Company

PlaneSwing in Box

My PlaneSwing arrived within 3 days of ordering and It came in the big brown box pictured below.

Prior to arrival and immediately upon ordering, I got a series of emails from Tony Clark’s(1) (The designer and owner) wife, Diane, with links on how best to use the device and welcoming me to the company.

I’ve known Tony a little while now, so I can tell you he’s a first-class guy and runs his company the same way. He’s been a golf teaching pro since the mid 70’s, so he knows about the golf swing and how to train it.

Assembling Your PlaneSwing

PlaneSwing Prior To Assembly

I will tell you Right Now:

  • Read the instructions carefully
  • Watch the assembly video
  • Layout every piece and make sure you aren’t missing anything
  • Read the instructions again and Watch the video again

The instructions say it will take about 45 minutes to put together. I think it should have taken me about 25 minutes. Well, neither of the scenarios materialized for me…It took me about an hour and a half.

This happened for 4 reasons:

  2. I connected the swing hoops backward
  3. Had the connector tube the opposite way it’s supposed to be inserted
  4. The kit was missing one of the M8 (metric) nuts. So, I had to mostly disassemble the entire unit and put it back together after a trip to Ace Hardware.
Plane Swing Customer Review

How To Get The Most from Your PlaneSwing

The PlaneSwing comes with a detailed video (It’s called a DVD for some reason) that covers Everything from safety to setting up for your build and swing, to drills for the full swing, pitching, chipping and putting.

My recommendation is to concentrate on setting up your PlaneSwing properly. If you have any questions, take front and side images or videos of yourself in your trainer and send them to Tony. He’ll get you squared away. It’s part of the package you paid for.

Also, watch and rewatch the section of the video where he demonstrates how to build your swing.

Here's my terrible swing and Tony advising me.


Thanks for checking out my PlaneSwing Review.

This golf training aid will work only for those who work it. If you tend to pay for training aids and let dust build up on them, give this one a pass. You will be investing a nice little chunk of change to pick one up.

If you are the type of golfer who uses what they buy, I can recommend the PlaneSwing.


If money is no object, have at it. 

Tommy Fleetwood: User of PlaneSwing

Tommy Fleetwood...PlaneSwing User


The Good Stuff:
  • Hit the ball farther and straighter with more consistency and with less effort. 
  • You will learn your correct plane and what it feels like to swing a club on it
  • Excellent for strengthening the right golf muscles in the hands, arms, and core
  • Excellent for helping with getting in the correct posture and alignment
  • Service after the sale: Tony will evaluate your swing – Just send him a video
  • 0% Financing available through Paypal credit
The Bad Stuff:
  • Not Cheap

best offer

Where to get Your PlaneSwing

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Tony Clark. Inventor of PlaneSwing

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