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2020 Mizuno JPX 921 Tour Irons Review 

Mizuno JPX 921 Tour Irons Review

Welcome to my Mizuno JPX 921 Tour irons review fellow Golfer Geeks. 

A quick overview before we dig in:

  • The 2020 JPX 921 Tour irons from Mizuno are excellent player or low handicap clubs that play easier than any blades you will ever hit. But still require you to bring your own distance, as well as skill and discipline. (I'll explain as we go) 

Mizuno JPX 921 Tour Irons are called "The Chosen One" by Mizuno because they are the #1 iron played by tour pros who are NOT under contract with a golf club manufacturer.(1)

So, the JPX 921s were my first exposure to Mizuno irons...almost

I've got a buddy that plays Mizuno blades that I've hit at the driving range quite a few times over the years. 

Hitting the sweet spot on the short irons isn't that hard...even with blades. It starts to get dicey around the 6-iron. 

Anyway, all I knew about Mizunos was their teeny tiny blades. I paid no attention to their other lines of clubs.

So, here's my experience with the Mizuno 921 Tour irons. 

Testing the Mizuno JPX 921 Tour Irons

On the range: 3 sessions
On the course: 2 rounds

I'm between a 10 and 11 handicap and a bit in search of my swing at the moment.

At no point during my 2 weeks with the 921s was I swinging really well. Probably a B- at best. Now, I didn't get worse than a C+ but these irons require more. 

The thing is...

These irons feel well-balanced in your hand and set up behind the ball beautifully. You can't ask for more in this regard. 

The 921 tours will not punish you excessively for slight mishits. 

  • No dead ball flights
  • No banana slices or hooks

You will, however, lose more distance than with the typical low handicap irons built today. 

I hit a number of shots ALL around the sweet spot- not toed or on the heel- and didn't get as much love (distance-wise) as I get with my own P790s or Apex 19 Pros or other low handicap irons I've tested. 

Turns out, they were designed that way on purpose. The 921 tours are scalpels, not hammers.

Mizuno JPX 921 Tour Irons at the Range

What surprised me: I was not intimidated by them at all.

  • The heads are compact.
  • The topline and sole are thin.
  • They have less offset than I'm used to

But, no intimidation whatsoever. 

They look GREAT behind the ball and inspire confidence.

What didn't surprise me: These are precision instruments.

  • You can feel it when you hold them.
  • You can see it the way the ball flies.
  • These are your clubs if you've got the game

Review and Recommendation for the Mizuno JPX 921 Tour Irons

Looks: Beautiful satin finish. (Mizuno calls it "Pearl Brush") Compact, but not small, club heads. Thin top line and sole. Set up behind the ball is money. 

Distance: Not going to call them short. But, they are not long either. Bring your own distance to the game.

Trajectory: I found the ball flight similar to my P790s- high. You can dial up any trajectory you want.

Shaping: That is what these irons were built for. Shape and flight as you please if you have that part of the game.

Forgiveness: Good forgiveness. Mishits don't fly off into the woods or hazards, but you will not maintain distance like some other irons. 

Who should/can play these irons? My Recommendation

Single-digit handicappers with strong ball-striking that don't need help with distance or don't care about adding distance. YES

Near...very near single digit handicap players with very strong ball striking and don't want or need help with distance. are a go.

Anyone else. No. You have better options.

(I asked Mizuno directly and they told me these irons were made for single digit handicappers.) I think this is obvious once you put your hands on them.

Good Stuff

  • Great sound and feel
  • Very responsive and accurate
  • Beautiful and have great balance

Not Good Stuff

  • Won't add distance. You gotta bring it

JPX 921 Tour Specs

Club #
Loft °
Lie Angle
Offset (inch)
Length (inch)

Where should I buy my Mizuno JPX 921 Tour irons?

They are available at all major golf retailers at the same price.  

I like Global Golf because you can get full customization and they generally have at least one coupon going. 

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