I Had A Nice Little Phone Conversation With Tony Clark of PlaneSwing 

 November 3, 2016

By  Jamie

Today I was lucky enough to briefly speak with the owner, inventor, and CEO of PlaneSwing, Tony Clark. Mr. Clark is a native of the UK  but now lives in Orlando, Fl.

The PlaneSwing is actually the second swing plain trainer company Tony has been involved with. His prior company has now since closed, and the PlaneSwing was made with improving on the shortcomings of that original in mind.

I feel very lucky that I was able to track Mr. Clark down, as he spends a tremendous amount of time going around the US and the world promoting PlaneSwing, and the game of golf.

He is very hands-on in all aspects of the company he has created, and he is 100% confident in the quality of his product and what it can do for golfers of any skill level.

To this, he adds above and beyond customer service that I've never heard of in many other companies or industries. He's got a heap of positive reviews but spoke of the only 2 negative reviews the PlaneSwing has received.

He and his team tried to track those reviewers down to offer personalized instruction and help with the product but got no response after repeated attempts. I can tell you, from the sound of his voice, this clearly bothers him.

It's clear to me that this company and providing unparalleled support for its customers and products are a passion for Mr. Clark.

We had a fairly wide-ranging conversation discussing his background as a golf pro and also his business background.

If you've read my review of the PlaneSwing, you know that I've longed believed in the concept of this type of golf swing trainer.

It just seems elementary to me that if you have an actual physical guide your club can follow throughout your whole swing, that all you have to do at that point is put in the reps.

So I was already on board with the concept and thought this product had real potential. Now, after talking to Tony Clark, I'm on board with this man and his company.

I look forward to turning on as many people as possible to his company and his products.

We had a fairly wide-ranging conversation discussing his background as a golf pro and also his business background, but for deeper insights into the man, his company, and the PlaneSwing- go to my Q&A he was kind enough to participate in @ Interview With PlaneSwing Owner & CEO Tony Clark


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