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Last Update December 23, 2016

 arccos driver tracking system

 Arccos Driver Tracking System- My Quick Take

The Arccos Driver gps tracking system allows you an inexpensive entry into the Arccos world of advanced golf tracking technology. You can track your driver distance, hit fairways, missed fairways, and where your missed land- either left side or right side of the fairway.

Intro To Arccos Golf

In 2015 Arccos Golf released its tracking system which operates without multiple screen touches or button presses. After initial setup, you just play your round as normal and check the data as often as you like. The barrier to entry for the system was/is the price. Arccos has now released the Arccos driver tracking system as a stand-alone product. You can now get in for $49.95.

arccos driver app

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Arccos Driver Tracking Setup

Arccos Golf has made setup of their driver tracking system simple and quick. Step one is downloading the app on your Apple or Android device. Step two is setting up your account with Arccos. Sync them up on your smartphone when you get to the course and select your course- Boom, you’re good to go. I should probably mention, that you need to attach the sensor to the butt-end of your driver grip. Not unlike the sky caddie, you can play either 9 or 18 holes and can start on any hole you like.

The Good

The best thing about the Arccos golf tracking systems is the complete hands-free operation while playing. No need to “tag” your shots with screen taps or button presses. The technology is proven and reliable.

An added bonus is that the Arccos system is completely seamless. I have to connect my Skycaddie to my computer to upload my round scores and stats. Not so with Arccos- it all happens automatically- as designed.

Arccos Driver Sensor

The Arccos GPS function includes over 40,000 golf course in the US, Canada, and Uk.

Like Skycaddie, Arccos Golf has set up a community of Arrcos golf tracking system owners where you can share and compare stats. You get to measure your game against your peers, which can lead to friendly competition and accelerate your improvement.

You’ll find the Arccos Driver technology satisfying as it gives you targets for distance and accuracy improvements with your driver. It’s like the old saying: “what gets measured gets improved”. As true now as ever.

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Arccos driver stat tracking

The Not As Good

The weight of the tag (sensor) may bother some. But I believe that you can easily get used to this.

The issue I think will present more of a problem is the proximity you need to keep your smartphone- if you’re not using an Apple Watch- to you. Personally, I’ve been using my Skycaddie for over 10 years and I just place it right on the ground next to my golf ball, or wherever I’m standing. Problem solved. Just remember to pick it up after the shot.

There is also a yearly subscription tied to the Arccos system. This is for access to historical data. Your device will function perfectly well during your round without it. The cost for the annual subscription at this time is $40.

Arccos Driver GPS Display- Golfer Geeks

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The Value

Cost for the Arccos Driver is about $80. Included for the price: the club sensor and a 1 year subscription (premium), which give you access to historical data.

We think it’s a fine way to get introduced to the Arccos golf tracking system. It’s fun and will help improve your game if you use it. Access to the community of Arccos users is a bonus and can be fun.

Arccos will allow you to upgrade to the Arccos Golf 360 system for an additional $199.99 instead of the full price offer of $299.99. You can call customer service at 1-844-692-7226

Arccos Golf Driver Tracking Box- Golfer Geeks


Between the valuable stats, seamless technology, and added fun, Arccos Driver is one of the best golf technology products I’ve ever used.  On top of that, the price makes it an easy way to get started in shot tracking, and the ability to upgrade to Arccos Golf is extremely customer-friendly.

I love the technology and have been using a version of it for over 10 years with the Skycaddie. I love it and find it invaluable during the round and also for evaluation of the state of my game between rounds. Arrcos is the evolution of the technology.

>>>>You can pick up your Arccos Driver System Here<<<<

If you’ve already got Arccos Driver and want to graduate to the entire system, then please visit my Arccos 360 Gift Box Bundle Golf GPS Stat Tracking System page and real all about it.



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