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Arccos 360 Gift Box Bundle (NEW VERSION) Golf GPS Stat Tracking System

Arccos 360 Gift Box Bundle (NEW VERSION) Golf GPS Stat Tracking System

Arccos 360 Gift Box Bundle Golf GPS stat tracking system blends an automatic GPS functionality with a state of the art shot tracking system to record your shots and stats in real-time during your round.

The numbers are compiled in the Arccos Tour Analytics Platform for you to analyze your stats and identify areas that need your extra attention. The Arccos golf tracking system serves three primary functions:

  1. Golf GPS system accurate to within a few feet. The data can be read on your iPhone or Android device. This includes the Apple watch. Like any good GPS, you will get distances to the front, middle, and back of the green.
  2. A training aid that teaches you your actual distances with every club in your bag with live shot tracking
  3. The data collected by the Arccos during your round can be studied to identify strengths and weaknesses of your game and where you should spend your time during practice.


Arccos 360 Tracking Sensors

What are the actual components of the Arccos system and how are they used? With each purchase, golfers receive:

  • 14 ultra-lightweight smart sensors: 13 for woods or irons and 1 designed specifically for the putter
  • Quick Start Cards that explain the initial set up process and offer tips and tricks for using Arccos on the course
  • One complete set of batteries (with expected life of 2 years) for the club sensors
  • Access to the free Arccos app through the Apple iTunes App Store

Arccos 360 Components and Uses (For Apple and Android)

  • Low-profile sensors: 13 standard sensors and 1 tear-shaped sensor specially made for the putter (the 2016 version is 50% smaller and lighter and can be up to 90% more accurate than last year’s version thanks to GPS 2.0 )
  • Smartphone charger – Hard protective carrying case – USB car and wall charging adapter.
  • Set of batteries for each sensor
  • Access to Arccos app for Android (coming soon) and Apple

Initial Setup and Installation For The Arccos 360

The sensors screw into the butt end of your club and are paired with the Arccos app on your Apple or Android smartphone, or Apple watch. The entire process may take between 5 and 10 minutes and need be done only once.

Golf GPS

The Arccos GPS feature has 40,000 courses it can be used on in the United States, Canada, and Europe. The information is viewed on your smartphone or Apple watch. You can touch anywhere on the screen to get distances to intermediate targets- allowing you to get carry or layup yardages for bunkers, water, or any other hazards.

Arccos Club Tracking

  • The Arccos 360 tracking sensor detects ball-club impact and- through Bluetooth technology- notes your position on the course
  • Once you arrive at your ball and execute your next shot, the tracking sensor detects that ball-club impact and again- through the use of Bluetooth technology- pinpoints your location on the course and give you your distance from your initial shot. Your first shot is “closed out” when you execute your second shot- thus “opening” your second shot.
  • Because of this process, you are collecting vital data on your game, all done automatically.

arccos golf tracking system

Arccos Tour Analytics Platform

  • Your handicap is broken out into five key categories: Driving – Approach shots – Chipping/ pitching – Sand play – Putting
  • Your stats are compared to players with similar handicaps
  • Your tendencies and patterns or recognized by Arccos
  • You can go over your prior round, shot by shot for a thorough evaluation

Arccos Golf Tracking & Room For Improvement

As you may have guessed, the Arccos golf tracking technology isn’t infallible. Since the tracking sensor tracks impact, you might suspect there may be instances where impact is misrecorded and/or an accurate score isn’t recorded. A couple of instances come to mind

  • Bunker shots- since there isn’t supposed to be club-ball impact, you can see where the sensor might get tricked or may not get triggered
  • On the green- due to the sensitivity of the tracking sensor- a simple tamping down of a spike mark can simulate impact.

These flaws are easily corrected after the round.

Arccos 360 Reviewx

Arccos 360 Pros and Cons

  • Setup is a snap
  • Operates on autopilot after initial setup- No screen tapping or button-pushing
  • Excellent GPS features with yardages to front, middle and back of green
  • Accurate data on average club distances and variability
  • Detailed and useful data on all aspects of your game- allowing you to analyze until your heart’s content
  • “Play Back” available for every hole of prior rounds
  • Each area of your game is given its own handicap- so you can pinpoint exactly where you should focus your practice
  • You’ll need to carry your iPhone or Android close to get accurate yardage
  • Not Cheap
  • Not 100% accurate, 100% of the time (We’ll take 90% for now)


The Arccos Golf 360 Performance Tracking Systems combines a great GPS with awesome shot tracking features not seen from any other manufacturer. This is an excellent game improvement aid and a golf accessory that does what it says.

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