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Ben Hogan Ft. Worth Iron

Hogan Ft. Worth Iron Demo Complete

So yesterday was my last day with the Ben Hogan Ft. Worth irons. I took them to the range for a little over an hour to get some last minute impressions and thoughts.

First thought– I’m not good enough to play these irons. I’m a 10-15 handicap right now. I’ve played Very sporadically for the last three years, and my swing and game are inconsistent in the extreme. Blades, even blades touted as being very forgiving, can’t make up for my swing faults.

Second thought– Those times over the last 21 days when I Did catch the ball solid, resulted in beautiful, mid-trajectory green-grabbing shots. The ball jumps off the face with a powerful flight and a satisfying non-feeling in the hands. Ft. Worth irons are heavy, even heavier than my set, which is on the heavy side, so you have some pretty solid mass behind your shots.

The rest of my thoughts will be given in my full review here : Ben Hogan Ft. Worth Irons Review

Also, if you want a little help on learning how to hit an iron of this caliber, I sincerely think you should check out this golf swing plane trainer I reviewed a while back. I truly believe in this product and the company that produces it.

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