Ben Hogan PTx Irons Unboxing Video 

 September 27, 2016

By  Jamie

Ben Hogan PTx Irons

Ben Hogan PTx Irons Unboxing Video

Continuing my review of the entire Ben Hogan Line, I ordered the Ben Hogan PTx Irons demo clubs last week and got them in lickity-split! Not unlike the Ben Hogan Ft. Worth Irons, they are very attractive and feel ever so solid in the hands. These particular demo clubs appear to be very lightly used, with minimal face marks and a clean, tacky grip. The lofts this time around are 41* and 29*.

I took them to the golf course a day or so after I got them, without ever practicing, but I didn’t have the courage to pull them out during the round. I did hit the 41* on the driving range a couple times prior to the round. Again, I noticed the distinct heavy fell and strong ball flight. These are cavity backed and forged, and are billed as the most technologically advanced irons around. I’m not sure about that, but I plan to give them a nice workout in the next 18 days or  so.

And, if you want to know how to best swing these bad boys, head on over to my PlaneSwing page and check out the #1 swing plane trainer in the world.

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