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By Jamie Boudreaux
Last Update: March 24, 2022  
Ben Hogan BHB03 Precision Milled

I got my hands on the BHB03 blade putter from Ben Hogan about a week ago. I know Hogan's milled putters are the real deal because I own the BHM01 and love it. But, I  love the shape of the BHB03 head and wanted to give it a try. 

I've been putting with the BHB03 at home on my mat and look forward to getting it to actual greens this week. I'm loving it so far and my eyes are adjusting to it well.

First Impressions: This thing looks, feels, and putts awesome. It's got Hogan's minimal, but elegant, design, which I love. It feels butter-soft and solid on center contact. I roll the ball well and on my line. 

I'm not 100% used to the shape yet, but it's looking REALLY good so far. 

I should have my full review out within the week.  

You can buy or demo your own by clicking the link below. 

Best Blade Putter
Ben Hogan BHB03 Milled Blade Putter

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