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By Jamie Boudreaux
Last Update: March 29, 2022  
BHB02 Putter

Just got in the Ben Hogan BHB02 milled blade putter. It's another beauty from Hogan and I love it already. 

I haven't gotten it to the course yet, but I've been putting with it on my Wellputt at home since I got it about 2 weeks ago. 

First Impressions: I got the black version, which is different for me. I like chrome-finish putters. It frames the ball well and is larger and meatier than the BHB03 I wrote about last week.  

I'm very used to mallet butters and like larger (but not too large) forgiving heads. The BHB02 is a bigger blade and does look forgiving at address.  

I like what I'm seeing and feeling so far. I'll have the review out in a week or so.   

You can buy or demo your own by clicking the link below. 

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Ben Hogan BHB02 Putter
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