Ben Hogan

First Range Session With New Hogan EDGE Irons for 2018

Ben Hogan EDGE Irons Range Session

I was able to get out to the driving range this morning at Longwood GC for my first test drive with the new EDGE irons. You can check out my unboxing video here and view a few more images on my Instagram account.

I’m loving everything about these irons so far. They are beautiful and exude class. The shafts are KBS V-tour X-stiff and have just the feel I love in an iron.​

The head is just a little more compact than my Big Bertha’s and looks very good sitting behind the ball. They frame the ball nicely and have a slightly thick top edge. I had complete confidence standing over the ball with the 6-iron or 9-iron in my hand. On this first test run, they handled at least as well as my own clubs and I think they actually felt better. Straight, draw, and fade were all possible.

I don’t generally hit balls so early in the morning, so it took me a bit to get warmed up. I toed the first 3 or 4 shots with the 9-irons but once I found the center, I was in love. A lot more to come. You can read my full review here and I will have that complete by early next week at the lates.

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Ben Hogan

Got the New 2018 Ben Hogan EDGE Irons in for testing

Testing the New Ben Hogan EDGE Irons, 2018 Version

Hogan Golf just released the new Ben Hogan Edge irons for 2018 within the last month or so, but hadn’t made them available for testing until three or for days ago.

Ever eager to test these babies out, I had been checking back with the Ben Hogan demo program nearly daily since their release to try and get my hands on the clubs to test them out. Well, I hit the jackpot three short days ago.

I checked in fully expecting to not find them available but was very pleasantly surprised.

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My Golf Bag

What’s In My Bag

My Golf Bag

What’s In My Bag

It struck me the other day that I haven’t discussed, in any type of detail, what clubs and balls I carry in my bag other than comparing the performance of my irons in my reviews of the PTx and Ft. Worth 15 irons from Ben Hogan.

I always like finding out what the pros carry, which happens after they win tournaments and in “Golf” magazine in each issue. So, here’s the list:

  • Driver: Taylormade R9 10.5 degrees – UST Mamiya Axiv Core PROFORCE Tour Green 65 S-Flex Shaft
  • 3-Wood: Taylormade R9 15 degrees – UST PROFORCE V2 X-Flex Shaft
  • 5-Wood: Taylormade R9 19 degrees – UST Mamiya Axiv Core PROFORCE Tour Green 75 S-Flex Shaft
  • 4-Hybrid: Callaway X Hot 23 degrees – Project X 6.5 Shaft
  • 5 iron – PW: Callaway Big Bertha Fusion – True Temper Dynamic Gold X-100 (x-stiff) shafts
  • Gap Wedge: Callaway Big Bertha Fusion 52 degrees – Rifle Precision 6.0 Wedge Flex
  • Sand Wedge: Cleveland 588 Tour Action 56 degrees – True Temper Dynamic Gold Wedge Flex
  • Lob Wedge: Callaway X-Series JAWS 60 degrees – True Temper Wedge Flex
  • Putter: Nike Method Model 005 Mallet
  • Ball: Titleist Pro v1 or Pro v1x

I’ve had my Callaway Fusion irons in my bag the longest out of my current equipment, which I purchased in 2007 I believe.  Before these, I played the original oversized titanium Big Berthas. I got pretty good with them and really enjoyed playing with them for about 10 years, give or take. The reason I switched, besides “shiny object syndrome”, is that the better I got, the less I liked looking at oversized heads. I saw my Fusions as a natural progression from a max game improvement iron to a game improvement iron and I Really trusted Callaway irons. It took a bit of tweaking to get the shafts correct. This set came with longer than normal shafts and they were also a regular flex, which is just not good for my swing. I got fitted with the True Temper x-100’s and have never looked back.

The Driver, 3-wood, and 5-wood were purchased in about 2010 and I’m pretty happy with them. I got the sand wedge in 2009 or so, the lob wedge in about 2012, and the gap wedge about the same time. The putter was also purchased around 2010. It’s a bit of a blur.

I’m always open to newer and better clubs, but it’s hard to justify sometimes when the game isn’t all that stellar from lack of play. That, and I think these clubs remain awesome and can deliver any shot I need during a round.

Callaway X Series JAWS

Cleveland 588

Nike Method

Titleist Pro v 1

Callaway X-Hot

Taylormade R9

Big Bertha Fusion

Here’s a video where I go through the whole bag!

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